This one is one of my the most favorite smartphones. I mean budget smartphones yeah. This one costs only around 425 us dollars in china and for this price. I really cannot find any other smartphone that comes with as many features as this real me gt2, without wasting any time lets start with unboxing, but before that i had to buy this smartphone, nobody has provided me with any review units. I wish real me start sending me review units. So if real me is watching this video, then please start sending me review units. If you end up liking this video, then please dont forget to click on the like button and if you want to watch more videos like this, then please dont forget to subscribe and share the love. Okay lets start from unboxing Music. I live in china, so i have bought this chinese edition this one isnt even available in global market. I feel im lucky because i dont even know how much it will cost in global market for sure it will become a bit more expensive than what it is in chinese market, but even if it gets as high as 525 us dollars. I think this one will still offer very good value for money. After opening the box as usual, there is an envelope and inside this envelope there are some paperworks, a sim ejector tool underneath that thats our realme gt2. I have got the white color variant. We will talk about that a few moments later, but before that lets check what else we have got inside the box.

Okay, my first disappointment: why real me, i bought a white colored variant. Why would you provide me a gray, colored protective case and its a very cheap quality protective case anyway? This one is a cheap smartphone, a budget smartphone. I cannot complain about quality, but the color yeah. This hurts this real me. Gt2 comes with a 65 watt charging. Brick yeah: this is the same as other 65 watt super dirt charging bricks. I dont see any difference. They have also included a usb a2 usb c charging cable inside the box, but the quality of this cable isnt as good as other real me flagships. I am really a bit disappointed: Music thats all lets unwrap our realme gt2 here is our realme gt2. There are some kind of textures at the back Music, its plastic, definitely its, not leather, its, not even any vegan leather or anything, its just plastic, but it feels smooth in hand. It doesnt feel as premium as my vivo x70 pro plus. They said this one is vegan leather. This one feels a bit better, but this textures on real me gt2 is much more protruding. I mean you will feel it its not like aesthetic side by side with vivo x70 pro plus its, not that small. Only a little bit smaller than that vivx 70 pro plus, but it looks so sleek. I really like this design and this white color variant, its cool having signature or autograph of some other people on my smartphone.

I dont think thats a pretty nice thing to have, but its okay on top its totally clean. There is a noise cancellation microphone at the bottom. There is this speaker, grill, usb c port, primary microphone and dual sim sim tray. This is compact, sim tray. So you cannot expand your storage power. Button is on the right side here it is, and the volume rockers are on the left side in hand. It feels so premium and im, not gon na use that protective case. I wish this one isnt gon na get dirty very soon, because this is white, color and im a bit afraid that this one will get dirty very soon. Maybe i have to use that protective case talking about protective case. Let us check how it looks with that protective case here. It is this one with the protective case. Yeah gives a different type of outlook, but not as posh or premium like without the productive case. If this real me gt2 came with a glass pack, then i would be able to use a carbon skin like this one, but as this is plastic with some textures, i cannot use any skin at the back of this real me gt too. Okay, we have talked a lot about the outlook, appearance and design lets talk about performance. This one definitely is gon na get released in many other countries. I believe they didnt add all these languages for nothing. Real me is definitely gon na release this one in global market.

I have been using this oppo finder, as my daily drive for last few weeks now and im gon na transfer. All my data to my real me gt2 its a very easy because both of these are from bbk. They have got connected, and now my oppo finder is preparing data. There is 19 gigabyte of data, but i dont want all the data to be transferred. Like pictures videos documents, i dont want these to get transferred to my new realme gt2. Other things are okay start migration. Music in display fingerprint of real media d2 is good enough, its the same as any other realme smartphones. We actually cannot expect too much, because this is a budget flagship and this fingerprint sensor performs, like any other flagship smartphones. I really like to do this. I sometimes play with this one. I love this thing about android 12 yeah real me gt2 comes with android 12 and another thing is like any other bbk smartphone. I mean oppo oneplus real me vivo. All of these smartphones have this feature that is ram expansion. You can expand your ram personally. I dont like this, but if you want, then you can use up to 5 gigabyte of ram. I mean 5 gigabyte of rom will be blocked as ram in your system. Screen refresh rate lets select high as expected very smooth. A lot of people complain about like they dont like 90 hertz refresh rate. They always need to have 120hz refresh rate, but im different.

