Xperia 5 mark iii, conclusion its a great phone. If you care about features and voting with your wallet, i think youre gon na like it, especially for folks coming off of galaxy s9s and s10s. There is no premium, smaller form factor feature rich device left theyre all gone seriously. The last samsung i truly enjoyed was the s10e. If youve been complaining about how all nicer androids these days are basically mini tablets, you have one phone left to vote with your wallet im increasingly impressed with sony manufacturing. The original xperia 5 was pretty svelte, but weve seen two generations now, where sony has been able to subtly shrink the outer dimensions and pack more tech inside for the five mark ii, it was a bigger battery for the five mark iii, its a two staged periscoped Telephoto camera. I really enjoy sonys interpretation of premium tier, where this phone makes compromises its in minor aesthetics or in some lifestyle tech that does not distract from the core mission. Building a phone like the camera team would build an alpha mirrorless camera theres, a great screen on tap, not just 1080p and high refresh, but includes a black frame insertion setting to even further increase clarity for gamers. The starting storage of 128 gig feels a little lean in 2022, but the hook is memory card expansion and i can easily and comfortably load all of my software on 128 gigs and then move all of my media to the memory card, especially when you can triple The phone storage on a card fast enough to easily write 4k video for like 30 bucks.

When was the last time you got a 256 gig upgrade for 30 bucks and that media space is handy. This is a great multimedia phone. I own a ton of music in flack and i subscribed to cobuzz primarily to step up my playlists at the highest possible quality i can for offline listening. The speaker and headphone tech is solid, theres, a critical focus on distortion or better phrased minimizing distortion. I wish sonys headphone amp was a little beefier, but on good consumer cans or even really expensive premium. Iems listening experience is going to be above average better still. The headphone jack doubles as a resource for content creation. Where, if you can remember how cables work, you can feed a line in to record audio now i find sonys cameras are always going to be divisive, but i truly dont believe there is such a thing as a winner camera you, as the consumer, need to be Really honest with your personal preferences for myself, i dont particularly enjoy the unicorn puke trend of hdr on a lot of auto mode and ai phone cameras. A sony might be a bit more prone to clipping some highlights, but it genuinely delivers some of the most natural processing you can find from a phone doubled with the dedicated shutter button and the scary good autofocus. There is literally no faster way to land a shot than with an xperia if the choice is nail the shot but apply a filter on instagram or miss the shot but get prettier hdr.

I know which side of that im gon na pick. As a brief aside, weve been good on phone cameras for years now. Anyone acting like its such a chore to get a good photo out of an aspiria that really isnt a knock against the phone anymore thats. Just someone showing off that theyre bad at tech and really bad at photography, throw this into auto mode. Most people gon na be fine, but yeah the selfie game is kinda lame. You know i would recommend getting a clear case and using the mirror finish on this phone, to line up your selfies with the rear camera. I think youll be a lot happier. The front cameras gon na be fine for video calls. Every camera has pros and cons and sony is one of the few brands left not trying to copy apples pros and cons, and i think that deserves more of a thumbs. Up, of course, were talking about a phone hitting this market in 2022 and were using a snapdragon 888. So we do need to keep an eye on thermals and performance, but i find the xperia has been better than average. A lots gon na depend on ambient temperature. These days i went over 30 minutes on a single clip of 4k 60 frame per second video in my office at around 70 degrees fahrenheit. I feel thats fine if youre maxing out the screen brightness while kicking on the 5g modem and youre out in direct sun on a really hot day.

Your clips are gon na need to be a little shorter. I dont think thats too hard to understand when driving a phone to its upper limit. We have to know there are going to be some limitations. Now a few phones have handled this soc better. A few phones have handled it demonstrably worse. This is one of the main points worth considering, though, when people complain about the 5 mark 3 being too late. If soc is the consideration, the snapdragon 8 gen 1 delivers more performance, but also draws more power and runs warmer. So what benefit do you get from 10 percent, more cpu power? If your battery drains more than 10 faster and the phone might run more than 10 percent warmer, we could point to the improvements to the isp. But those are often resolution based where sony phones often go for sensor, size and autofocus speed over packing. More and more mega pixels onto their sensors, so i dont think the 888 is going to be too much of a detriment for photography over the next year. Now, i think its fair to bring up some concerns over gpu performance for gaming, and that is one area where the next round of chips might have a more demonstrable edge. But again were going to need to see if you can maintain all of that performance. In a phone that you can physically hold in your hands, oh hey there, just a quick interruption im trying something out on some gadgetguy.

com because we know youtube is absolutely miserable about really sending out notifications on new videos. Even when you smash the bell icon. But please keep smashing bell icons because algorithm if you head over to some subscribe, theres a whole list of playlists and rss links that you can use to customize your own feed of some gadget guy content. Maybe you only want to watch my sony videos and my headphone videos thats, something you can do through a an rss feeder app or a podcast app and youll get better notifications than what youtube sends out. Once again, some subscribe customize your own gadgetguy feed, and i thank you for your support, which brings me to one of my favorite points about sony reviews. This company offers one of the better peace of mind. Platforms for battery health. Hs power control is a fantastic feature to include with an soc known for running warm and theres, still, the best collection of controls to manage battery degradation over time you give up the fastest charging and there is no wireless or reverse charging on the five mark iii, But this showcases the primary mission: you want a smaller phone with a larger battery, cutting a feature like qi charging to deliver. That means you cut a less power efficient way to charge the phone so sonys timing for north america, not great. I think we can all acknowledge that i really wish the united states mattered. More to other manufacturers, i mean xiaomi can make it to the number one in sales worldwide, while completely ignoring the usa.

Increasingly, i worry that other labels are going to start slow playing this continent, because the carrier game here is so toxic to healthy competition. Companies are going to manufacture and sell phones where they can make money on those phones, sony, smartphone division is showing consistent growth and profits. Theyre not going to make phones just to have them sit on store shelves and sold off later at fire sale prices. Sony is not lg and sony phones hold on to their resale value remarkably well, but for any concerns about timing at least we can be fairly confident that if you pick up an xperia 5 mark iii early in the year, youre not likely to see an xperia 5 mark iv anytime soon. My final verdict, if you live in the usa, youre running out of vote with your wallet phones, not just for your phone upgrade, but also for the people in your circles of family and friends. People who own standalone cameras and arent afraid of manual settings or a shutter button, people who might not want to have to buy bluetooth headphones folks coming from older samsungs when samsung actually cared about competing against apple instead of thirstily trying to copy apple, poorly or people Who just want a nice phone, which is a little smaller? You might know some folks, like that in your circles, but its probably easier to just let the guy on commission at the local carrier store just sell your friends and family whatevers, the most popular.

I hear it has a way more powerful new cpu. I will of course, drop some links below where you can find more information on the xperia 5 mark iii, where you can shop this bad boy online, as always thanks. So much for watching for sharing these videos. Subscribing to the channel supporting your favorite content creators never been more critical. I greatly appreciate those of you who are checking out the links and maybe shopping some merch down below that kind of stuff really does keep production rolling on this channel full list of all my affiliates and partnerships on some or you might consider joining the list Of names scrolling by on your screen from my patreon, some gadgetguy, this list is basically a collection of the coolest tech pals in the universe, so i hope youll check them out now.