So heres my in depth, vivo v23. Pro review and for more on the latest and greatest tech and random appearances by cats, please do poke subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers so first up ive got to say i love the skinny and light design of the v23 pro. It is impressively thin and lightweight to the point where occasionally id be like. Is it even in my pocket anymore, which led to regular frantic fumbles and not the good kind were not quite talking motorola moto edge 20 here, but its not far off at all. That back end feels absolutely fantastic when you are clutching the phone as well its constructed from a textured fluorite ag glass, so it doesnt support the usual super smooth finish you find on a lot of modern smartphones. The aesthetics are very smart. Indeed, i could comfortably confuse the vivo v23 pro for something thats twice the price, rather than just a mid range mobile id rather enjoy the color morphing effect on this sunshine gold model as well, sometimes its kind of a dusky, yellow and other times its more like Aquamarine very funky, indeed my only real complaint as far as the design goes here on the vivo v23 pro is that you dont get any dedicated water resistance, but to be fair. While i was in iceland for those few days, this thing got absolutely pelted by various hail storms and rainstorms no complaints whatsoever, even though it was probably cold enough to freeze a polar bears, butt so yeah, even if you live in the northeast england, itll, probably be Absolutely fine now, moving on to software, what you got here is fun touch os 12 sat on top of android 12 and, like many launchers these days, this allows you to get close to a stock android vibe, while also adding in plenty of decent bonus features.

So, for instance, dive into the settings and youll discover a respectable amount of customization in there, especially when it comes to the various launcher, animations, which, on the whole, are fluid, and rather pleasing to the peepers. Youve also got a one handed mod, thank god as well, because the vivo v23 pro is a bit on the big side, and yet the one handed board is rather awkward to activate, but it definitely does the job theres plenty of gesture shortcuts to open up your Favorite apps, you can also shake the vivo v23 pro to turn on that torch, although you can furiously pump it as much as you like, but it wont turn off again and its also great to see that vivo doesnt load its smartphones with all kinds of crap. Wear which some manufacturers, like some xiaomi, for instance, are definitely guilty of on here. You will find a few little bits, but theyre generally an offensive, and some of them are actually quite useful. Its definitely good that vivo doesnt load this thing with all kinds of apps that you cant delete because youve got a choice for either 128 or 256 gigs of storage plenty of space. You would think, but theres no expandability, via micro, sd and overall im going to say i did enjoy the fun touch experience sort of speaker, though there were a couple of little bugs here and there. So, for instance, one day i did notice when i was trying to type out an email.

The keyboard was really sluggish and unresponsive to the point where i tap a key and it would take a good two or three seconds for it to actually pop up on the screen. I did try shutting down various apps and services. I rebooted the phone. Nothing seemed to work and then the problem just magically corrected itself about an hour later. I also noticed a problem when i was streaming video on the likes of netflix or disney plus uh, where sometimes i would start up a show or a movie, and for the first minute i saw the performance was a little bit. Judgy, occasionally thered be little frame. Uh skips and things like that generally only happened for about a minute or so and then tempered itself. That was absolutely fine again, but quite awkward and annoying for that minute. But anyway, if youre intrigued – and you want a bit more of a proper tour of a fun touch – well definitely go check out my full in depth. Vivo v23 pro unboxing, where i also compare it with its cheaper sibling, the vivo v23. Now i was definitely a fan of that in display fingerprint sensor as well on the whole, quite dependable, although if my fingers were quite moist or grubby, then all of a sudden yeah, it did feel more often than not so lets have a chefs here. That 6.56 inch amoled display now this just curves ever so gently around the edges, but thankfully i had absolutely no issues with palm intrusion and the general responsiveness of the screen.

Even when i was clutching it quite tight, the visuals are typically strong. You got full hd plus resolution here with full hdr 10 plus supports youve got a nice sharp contrast. Well that color output is fully customizable as well. You can temper it down or you can have it really slap you in the fears, bright and vibrant. Yes, you do have a wide body notch stuck away up top which intrudes on your full screen shenanigans, but this is not quite as ridiculous. A mustache notch like on those iphones youve, still got plenty of room for notification, icons and the rest of that. The auto brightness was generally dependable here on the vivo v23 pro as well. There were a couple of moments where i went a little bit darker than i could have possibly needed to have to manually tweak the brightness instead, but overall, not bad at all and on that peak brightness youll have absolutely no trouble seeing whats going on even in Bright deer dont bite me a little. You vicious get not giving you enough strokes on my map, sorry, and as for the refresh vehicle, i can dynamically switch on the vivo v23 pro between 60 to 90 hertz, and at that 90 hertz level. It is a lovely silky, smooth experience, the audio chops, unfortunately arent quite as impressive, its a mono speaker setup and its a bit crap. To be perfectly honest. Youve got no headphone jack on here either, just like with a lot of flagship smartphones, but at least the bluetooth 5.