I think 90hz refresh rate is good enough for me and that would help to save some battery. Okay lets run antutu benchmark. This smartphone is just out of the box. I didnt charge it. I didnt. Do any optimization lets see what type of performance can this realme gt2 offer? This one comes with snapdragon 888, so you know what type of performance you can expect. Real me has promised a better gt mode, so im gon na turn on gt mode, wow wow. I like this. This one is realme gt2 with snapdragon 888. This one is red magic, 6s, pro with snapdragon 888 plus, and this one is vivo x70 pro plus with snapdragon, 888 plus Music. You know what im surprised this real bgt2 look at this 817 000 on antutu benchmark out of the box. I mean most of the time when we run onto the benchmark. We fully recharge the battery and then give it a rest, like 10 to 15 minutes like cooling period and then run anterior benchmark, but out of the box. After just transferring data from my oppo find then wow, this is great red magic. 6S. Pro got 863 000 because this one comes with snapdragon, 888 plus and with snapdragon 888. This result. This is really great. Im truly super hyped up. What im gon na do is im gon na test, the camera and yeah. There will be a camera comparison, video real me gt2 vs, xiaomi 12 and real me gt2 vs, vivo v23, pro okay.

As i mentioned earlier, this realme gt2 comes with a 65 watt charger and a usb a2 usbc charging cable capable of 65 watt charging in marketing materials. Realme has claimed that this one can get charged within 33 minutes, but it actually takes around ‘ to 40 minutes. I must mention this because, after 33 to 35 minutes, this will show that hundred percent. But if you check carefully, then you will see that its still charging its still getting charged. It will get charged for another five to six minutes and then it will show church and that super book logo will disappear from your display. That means when this realme gt2 shows its 100 charge its actually not fully charged. Okay. Now we are gon na. Do the most interesting part of this review, we are gon na run, cpu throttling test as red magic success. Pro comes with snapdragon 888 plus i have selected two more threads thats 22 threads and on the left, realme gt2 will run 20 threads. I will run this test for 10 minutes lets see what happens. Im really amazed by the cooling system and thermal throttling performance of realme gt2 red magic. 6S. Pro got an active cooling fan and this one started to throttle after three minutes. But realme gt2 only throttled after seven and a half minutes. And if you check carefully in between, there is no throttling so considering the price of this real mgt2. This is amazing performance.

Now this is the final benchmark. This is 3dmark the gamers benchmark. I like this benchmark, because this one offers more information and the information it provides is much more accurate than antutu benchmark in slingshot extreme test. The differences are not that big, definitely red magic. 6S. Pro has done better, but one more time. Real me, gta 2 offers the best value for money. I really didnt expect this type of performance from a ‘0 or 400 us dollars. Smartphone and after i ran wildlife, extreme realme, gt 2, almost beaten red magic 6s. Pro average frame rate on real me gt 2 is 9.1, while red magic success pro has managed to get 9.3, so differences are so minimum its like negligible. Okay, i have also tried to play some games and in game experience is really great. Its buttery smooth and when i have tried to compare gaming performance of realme gt2 with its bigger brother, realme gt2 pro, then the differences are really really negligible like if you arent a hardcore gamer, then you dont need that gt2 pro and if you are a hardcore, Gamer then you shouldnt buy that gt2 pro, because that one isnt a gaming smartphone and that one has worse thermal throttling. You have already seen that i have red magic success pro and ive been using that red magic success pro as my gaming device. So when i have started playing games on real me gt2 i was nervous. I was like feeling will this perform, or will i be able to play games on this one, but after playing games on this one for two days, im pretty happy and i can say without any hesitation that among all the snapdragon 888 smartphones, this one will provide You one of the best gaming performance after i have started using this realme gt2 realme has already provided some updates and fixed a few known issues.

So i think these days, real me is more active about their software issues and one more time build quality of this real me, gta 2 is way better than real mgt series, smartphones in hand it feels premium, it looks premium, it has very good camera performance, one More time, if you are thinking that camera performance of real me, gta 2 pro is way better than real media t2, then i request you. I recommend you that you watch real me. Gt2 camera comparison, videos! Okay, at this moment, i think realme gt2 is the best budget flagship smartphone, because within 400 us dollars, i cannot find any other smartphones that comes with flagship class, processor, flagship class sensor and all together offers better performance than real media too. Okay, what do you think about this smartphone? What do you think about this video? Please dont forget to make a comment in the comment section below.