The smell of vegan leather is totally different. The smell of this phone was very long lasting. You can enjoy many months, But here the smell is decreasing in just 24 hours. Anyways This is Xiaomi 12 And stay tuned. We have to see 12 Pro and 12X as well, But first lets talk about Xiaomi 12, Its the first impression I am almost using it for 24 days. I will tell you how the phone is Well. It is a very exciting phone If you want to feel this phone. So if you have galaxy S8 Or if not, you can try somewhere, It will give you the same feeling. You know like small and compact Curved display everything is the same hows. The phone Phone is very exciting And very premium as well. You have seen vegan leather earlier as well In Realme GT master edition in Realme GT. You have seen this, But what is special about this phone? Its a really compact phone. Its weight is just 179 Gm. Not much heavy And very small, you can see, I am easily holding it No problem in holding the phone Here. The volume buttons are on this side And the power button is also on the right side. You can easily operate it, So if reachability is a concern for you, If youre female Or your hands are slightly small, Then definitely this phone is amazing for you, in the top, there is a speaker, grill And sound by Harman Kardon.

This is very exciting And IR blaster next to it In the bottom, USB type C, charging port And speakers as well. It means it has dual speaker and if you see the speaker layout, It is also very exciting. This year many things are changing in speakers. Let me tell you how Oppo Reno 7 Here the speaker grill, has a different design Like a filler layout, given here also, but slightly different type like in wave form like a wave travels and closes like this Same in top and bottom. This side is perfectly clean. See its not a new design, as I told you earlier already, this design comes in Samsung, Galaxy, S8 and S9. It is exactly the same, But that design trend has stopped Nowadays. Small and compact phones dont release The square boxy design comes, But somehow this phone is giving an old nostalgic feel in holding. If you see the camera module, It is also slightly different. Its also 2020 trend, like in Reno 7, two different types are given Falt in bottom And many lines in the above sensor and here also tried something different Lots of partitions around the camera. Whatever it is looking good, It comes with triple camera setup, 50MP, Sony, IMX, 766, 13MP ultra wide And 5MP telephoto macro lens hows, the quality. I will show you On the biometric Here. An In display fingerprint sensor is given No side mounted fingerprint And fingerprint sensor is so fast. You can say currently this is the fastest android phone, but not the fastest smartphone.

Why? Let me show you that also Lets open it And check the display. It comes with a 6.28 inch of display dont think the display is small. The phone is in comfort compact factor, But the display is very good, Exact, small galaxy feeling Specs are not extra impressive, But okay. The big advantage is that it comes with 1 billion colors Dolby vision display HDR 10. The peak brightness is just 1100 nites. I was expecting at least 1300 nites, So the display was okay in outdoor A not super impressive display For super impressive. You have to go for the pro model. Maybe thats Xiaomi has made 2 models for display. You have to go for the Pro model And you get 1300 nites peak brightness easily. If you see competitors on the same price segment, But not here On the protection Gorilla Glass Vectus is given, So definitely we will do a drop test. Lets see how victorious the Victus is in combination with Xiaomi. Also, the support of refresh rate is 120 Hz. You can leave it on auto mode, It will maximum go to just 60 and 100Hz, No adaptive refresh rate like 48 or 90 Hz. It doesnt have the LTPS display. For that you have to go for the pro model and stay tuned. I will show a comparison with Pro. Also will do Pro unboxing as well. By the way, If you just wan na see the unboxing, You can check on Facebook, You can watch just unboxing.

