If you are watching this video right now, it means you made it to 2022. Congratulations and happy new year today, ill be unboxing, a very interesting device from real me. The roomie gt2 pro this device was launched on the 4th of january 2052. This is the 12 gb plus 5.2 gb variant. I got it for 753 usd and it packs a lot of horsepower under the hood. Today, we will be finding out if this device should still be called a flagship killer or if it deserves the flagship status. So if this is your first time on my channel, please make sure to subscribe and click on the bell icon to get notified. Whenever i upload a new video without further ado lets dive into this video Music inside the box, we are greeted by paper box which houses the same ejection to the user manual and some paperwork further inside the box is the phone, a very good looking silicone case. A 65 watt charger brick and a type c cable Music lets go ahead and remove the plastic wrap at first glance, im totally impressed at how it looks and feels the back of this phone feels amazing. According to rumi, this device was inspired by paper and is made from 100 recyclable material on the left. We have the volume rocker on the top. We have the ir blast on the right side. We have the power button on the bottom. We have the speaker grilles, a type c port, a microphone punch, hole and a sim card tray at the front.

We have the single punch, hole 32, megapixel, camera setup and a front facing speaker at the back. We have the real me logo, the signature of the designer 250 megapixel camera setup, dual led tone, flash and 3 megapixel microscopic lens lets go ahead and boot up this device. I must go first. The screen feels super responsive thanks to its quad hd plus super amoled display and 120 has refresh rate. The fingerprint and the face unlock in this device is pretty fast. This device is packed with the latest snapdragon 8 gen, 1 4 nanometer optical processor and an adreno 730 gpu. It is also running on the latest android 12 and the recent real menu i 3.0. The battery bank on this device is 5000 mah and can be charged to 100 within 33 minutes after spending a little time testing out the camera on this device. I think the picture produce are great, although the 150 degree fish eye camera lens tend to make street objects appear, distorted Music. There are so many modes on the camera application. I couldnt test them all, but if you guys need a detailed video on the camera review, let me know in the comment section i will be testing out the nfc on this device. Realme claims the device is equipped with a 360 nfc. I personally dont know the difference between the 360 nfc and the regular nfc. Usually, i use my phone to access the compost gate as i sometimes forget my card.

So now i will be transferring the data in my card to this device and go out to test it im happy. It works just fine. I tested this device on antutu version. 9.2, i checked the temperature before and after the process Music. I am so blown away by the results, a benchmark score of over a million thats, a lot of processing power. I think the roommate gt2 pro deserves to be called the flagship, as every cent spent on the phone is worth it. So, if you are planning to buy the roma gt2 pro, i think you will be happy with it Music. Finally, we have come to the end of this video. I really hope i will able to give you a good review and i would like to hear from you in the comment section which device you would like me to review.