We are going to see about the oneplus 10 pro smartphone, so oneplus has recently launched this oneplus 10 pro smartphone in china, and this smartphone will be soon launched in india and global region. Well in this, video lets have a full specs review of this oneplus 10 pro smartphone. So this time the oneplus 10 process comes with a completely a new design, so it has a unique camera model design and it comes with the four different color variants. So one is a white black purple and then green and this time the oneplus 10 pro s comes with the purple color variant after the one plus 60 small point, and this time the purple color is also different and its almost similar to the iphone 12 purple. Color variant then moving on its its overview on the front side. It has a curved display and the display is. Quality is also super good and the chin and bezels are very smaller and then on the right side. It has a lot slider and power key and on left side it has a volume keys and then at the bottom it has a usb type c port and then a speaker grille, then moving on to the rear side. This time it has a unique camera module design. So, as you seen here, the camera model is very big and large in size and inside the camera module. It has a triple cameras and a led flash. It actually looks like a four cameras, but its not for only triple cameras, and it has a huge led flash too and this time also oneplus is uh collaborated with the hazel black camera company.

So, as you seen here, though, in the triple cameras, it has a one asp, black camera too, and this time the camera mode is also actually synced with the bezels and moving on the specification. The oneplus 10 pro is sports, with 6.8 inch, qhd plus ltpo based amoled panel display, and it supports up to 120 hertz of screen refresh it, and also this display is supported with the in display fingerprint scanning and its based on a punctual style design display and Inside the control it has a 32 megapixel of a selfie camera and moving on to the rear side. It has a triple cameras. One is a 48 megapixel primary camera which is based on a sony based camera sensor and then a 50 megapixel sony, basically sony. Imx 766 camera sensor and an 8 megapixel of second generation of azure black camera has been given. Then, moving on to its performance, this oneplus 10 pro is so powered with qualcomm snapdragon 8 gen1 browser and its combined with the 8 gb of ram with 120 gb storage and 12 gb plus 256 gb internal storage and the ram and storage variants are based on Lp ddr5 and ufos 3.1 type, storage, variant and oneplus 10 pro is a runs on oxygen noise, ui based on android 11 operating system, but in china it already confirmed that the oneplus 10 pro is going to be runs on color os operating system, but in india We didnt know whether oxygen noise or color was, but in china.

Presently, color wise is actually running in the oneplus 10 pro smartphone and finally, in terms of battery it powers with the 5000 image of battery with 80 watts of fast charging support, and the 80 watts is a super wide fast charging support. So the oneplus is actually implementing the one by one features from the oppo side. As you see near, the super book is the oppo branding. So now that branding is comes to the one plus side and then it is also supported with the 50 watts of wireless charging and a reverse wireless fast charging support too. Now these are all its specifications and the features of the plus 10 pro smartphone. Now, what are you guys, thoughts on this oneplus 10, pro smartphone? How do you guys like this design? So i really like this design, so it has a unique camera module and its almost looks like a beast in terms of camera segment.