This smartphone by oscar model is c20, and this is a budget priced android smartphone. Now you can purchase one of this for less than 80 pound uk currency, but bear in mind this is a smartphone designed for those who doesnt really use smartphone, that often because it has a built in 1gram and 32gb internal memory. So it is really slow and i mean you can download one app, maybe max, maybe two apps, but it slows down really fast, even without downloading any apps. I found it very slow just to navigate through the settings. I will show you, but you can open the back case, theres the battery for it and got the camera. Well, its not three cameras just got that iphone looking camera, but that one is more like a torch uh one of the cameras just a dummy, and it has a one one camera that works, which is a five megapixel. It takes dual sim, so it takes two sims and it takes a micro sd memory card. The battery is here which is removable as well um. Let me remove it and this, and this is a 3 380 mah battery capacity. So youve got a good battery life and the speakers at the bottom here it also takes a micro usb charging port. Let me close this so once this is all set up. It also takes a 3.5 millimeters headphone jack as well, so you can use wired earphones on this.

The power button is there and the volume control is on the right side. Here it comes with a mains plug here and a micro usb charging cable. It also comes with a silicon case as well and a user manual here now. This smartphone also has a front camera, like most smartphones would have but its a two megapixel camera, so its really bad. When it comes to doing um, video calls and stuff, you will need a lot of lighting just for them, for the other side can see you clearly. The rear camera is also very bad as well. So you need tons of good, strong lighting to take pictures or record, but thats, not the main focus of this smartphone. This is a budget smartphone just for those who wants it for calls text, maybe just whatsapp, but a slight um web surfing, etc, but other than that, its, not something thats designed for like constant um usage or downloading a lot of apps or playing a lot of Games on it uh, so it is lightweight and it has android 11 go or software built into this. The screen size is six inch, water drop screen and um. The weight of this is 152 grams weight, so it is really lightweight it. It also um has a small ai battery management, so the battery wise um. It has a good battery life charging wise. It takes a bit of time to charge up, however, its a smartphone, from my opinion, its a smartphone for those who doesnt really use smartphones.

That often or just needs it for calls and text, and maybe whatsapp now, like i mentioned rear camera, is a 5 megapixel front. Camera is a 2 megapixel, but it does have a built in triple navigation system, so it has gps plus glonass, plus uh another one called baydom. I think obeyedon, so weve got free. A triple navigation system bear in mind. This doesnt operate on 4g, so the max it goes up to his 3g. Okay, so ive also taken pictures with this camera. So i can try showing you some uh pictures uh that ive taken in low light without the without my lighting, um out. You can see the quality of it. So let me let me do the rotation here now. Im, not sure if this is on full brightness hold on its really slow to navigate through everything, so im, putting full brightness im. Sure ive taken four photos, but this is one of the recordings ive done, and this is this was with the camera light and you can see the quality is not really that good, but you know thats not the main focus of this smartphone anyway, um smartphone, its Not the camera thats thats, the main focus just for someone who can make calls uh text etc, but it can quite frustrate you with with the navigation system, because its very slow you click on something takes a while to upload, and i i mean there are smartphones Within that price range of around 50 to 80 pounds that dont lag that much this one, its really slow when its trying to load like, for example, like this, takes ages to load, it shouldnt take this long to load.

I havent really. Oh my days. I havent really: okay theres the images im sure ive taken two okay; sorry about that: its really slow, okay, okay, very slow, okay, so thats, one of the pictures ive taken and second one. This is without the lighting with that. Without the camera lighting, the camera is not really that good. Let me go to the settings. I havent really downloaded anything just done. Two videos and two pictures so lets see the storage okay, so it does have 32 gig internal memory memory um around 18, already used up with the internal apps thats already built in, and it does have a few other great um features. For example, it does have face unlock, so youve got that feature and it got a smart lock there as well. Let me check if theres anything kills. Um about phone just got a few information about the phone. There also model c20 privacy storage, sound battery, apps and notifications, etc. Now this smartphone within the price range, i would say there are other better phones that have a better operating system much smoother to operate. It wont it doesnt. It doesnt take age to um when youre pressing certain apps it doesnt take forever to load. So i wouldnt recommend this, but for those who are looking to buy it go ahead, everyone has a different taste because obviously im used to high end flagship phones and mid range, but when it comes to low budget ones, there are levels.

Okay, so there are. There are low budget phones, but these two operate very in a very smooth opera operating way, but this one it lacks a lot of um features.