That has been ringing a lot in the last year, especially in Mexico. It is a phone with a very, very content, but current price, pretty decent performance, so stay to know all the details of this TCL entry bed, the TCL 20e Whos TCL – are a Chinese giant founded in 1981. With extensive experience is the third largest manufacturer of smart screens globally system, you have to work pretty technology and much too little money manufactures washing machines, air conditioners, tablets, hearing aids and, of course, your phone line still in Mexico do not bring all the arsenal of its Cell phone line, but little by little, the number of models is increasing. The top range in Mexico is the TCL 10 Pro, but there is a range or a line even higher than that that takes us today we will perhaps be reviewing the phone of More content price. That TCL has the TCL 20e of 33′ pesos. If you want a cheaper phone, that is with the benefits that this one offers you that we are going to see now immediately, because the option would be to go to a public telephone for your calls. Lets go to do several tests so that you can perceive for yourself the quality of both video photography, video stabilization and the native audio of this phone o. These four points are essentially the ones we take into account to choose a phone. Mostly, there are people who have other additional ones, the one that comes in the box, because the phone that we already took out of the normalito charger some headphones, because this phone follows the headphone input 3.

5. Something that is appreciated also brings some gummies for the hearing. Aids ideas, the design, is true in the entry range. You cannot expect too much, because the price is quite content, but still sl has done a good job. With this phone available in four colors green blue blue gradient like this and green gradient, is a phone. The truth that it looks very well built edges that could contain are the sides, the camera, in the form of a drop on the top and this huge night down here they have it all input range. There is no other. There is no input range. That does not have that edge. Even the mid range of vision and most have this frame here down. You have to learn to live with that huge frame. If you want an entry, range. Measures, 165 x 75 by 8.8, is not the thinnest on the market in hand. I honestly tell you that it gives the feeling of a more premium phone than it actually is, especially because of the 6.52 inch ips hd plus screen. Quite generous for an appeal. 700 pixels, x, 1600, glass, 2.5 and 190 grams feels quite light. It is not the lightest, but the truth is that you do not notice so much weight. Bright paint pattern stamped, obviously does not have any coating for fingerprints. Therefore, you will have is a magnet for the traces in this part. Brings the power button off lower and volume up on.

This side brings the button for the Google assistant for the micro sd card here also for the sim card. Here it brings the microphone and 3.5 headphone jack, which The speakers include headphones in the box and the micro usb connection does not have a type c connection for the input range. It is very normal that this happens in the connection and specifications. The specifications are 4 gb d e ram 64 free storage for the user 47, but you can expand it with a micro sd card to 128 gb, Mediatek, 6762D processor, another matter: 4000 mAh charges in approximately 2.5 hours, a microusb connection, 8 megapixel front camera 80. 78 degrees of amplitude to the, which is quite good for when you want to do things for social networks, and the video resolution is 720. That does not reach 1080p of this 8 megapixel camera with 2.0 aperture main camera module a triple camera with artificial intelligence. The main 13 megapixel and another 2 megapixel depth and a 2 megapixel macro also the angle of view – goes from 77, 87 and 84 in the order that I told them the aperture sensors from 2.0 to 2.4 in this rear camera module. The truth is that quite decent for the price, What has I forgot to tell you about the security of the device is by fingerprints back here. For me, one of the most comfortable things you can have a phone and it also has e l face blocking through the camera form.

Now we are going to the stabilization, video and audio photography tests like this one, not the internal microphones, that the phone brings to know how good work you are doing, And this is an audio test of the internal microphones of the phone to see how good it Is and if we can use it on a certain occasion either for videoconferences or to record videos for ticktock, as you want the audio quality of the internal microphones of this of that element. Leave it all the comments we are in the park. You can hear the noise of the dogs, so what do you think of the quality of the internal microphones of this phone from all the comments, and what did you think of the tests of this little phone? The truth that you get chest. Many of the summary situations to make an entry range – this TCL 20e does quite well with its 4 gb of ram and its 64 storage that if I recommend it the truth that for the price and the benefits it offers. If I recommend one of the ranges that have more options in the market is the entry range, and here you can afford to choose between multiple brands from xiaomi with its redmi 9c also zte brings its Blade 30. I think it is n more or less in the range another motorola brings its g. There are many options in the input range that you can decide more or less, with the same memory range and the same ram range you can decide which one to buy, depending on which setting or Which one do they like.

The least. This is a good option, especially for kids, with less demand teenagers, their children, people who do not have that much requirement. It is a phone that is limited to the truth. Is that to play with 4 and global ram and the storage it has does not. It is so recommended, but it can get your chest out. The truth is that it does a good job. Dont wait any longer. It is an entrance bed, but it is worth having it, especially for your children, and this has been all friends. I hope it has been useful for you, you can use it. Video do not forget to leave your comment on your life and share with your friends.