If youre new to the channel welcome, i hope you enjoyed the content and dont forget to like and subscribe today im going to do an unboxing for you. I am going to unbox a vlogging kit, not an expensive logging kit, but a kit that i found at a place called five below um. I guess it depends on where you are in the country. I live in california, and we have these stores called five below. Basically, its like a 99 cent store, but theoretically everythings supposed to be under five dollars, but they sell electronics there, some pretty cool things, nothing like a rode microphone, but i found this smartphone vlogging kit right here for ten dollars, so 10 bucks for a kit that Comes with it looks like a tripod, a little led light and a microphone. So since im a page for beginners, i figured hey. Maybe someone is watching this. They have no equipment whatsoever and they want to set up a quick youtube channel and maybe just use their phones, their iphone or their android phone, and they dont want to pay 200 for a rode, videomic pro um and fifty dollars for a you, know, handheld tripod And stuff like that, so i figured i would just pick this up for 10 bucks right there and see what its all about im going to unbox this now, obviously, and then on my next video, i think, im going to hand held my sony, a7, 3 and Intro it with my rode, video mic pro then maybe ill cut it um do another like minute or so talking with my a7 iii and my video micro, the smaller rode microphone then ill cut it and at the end i will take my iphone 13 pro and Then connect this smartphone uh vlogging kit to it, and then maybe we could see the difference in audio in the video and uh yeah thats pretty much.

What im gon na do so lets open it and see with this. I guess its an iconic smartphone vlogging kit from five below here. It is lets, get it open and just note this kit, you do need batteries, which i have right here. Oh i forgot to take them. It needs two double a batteries, so i purchased some radio back batteries at 5, 0 as well, so well get the old, milwaukee blade and well just open this. I might not even need it but lets see. I dont wan na im gon na ruin this box. Okay, theres the box. Oh on the back, you can see it comes with the light. The tripod, the mic and the little piece to attach to your phone looks like theres. Some paper in here. All right lets see: okay, the instructions on how to assemble all right. Here so that looks pretty good, fairly simple, and here is everything it comes with the handheld tripod or the tripod. If you want to put it on your desk, the clip for the cell phone, the little microphone and the light so lets see ill start with the tripod okay. So it looks like you press in here. Okay, so its a handheld lets see move back a little bit, handheld youre gon na selfie it, and it also looks like the feet come out. I dont to oh. There we go and then it becomes a tripod to drop on your table and its made out of plastic, its not great but its ten dollars and if youre beginning, i could see maybe this working so thats.

The tripod lets put that down. It has the clip for your cell phone now i have an iphone 13 pro lets, get that in there and lets see if it fits around it. So i have the pro with the case on and lets see. Oh my god, which one oh its. That way, all right lets see lets see dont wan na break it all right, so it fits the iphone 13 pro it doesnt say exactly on the box like what its technically compatible with, but i feel like this is maybe the max i feel like if, if The phone was bigger, it would probably break so lets. Take the clip off without breaking it all right. So there we go and again made out of plastic and yeah if you dropped it from a high distance or you kind of overextended trying to connect it. It would probably snap all right the little microphone pretty cool, tiny, tiny lets see take off the and, if you judge by the size, no pun intended uh the size of the microphone. The vod, the rode video micro is about the same size but im sure the quality of this isnt as good, but this is a little microphone. You get put that back on its a little dented, but, as you can see, theres the microphone audio cable, get that in focus im guessing yeah. This goes from the microphone to your uh, your cell phone, so youd have to connect the audio cable and the last piece.

Oh man, the last piece of the lights again plastic, and you know what lets see. So it has an on off button and then a plus and minus button, so im guessing you turn it on and off, and you could also adjust the brightness and im just going to throw some batteries in here. Lets see what happens. I didnt want this to be too long of a video, but i might as well just check that out all right so well. Take my two double as pop them in here all right, easy enough. There goes one. There goes two get this back all right now. I have the batteries in and lets check this out cool, not bad of a light. Actually, oh, does it get brighter or is it the brightest setting lets see wow holy cow? This is actually not bad, because i i have my my uh my window right here. So i dont have much light here, but this is not bad like no light and then you could lower it. You cant really tell but it lowered, and it has 6×6 so 36 uh individual lights and that those are the led lights alright. So that is the aconic smartphone vlogging kit that i purchased from five below again here it is, it was ten dollars. You can see everything that it includes right. There, pistol, tripod shotgun microphone. Universal phone, mount 36 bulb led light. No batteries included im gon na test.

This out, maybe later on today, uh maybe ill post the video tomorrow, but im definitely gon na try it out, like i said, im gon na start the video and showing it with my a7 3 and the video mic pro switch to the video micro and then Lastly, ill do the outro with the uh, the smartphone blogging kit and the shotgun microphone that this one came with and and see how it is. There is everything and yeah, so i hope you enjoyed the video i hope um.