I am so glad to be back with you. I had covered. It was nasty, it kicked my butt, but im so glad to be on the upswing, getting back into the normal ways of life and i hope youre staying clear of that covered nastiness and that life is treating you well today, im going to be unboxing several qi Or magsafe based wireless charging devices for iphones or smartphones. All of these that i will be reviewing are compatible with the iphone products and the two anchor devices are also compatible with android. I wanted to get a feel for the ergonomics and the basic functionality of each one of these to pick my favorite that ill be using on a day to day basis, and just give you a few of my thoughts in the process. I will also be giving away two of these items this week. The first is the anker power wave three in one device and then the apple dual charger. This is a 56 dollar product and the apple is 129 dollar stay tuned to the end of the broadcast. To learn how you can qualify its fast and its simple: well, are you ready lets, get started Music now, ive got a variety of offerings in front of me. Let me begin with a mention of the apple battery case when i was running the iphone 11 and 12. I had to resort to using these all the time just to make it through the day.

This is a good solution if youre constantly running low on battery, but you have to be willing to carry that extra weight and bulk with you everywhere. You go Music Music. One option worth noting is the apple magsafe battery pack for 99. This does provide a good backup option. You can attach it whenever youre running low you can put in your backpack messenger bag or whatever, and then, when youre short of an outlet you can plug this in and take care of your immediate needs. I tried carrying this with me in my pocket. I ended up wiping out my security badge at work and possibly a credit card, so i dont recommend carrying this in your pocket Music. The next option is the magsafe duo charger and this runs 129 from apple. It has a usbc charging, it will work with a 20 watt brick and what i find attractive about this option, particularly, is its portability. So, as you can see you get in a fairly small size, you get two magsafe chargers, so you can charge an iphone on one side, a watch or air pods on the other, and so it gives you quite a few options in charging and due to its Size, you can easily fold this up, put it in your backpack and travel with it. So i like this as a travel option. You get a lot of bang for your buck in a small package. Of course, apples design is exceptional, so it does not come with a brick, as is apples mo these days, but you do get a lightning charger at usbc to lightning charger plugs in here nicely, and so i think you get a lot of bang for your buck Here in a nice small, convenient package, this can fit in your pocket, your backpack or bag, and go anywhere.

You need. So i like the size of this for 129 dollars. You know thats going to be out of the reach for a lot of us, so you just got to decide if youre willing to lay down that kind of coin in order to get the convenience of this as a mobile traveler friendly charger, Music Music. So next we have anchors snap charge, flip series six, and i think this offers a very innovative approach that many people will find handy so heres. What were looking at with the anker snapcharge flip max 8 charger. This also gives you dual magsafe chargers. You get a small brick here: 20 watt, brick cube, you get a usbc, usbc cable, and then you get this innovative little device here and what i like is the aesthetics of it. It looks nice, its very heavy and so its weighted to carry a product. Its got a nice usbc charger on the back and then the mechanism flips up like this, and so what i find innovative about this approach is: it takes up very little desk space. It looks really nice, and so many people could see this sitting on your desk and have no idea what it is, but it is in fact dual magsafe chargers. You simply flip this up. You can then set like your air pods here for charging, and then your phone attaches here and then this whole mechanism here swivels, so that you can go from vertical to horizontal landscape to portrait.

And so i think this is a favorite simply because of the ergonomics. The build quality is nice. The fact that you get two magsafe chargers in a package, this small that can plug in here is quite attractive. The ability for your phone to rotate from a landscape to to portrait mode is nice, Music, Music and finally, we have the anker power wave three in one charger that supports an iphone ipods as well as a watch its a bit of a larger footprint for a Desktop or nightstand it sells for around 56 dollars. It comes with the usb 8 usbc cable and some assembly is required. Music. So here is the anchor power wave three in one magsafe charger set. Obviously, it holds a magnetic charger for your phone for your air pods and for your watch. I have to say its not quite as aesthetically ergonomically pleasing, as is this one. This takes up much less space and obviously folds into that. I find this much more attractive. I think this is going to be my favorite. The ability to charge three devices at once is excellent 56 dollars here. If you have all three of those devices, this might be a suitable option for you, Music, well thats. My initial thoughts upon unboxing these qi and magsafe wireless charging devices. There are a lot of these products on the market im going to be revisiting this topic again in the future and will expand my number of products that im reviewing.

If you have some that youd like for me to include drop those in the comments section below ill, be expanding this in a few months to include a much broader range and ill probably be doing a more in depth review with some ratings on each of those. As i mentioned at the beginning of the broadcast, i will be giving away two of these wireless charging devices this week. The first is the anker power wave three in one charger: a 56 dollar charger, thats a three in one device and then the apple duo charger. A 129 dollar dual charging device in order to qualify for those things you need to do two simple things number one be subscribe to the channel and number two in the comments section below simply write. I got ta. Have it those two actions will get you qualified to win? One of these two ill be drawing for these in about a week and well be sending those out to the winners.