This is kind of peripheral to vinyl and analog, but if youve ever seen me at a hi fi show carrying around my big camcorder with the shotgun microphone on top. This could change everything, and i want to show it to you because its really interesting anyway, and you might want to get one and the only way to do this – is to put the camera on the other side of my shoulder and uh get it close up. So i can take this thing apart and show you how it works. Okay, well, do that right now, all right! Let me show you this uh power vision, s1 and show you how it works, so its a very compact little device. You can stick it in your pocket and you wouldnt even know its there, but when you want to use it, you open the door, you pull out the arm and you raise it and then you flip this part of the gimbal right there. And then you flip this part and youre pretty much ready. Now i use it with my iphone and you can hook it up one of two ways, so theres a clamping device right here. You put it on here its just like a spring mounted clamping device or you can. You can get uh a paste on thing like that that you put on your the back of your smartphone very carefully and its got the magnetic holder in it and a few other options.

But i didnt use this for this for these purposes, but its its possible to do that. I use the clamp so now i fit this here like this and i close the door and i turn on the power right here. There we go now its powered up and, as you can see its in vertical mode, i dont want it in vertical mode. So i push this button twice and it goes into horizontal mode, just like that and now im going to open the camera. It also comes with software, the s vision software, so there it is now the device is connected. So now im connected up and, as you can see see, if you can see, i can Music rotate it with the push of a button. I can Music zoom in and zoom out. I can flip it up and go sideways now, its shooting video and now im going to walk around and show you how it works. I can zoom in and you see all the crap on my floor deal with it. I can pan left and right see right there, you can, you can actually pick an item or pick a person to uh connect with and it will follow that person or that item and what i did was uh. I took this on a trip. You know ive gotten off of facebook because i dont like the whole facebook thing. If i was still on facebook, i would have posted videos from abu dhabi, because i was in abu dhabi for the formula one race believe it or not.

Someone invited me there and it was a great trip, and i brought this with me. It was the first time i used it. So im gon na show you some footage of this uh how i used it in abu dhabi, just learning how to use it. Music, Music: i need to put it on that hand. On my hand, yes, on that one, the right hand, Music, Music and it showcases the most strategic and the most successful projects that the emirates of abu dhabi has been working on for the past years and that also impact the future of the economy of the emirate. And the war, so, for example, if you want to learn more about the project, you just click on this screen and it will give you a small synopsis of what the project is as well as a photo gallery. So you can familiarize yourself more with the project that are working on these merchandise. You can take take some of them as memories for yourself. Thank you very much, all right: Music, Music, Music. Ah, Music, oh Applause, oh Applause, Applause, Music, Applause. This is fun. You could have a good time doing this. What what is it looking at myself and talking like i turned the camera around, so i can talk to the camera and say im having a good time here and so as a device to take to a hi fi show and to be able to shoot video At a hi fi show, rather than carrying around a camcorder, it seems like a really really good idea and thats.

What im gon na do? Its compact and theyve got some really cool accessories. It comes with its own built in tripod right here two feet and that so you could actually put it down and and shoot video you could get on camera i could go. I could go on camera from here, probably, and i cant see what im doing, but i can go over here and be on camera hi. There one accessory happens to be this screw in uh tripod base. Here this is a little bit more of a sophisticated kind of tripod hows that i think thats the coolest thing and theres a lot more. This thing can do this will charge your phone right here. You put the turn it on put the phone charging thing right. There and itll charge your phone uh im going to take this to hi. Fi shows. Why do i need the big camcorder when i can just use this, so i can say goodbye to the camcorder and uh hello to powervision s1.