Perhaps even someone has heard about this smartphone but sorovno here you can learn a lot more useful. Things subscribe to my youtube, not to miss new reviews about the technique. Happy viewing the new acer has the features of its predecessor in the face of acer liquid e1 and at the same time, in many ways it has become better. So in the acer liquid e2 duo, a quad core processor, 8 mp and 2mp cameras, android 4, 2 appeared and the touch control keys were transferred from the display to the case. Another important advantage of liquid d2 over liquid d1 is a high capacity battery 2000 mah versus 1760 mah in general. The example of the acer liquid d2 duo clearly shows the work on the small mistakes made during the release of the acer liquid e1. How successful they are? You will learn from the review, design and ergonomics. I have already written on several occasions that acer smartphones are one of the few devices that can attract attention due to their design. Liquid e2 is no exception. Outwardly. There are no differences between the one and two symbol versions. Only by removing the back cover you can understand how many sim cards the device supports. As with other acer models, it will be problematic to find a single symbol, one for sale, and there is no point in this because the cost of the new item is more than democratic 2590 rhythmia in retail, which means that on the internet they will ask for Even less fraser liquid e2, in addition to the smartphone in black, there will also be a white version on sale.

Both come with a soft touch, removable panel, so buyers don t have to choose between glossy but white or boring matte casing. The front part of the case attracts attention with a curved cutout for the speaker covered with a red mesh to the left of. It is a 2mp camera lens, and a proximity sensor to the right is a light sensor below them is a four five inch display under which there are three touch: sensitive keys, back home and menu. Long holding the back key brings up the running applications manager. There are no connectors and keys on the left side panel on the right is a double volume key on the top. There is a headphone jack and a power lock button at the bottom. There is a micro, usb connector and a notch for removing the back panel. The frame which runs along the entire perimeter of the case is made of a single piece of plastic and has a glossy graphite. Colored finish, it is she who gives the body solidity, it does not creak details do not play. The back. Side is covered by a removable soft touch panel. It does not show fingerprints and small abrasions are invisible in the center of the removable cover. There is an embossed acer logo above and below. There are metal mesh speakers under the top mesh is an 8mp camera lens to the left of which is an led flash and a second microphone hole.

Removing the back panel, we get access to a 2000 mah battery in three slots, two for sim and one for memory cards operating system and shell. The acer liquid d2 duo is the first smartphone from the manufacturer to run on the android 4 2 operating system. The interface of acer, liquid e2 does not carry anything new, except what is incorporated by google into the operating system itself. These are widgets on the lock screen the notification panel with two tabs and the dts sound item in the settings of the unique widgets. There are only three weather options. Everything else is typical for android, 4 2. The choice of a priority sim card is carried out both through a separate menu and when dialing a number or writing messages. The numeric keypad supports searching for contacts in latin and cyrillic hardware platform. The smartphone has a single chip system on chip mtk 6589. It includes four one: two gigahertz processor cores power, vrs, gx, 544, graphics and one gigabyte of ram. The volume of rom is four gigabytes, which recall can be expanded using memory cards. The performance of the system allows us to classify the device as a middle class in antutu benchmark. The smartphone is gaining about 15 000 points, comparable results in geekbench, 2, 3dmark, epic, citadel and other applications. This means that you dont have to worry about. The lack of performance games like real racing 3 runs smoothly, though not with maximum graphics.

The stock video player easily copes with full hd video in a container mkv, avi or mp4, but stumbles on the ac3 sound. The audiophile player is standard with all the ensuing consequences. The sound volume through the speakers is average. There is no advantage in having a second speaker working with a mobile network. Wi, fi and gps does not raise any questions. The search is carried out quickly. The data transfer rate is high. The operating time when watching hd videos from youtube at 50 brightness is 9 hours, 10 minutes when reading with the same brightness, 6 hours, 40 minutes and the same when using a smartphone as a navigator in the antutu tester application. The acryl liquid d2 duo scored 566 points after working for three hours and nine minutes. Therefore, the user can count on a day of work, with a relatively active use of his smartphone or two days with a light load display and camera. The acer liquid e2 duo has a four five inch ips display with a resolution of 960 by 540 pixels. The brightness ranges from 48 cd per square meter to 374 cd per square meter. The minimum value does not allow calling the display comfortable for reading in the dark. The maximum value also does not have a sufficient margin of brightness for bright sunny days. The color gamut of the display is slightly below the srgb values, but only with less saturated, green, blue and red are almost perfect, but the display has problems with color temperature and contrast.

The image goes into cold tones which, however, someone may like more than white, yellow. Otherwise, the ips matrix has good viewing angles and saturation. The display quality is quite consistent with the price segment cameras 8 and 2 mp are capable of average results. Often, the reason for this is the problem with autofocus, which does not always correctly aim at the desired subject. Full hd video can also be described as average. The sound is recorded in stereo. The video bitrate is quite large over 20 megabits s, but as with the photo, the blurry image spoils the overall impression outcomes. The acer liquid e2 duo smartphone is able to offer the user not only a design that stands out from the background of opponents, but also the presence of two speakers: the android 4 two operating system, eight and two mp cameras a good four five inch, ips display And a modern hardware platform and what is not less important, all this will cost you quite democratic money, light plus build quality, plus plus hardware platform, plus cost plus plus support for two sim cards, plus availability of 8mp and 2mp cameras plus plus operating system. Android. 4.