Today for Vivo fans looking to spend the new year with a new phone. We are reviewing a Midrange phone from the Vivo brand.. That phone is this Vivo Y33s. It is the review, but not a detailed review.. What features does this phone highlight? Could it have been highlighted as an advantage And the main focus will be on what the weaknesses are. Lets get started.? First, the hands on experience of the phone is light in hand.. It feels square to the touch. Because it is slim, it fits snugly in your pants pocket.. There is no swelling. In terms of its design. It bears a striking resemblance to the previous Vivo V21.. The body is made of plastic, and the review unit here has a matte finish, so it doesnt show any fingerprints. And you do not feel cheap.. As for the color, there are two types which are this Middy dream mixed with: pink and blue and Mirror Black with shining reflective back.. Most importantly, the phone is featured on its official website with the camera RAM capacity and battery.. So lets start with the camera experience.. This phone uses a triple camera setup.. The triple camera setup includes a 50MP f1.8 main camera, a 2 MP macro and a 2 MP depth. Camera. Selfie features a 16MP selfie camera in the Mini drop notch.. The results are pretty sharp when it comes to images., Not oversaturated., Dynamic Range for both outdoor and indoor is convenient., But the color seems a bit warm.

Photos taken with the main 50MP camera in 50MP mode are satisfying in detail. The higher the resolution, the easier the Crop. Images taken with a macro lens are just as comfortable as they look. Depth. Sensing 2MP is not very good for edge detection when shooting with the Bokeh effect.. The images taken in Night mode are, as you can see, now. For selfies Vivo has the usual smooth texture, even when the effects are off.. The bokeh effect feels like AI edge detection is better than the images taken with a depth sensing camera from the main camera.. So the camera part is pretty much done. And RAM.. Before we talk about RAM, it is using Mediateks Helio, G80 12nm SoC for performance.. Frankly, the Helio G80 is equivalent to the average Snapdragon 665 and maximum at around 720g. So I think it would be better if the SoC could be upgraded to Dimensity 810, even if it is not Dimensity 1000. Whats. A little interesting about this phone is the RAM. 8GB of RAM has been announced as 8GB 4GB Extended RAM.. This means that only the original 8GB of the phone can be combined with the phones 4GB of ROM when needed. It does not have another dedicated 4GB.. That makes it more than enough for multitasking or RAM intensitive.. Normal usages may not be noticeable. In terms of gaming. You can play Graphics HD at Framerate High in the PUBG game. Playing other games also has a satisfying level of gaming.

. However, since the SD card supports up to 1TB in the dedicated slot, there is no storage problem.. The battery is a 5000mAh battery.. The weight and thickness of this phone with the 5000mAh battery are quite impressive., The battery is 5000mAh and the SoC is Mediatek, so the battery is quite durable.. You dont need to worry about running out of battery for normal usage during office hours., Even when playing a game it lasts for about 4 hours.. The 18Watt Fast charger is out of the box for charging.. The charging time for 0 to 100 is two and a half hours. Reverse charging is also supported, so the battery setup is complete.. In fact, as mentioned in this review, the camera RAM and battery are highlighted, but what makes it so catchy is its design.. It is a design that young people like. The midrange price of this phone is 479800 kyats.. The price is not too high and not low.. This phone is suitable for those who want fancy and lightweight good cameras and battery life. Thats it for todays review.. Our UNiQUE Tech Review Channel wishes you all the best in your future endeavors in the new year.. Thank you. All.