. I found that really surprising, and the a11 is also an upgrade for folks who have the more recent a10s and the a 10e as well. So, if youve been waiting for something new, this might be the phone for you. Okay enough talking lets go ahead and unbox. This thing so sliding off the cover here. The first thing we see is a little extra packet right on top inside here, theres, just a couple pieces of paper and instructions. Unfortunately, it doesnt look like this phone ships with a clear case like some of the other, a series devices do which is kind of a shame digging a little deeper inside the box. You also get a standard 15 watt samsung usb wall plug for charging a usb. A to usb c cable and a pair of earbuds with all that stuff out of the way here is the samsung galaxy a11, now right off the bat. If youre coming from any other a10 phone from last year that i mentioned youll notice, some design changes and extra features already, the a11 is a pretty good sized 6.4 inch phone. So, a little bigger than before across the front youll see that the most obvious difference is the placement of the camera cutout, rather than a center teardrop notch like before samsung went with an off center infiniti o cutout physically. Since this is a budget device, youve got a budget build with an all plastic construction, rear, housing and plastic frame.

I actually dont mind this and honestly, it looks and feels pretty good. All things considered, the glossy finish looks nice. The materials dont feel cheap and while you dont get the premium materials, i have no complaints here. There are two compromises with a build, though this phone does not have any sort of ip or water resistance rating at all and theres no wireless charging either so keep those things in mind and just as a side note, this phone right now comes in black white Red or blue, so a nice selection of colors to choose from as well taking a look around. Everything else is about where youd expect. On the right side, youll find the volume switch and power button. Youve got a slim earpiece up top for phone calls, thats pretty hidden down below youll, find the usbc charging port and a single downward firing speaker and around back youll, see that we have a new triple lens camera setup for this phone, which i will talk about In just a minute below that, you also have a physical rear, mounted fingerprint reader and just playing around with this, it feels and functions like any other samsung fingerprint sensor on the budget phones. I, like the placement here, its still comfortable, even with a slight bump up in phone size and its fast and accurate enough as well on a phone like this. I think its important to keep things simple and easy, and holding on to that rear.

Fingerprint scanner is a good choice. Of course you also do have the option to pair this with face unlock, so multiple options to choose from in getting into the phone in regards to the screen. While things did get a little bigger like i said, the a11 doesnt get any huge upgrades here, youre still dealing with a tft display, which is sort of samsungs version of an lcd panel. It comes in at a resolution of 1560 by 720, a 19 and a half by 9 aspect ratio and packing in around 268 pixels per inch, viewing angles arent too bad. All things considered – and i think youve still got some good color and contrast and getting something of this size is pretty nice too. You can do a lot with 6.4 inches videos and games, and web browsing are all very immersive and i think in the world of big smartphones, this phone fits right in, while still keeping that cost pretty low inside the samsung galaxy a11 packs the 1.8 gigahertz octa Core snapdragon 450 processor paired with the adreno 506 gpu and either 2 gigabytes or 3 gigabytes of ram, just like all the rest of samsungs 2020 phones. This device also ships with android 10 out of the box, which is great to see, and while i dont necessarily think the specs here are a huge upgrade over last years – a10 phones, i think theres still a couple of things to be happy about the user.

Experience is smooth at least right out of the box, and i think android 10 offers this device a refreshed, feel and snappier overall experience, also inside the a11 ships with 32 gigabytes of internal storage. But if you want, even more than that, you can utilize the sd card slot and add significantly more storage up to 512 gigabytes, which is really nice. One big advantage. This phone has, i think, is actually the battery life with a 4 000 milliamp capacity battery paired with a budget friendly display and specs. This is a device that can potentially last up to two days on a single charge and i think thats important and certainly something worth considering if youre coming from an 810s. You already know how good the battery life was on that phone with the same capacity, and if you have the regular a10 and a10e, you can expect a nice upgrade here with this phone, all in all, if youre, just looking for a device in general that you Know will last the a11 is going to be your choice and, like i said earlier, this phone charges via the 15 watt charger included in the box, no other fast charging options here and no wireless charging either, but its still good enough. In my opinion, in regards to the cameras, once again were seeing samsung focus on this with their budget phones, depending on which device youre coming from youll, get more or less of an upgrade, but either way the a11 packs a new triple lens setup.

And this includes the 13 megapixel f, 1.8 aperture main lens, a 5 megapixel ultra wide lens and a 2 megapixel depth sensor. The depth. Sensing lens is something we saw jumping to the a10s, which is super helpful with those shallow depth of field portrait shots, but the new lens here is the ultra wide angle. I honestly think this is a great addition and it sort of finishes out a near perfect camera setup for a device like this, coupled with some extra shooting modes, even a pro mode thrown in with some extra manual controls. This phone offers a surprisingly good camera setup for a device at this price point and im excited to put it to the test and see what its capable of up front. The selfie camera appears to be the same 8, megapixel, f, 2.0 aperture shooter from the a10s. As well, but again, if youre coming from one of those other a series, phones youll be getting an upgrade. So all in all, i think the a11 is a pretty interesting device. It obviously falls on the lower end of samsungs, a series lineup and its certainly geared towards people who just want a simple and reliable phone to get the simple things done throughout the day, thats exactly what youre getting here and if youre, coming from an a10 or A10E, its actually a nice upgrade with a bigger battery, better cameras and increased screen size as well its a little harder to justify coming from the a10s.