Yes, when its been 100 days of using the haiku z5 device and im getting plenty of comments regarding this device as well, is it worth to buy or not? Can you please do a long time review so thats? What this video is about, friends and right now ill try to discuss about each and every aspect of this device. For example, performance display camera battery charging, build quality connectivity. Software updates. All these details ill try to talk in this entire video. So first thing is that by the time im making this video this offers going on on the ico z5 as well in amazon website, where you can actually get the 000 rupees coupon. So the overall price comes down to 22 000 rupees for this snapdragon. 778 g, processor and theres, another special exchange offer is also going on, so only can definitely decrease the price on the ico z5. At this moment in case, if youre planning to buy this phone, but is it worth for the 22 000 rupees or not thats? What were gon na discuss in this entire video? What are the things i did notice and what other things could be better in this device? So first thing lets talk about the performance, wise performance of this phone, which has got the snapdragon 78 g and enhanced lpddr uh 5x ram type and enhanced ufo storage uh 3.1 type. So everything is slightly kind of enhanced in this device. So all the experience gon na be really very smooth in this phone.

Yes, trust me friends, even i did play the batwings mobile game with the 90 fps and phone was able to handle pretty good the 90 fps. Even i did not find out any kind of much high temperatures by using config file. I did try to play, but all the performance and the gameplay is really fantastic and i dont think this phone will be getting any kind of 90 fps update. But overall, in terms of the gaming, these are one of the really good one. Yes, and we do have special modes for the monster mode. If you want, you can enable the monster mode as well for really good performance, as you can see here and having one two tears refresh it and 240 hertz stack sampling rate, thats kind of really fantastic, and what are the other alternate options so other alternate options Like uh me, linux device and realme gt mastered edition. So me linux, device uh. Sometimes we do get the offer kind of close to 22 000. Sometimes we do get the offer – maybe 24 000., if youre okay, to spend on the money on the miui and if you can actually install different different custom roms and if youre okay then go for the media x device. But if youre on the ico phone, then this might be the one of your best choice, which you got and 4d optic feedbacks works perfectly all right between these both phones. Yes, i mean both sides – the special 4d vibrations which is going on so which works like a charm in this ico z5 device, as you can see, even although it was really fantastic playing in this game in his phone, its really great so gaming experience, no doubt At all is one of the best one as well for this kind of price.

There are only few phones which can actually do like this thats, really good, im completely satisfied with the performance friends, even though snapdragon 728g, but still optimization and keeping so many applicants in the background, thats pretty good next thing with the display displays are another area which Could have been better. I wish that if they include the amoled panel in this phone, this phone could have been really big hit for the ico, but they did do this. One small mistake not including amoled panel on this phone thats, the biggest mistake they have did in this ico z5. If they could have done the amoled panel. That could be really better because a lot of users they would buy this phone, obviously with the because of the amarillo panel as well, but 128 refreshes, 90 and 60. You can actually choose different different refresh rate standards. Thats also pretty neat and the display also looks pretty good or regarding the colors and viewing angles, not bad so which is kind of ips type of colors. You will be able to see, but these colors are slightly more saturated im, not sure whether you will be able to observe or not. You can see. Colors are very slightly kind of saturated and slightly brighter as well. The display doesnt mean any kind of low quality. Ips lcd panel, so dont worry about that kind of low quality, its not low quality at all. The display doesnt look like that.

Its kind of really uh bright, as you can see, being saturated as well so thats, something you should definitely know about, and next thing is about the camera. So what about the camera im completely satisfied with the camera or not? Camera is kind of okay. I would say if its not uh so great, but still let me show you the settings what you can actually record so 4k 30 fps. You can actually record and 4k 60 fps. You cannot do that so till 4k, 30 fps maximum. You can actually record in the ico z5 device ill, try to show you the couple of sample shots which are taken in this device using the front cam, and you can see the front cam shorts, not bad, so which are kind of okay shots. So you can definitely say that and back camera shots as well. You know subcamera couple of shots which are taken using the back game, so camera is kind of decent friends. Nothing much major problem. If you ask me a really immediate master edition or this phone regarding the camera, i would pick a kind of ico z file, a little kind of camera outdoor, yes little bit so ico has got this kind of advantage overall in terms of the camera wise. A little bit ico phones, especially so thats what ill definitely do it, and next thing is about the battery and the charging. So how much battery backup im getting in this device and always a charging speed charging speed.

The phone takes about one hour of time to charge because of 44 watt slow charging and 5000 mh battery will definitely give you a lot of battery backup in this device and more and more screen on time as well. You should not be worried. The minimum screen on time youll be getting about close to six and a half hours 600 hours is the minimum screen on time in the ico z5. So no issues at all regarding the battery backup in this device 5000 image and feels also pretty light mobile phone. Nothing much huge weight and all recording the build quality is also fantastic friends and 3 mm jack, which is present and dual stereo speaker setup is also present, and even i did like this kind of backside. This kind of texture, matte type of texture, which doesnt attract much kind of fingerprints thats. One thing which i didnt like in the ico z5 overall in terms of the design wise as you can see, which is pretty good regarding the design so im completely happy with the build quality. I said, motor fingerprint scanner is also pretty fast and accurate. Nothing much major problems, as you can clearly see, and next thing is about the connectivity. How is the connectivity in this device connected to kind of okay? I would say because sometimes i dont get 4g plus, but in the outdoors i do get the 4g plus not in the indoors indoors. I dont get sometimes forgiveness in the ico.

Z5 thats, another problem which is there. I did upload a lot of videos if you want you can check those videos, you will never see any kind of 4g plus on this ico z5 and i did resolve the software update of android 12 as well. I think just couple of days back, i did research as you can see: android 12 right now, im running the android tv in my device. So after the android 2l, the phone feels kind of a little bit kind of more um good, not brand its, not not much major problems with the android 12 update in this device. I did not see any kind of major problems in this phone. Apart from one thing, the application opening speed got decreased, i mean every time you open any kind of application. You do this kind of icon so because of that the speed got slightly kind of decreased in that opening speeds. Every time you open any kind of application. So thats it so this is a complete review, friends after using 100 days of usage of ico z5, so these are pros and cons and everything. So what could have been better is having the amber panel and having the fast charging. If any of this could have been possible in this device, that could be really great, but thats not the case, so thats it friends.