2 connectivity works like a charm thats for the performance here on the vivo v23 pro well, its powered by mediatex diamond city 1200 chipset, just like the Oneplus nord 2 and thats, backed by a very generous 12 gigs of ram. I did see the occasional little judder again here and there just in everyday run, and sometimes the animations werent, quite as smooth just for a moment. But generally that was when i had lots of apps on the go at once, and certainly if you want to do a good bit of gaming. Well, nora is on that phone like the gentian impact run. Absolutely fine. Even if you try to boost the the detail. Settings a little bit youve got a dedicated gaming mode which can have you to block notifications. Youve also got a dedicated performance mode on there, just to make sure that your game gets all the resources it needs, and i found that, even if i wanted to play against him back for a good hour or so well, generally, the vivo v23 pro didnt run Too hot, it absolutely managed to cope with it. Just fine and, of course, like pretty much every smartphone around this sort of price point. These days, youve got full 5g support its actually 5g support across both sim slots as well. If you do want to pack two sims in there at once, as for the battery tech, well, its a 4 300 milliamp cell stuffed inside of the vivo v23 pro, not as big as some rivals, but it absolutely did the job perfectly.

I found that even on the busiest longest days with lots of intensive views im talking a lot of camera play lots of video recording all of that good stuff. I still ended up with around 10 to 15 at the end of that day, and on those days where i took it a bit easier. Just you know your general messaging web browsing all of that sort of good stuff. I generally ended up with around 40 to 50 percent battery at the end of that day, so you could happily have this thing last an entire weekend, if you, you know, didnt go crazy and when youre all running low on juice, youve got 44 watts recharging speeds. Here as long as youve got a cable, unfortunately theres no wireless charging support on here now, one of the big whoops with the vivo v23 pro is that 108 megapixel primary camera sensor, which is a bit of a stun app for capturing everyday snaps and horn movies. You dont end up with massive 108 meg picks, as the v23 uses, nine in one pixel binning to produce 12 megapixel results, and that is more than enough detail for a crisp good. Looking image when you check them out on a tellurium monitor. I found that my test shots with this camera boasted some impressive color reproduction, so photos do actually look natural as long as the lighting, isnt, terrible, even indoor snaps, look close to what youll see in real life with the occasional bulky skin tones moving subjects are often Cleanly captured, although i did get some blur when snapping in more ambient light, so you will need a steady hand and an even steadier subject, and i really like the portrait modes, fake, bokeh style effect, which can be tinkered within the settings.

Hdr situations are generally well handled too and theyll come nighttime. I did see some considerable grain creeping in at times, even with that night mode active, an alternative, 8 megapixel ultra wide angle. Shooter can be swapped to at any point. If you cant quite fit everything into frame, although this suffers from the usual ultra wide angle, tropes pumping out darker shots with a distinctive loss of color accuracy. But if youve got a well lit scenario, it works fine, its just a shame that its a compromise as usual and the final lens on this triple lens rear shooter is your bog standard basic 2 megapixel macro effort, pretty standard fare, so home movies and video can Be shot at up to 4k resolution at either 30 frames per second or 60. If you fancy a smoother more natural result, some kind of wind filter would have definitely helped my outdoor iceland clips, as my expert commentary on the natural land formations, was almost entirely obliterated by all those gusty shenanigans. But the picture quality is strong and stabilization is only a little bit juddery when youre moving and shooting. At the same time, you also have a special night mode when youre shooting video in darker conditions, if thats your bag, another highlight is the 50 megapixel dual selfie cam up front, which comes packing full, auto focus to keep you nice and crisp and again the results Are strong as long as you dont shoot against strong light, in which case your picks may appear rather washed out still, the dual tone spotlight feature can illuminate your face in the dark, with a combination of two bright leds and a bright white screen, and this works Really well for shooting a late night selfie with other junk going on.

In the background, you could also shoot a bit of 4k video using that front facing camera setup as well, which is perfectly fine for a bit of professional style of vlogging, although, albeit with the usual audio capture, issues Music. So if youre outdoors youll want to definitely speak up quite a bit so right, theres, my full final, frank, vivo, v23, pro smartphone review and i got ta say i did enjoy using it as my full time handset. Despite the fact, there are a couple of little issues lurking in there, but certainly the highlight here is that camera attack, especially if youre a selfie aficionado. So, if youre looking for something to take on the likes, the pixel 4a and the 5a at that mid range price point well, definitely give it a squint. So what do you reckon, and are you tempted to be great to your thoughts down in the comments below, as i say, ive done a full unboxing and comparison with the standard v23 as well. If you fancy, maybe shaving a bit extra off the price and for more on the latest and greatest day, please do poke subscribe. Ding.