Videos Lets go inside whats more about the ROM. Obviously, you know it has MIUI ROM, But it is MIUI 13, Which is based on Android, 12 thats, the best part youre getting the latest version. Recently Xiaomi 11i has launched, which still have Andriod 11, But here you get Android 12, So ROM is fast. So when the phone is fast, then performance will be also fast. You can see the score Like if you compare it with Snapdragon 870, Which is X, series of MI 11 series Now Snapdragon 888 in Realme GT and in Oneplus 9RT. So if we see the snapdragon 888 easily getting a 7 Lakh score – And this is 7 Lakh 63 thousand – So not a huge difference, Even though the phone is looking fast, But 888 is also very fast, Not a huge score difference Thats difficult to get so! No doubt if you buying an android phone, You will get the fastest score, But how about comparing it with Apple latest Bionic chip you can see with iPhone 13 has only 3 4 GB of RAM, But even then its score is high than the fastest Android phone. You can say fastest Android processor, Because it matters on ROM as well. Lets wait for the Oneplus 10 Pro unboxing Arriving soon. The main camera sensor is Sony. Imx, 766 Oneplus 9RT has the same sensor. I am using this sensor for almost a month. If I tell you how this sensor works, Then this sensor is fantastic.

Its fast with the snapdragon processor. The focusing is also quick And the colors are mostly good. The colors are, as they should be. I got the same result in Oneplus 9RT. You can say the colors are 95 accurate, but in the case of Xiaomi the colors are slightly oversaturated, Slightly difference not much Otherwise. The colors are brilliant. Perfect Detail is also brilliant. This new processor has a very fast processing power And the results are cool And the best part is that it comes with a 5MP Macro shot. Now the Macro is also fast, But when I am taking Macro shot, I felt Some issues in focus. It is not setting the distance slightly closer or slightly less. I felt this issue. Maybe this will fix with the software update, But Macro shots are good in 5MP You can see colors in bright lighting condition. I have taken all samples with HDR mode, So the color will be slightly boosted. 13Mp ultra wide. You can see some darkness in the shadows. Details are not that good Lets check the quality in maximum zoom Quality is not impressive. In 10X, zoom Results are faded. Type. These are some higher megapixels shots of 50 MP. You can see Hows the shot, Good shots. Details are good. You can zoom In and can have good results, Some indoor shots with artificial lighting or in completely light turn off. So the scene is the same here. The background has completely changed Same in Xiami 11i, And here also colors are okay in good lighting And lets see the noise level Very light noise.

Not much Results are okay, you can see the color production is brilliant, Even in the low light. The performance is okay And about the selfie. You get crazy selfie with 32MP. The beautification remains On, But you can turn it off. Details are excellent. That was portrait. Blur is also okay, Slight color change in the background, but not too much difference Good results. You can see the selfie camera here, Megapixels are high, then obviously you will get better details Right now. I am recording in HDR mode And you can record video in just 1080P 30FPS with HDR, not sure whats. The reason And the dynamic range is okays. The weather is slightly foggy outside Not very clear background, So lets turn off the HDR mode. Oops the Dynamic range got worse. As we turned off the HDR mode. You can see the blown out Lets check the video stabilization in 4K 60FPS As Xiaomi said that it is their best. It means if you need a perfect Xiaomi phone. Where you can record stabilized video, Then let see the quality I am holding the phone in hand. Obviously I am walking You can assume hows. The quality is As much I can see in the viewfinder. It is very stable. Now here I have turned on the steady mode By default. It was off Now you can assume how much stabilize it is. I think it is more stable now, first, I thought the stabilization is by default turned on, But that was default mode.

Now I have turned it off. The video is super smooth lets test speaker how Harmon Kardon sounds How loud and good It is on full volume. The sound quality is excellent. Generally, the loudness is low on the top speaker. Bottom speaker has more, But here I belive you can say 60 40 or 50 50, Not a huge difference. The quality is also okay, No change and deviation even on the full volume. The sound is perfect, so its audio quality is excellent. It comes with UFS 3.1 storage. The phone will work faster because of it. The company officially hasnt said anything about IP67 or 68 Bit of gasket protection present will test in the durability test And at the last whats about the battery Here, 4500MAH battery is present. Plus the charger is same 67W. We tested Xiaomi 11i with the same charger. The company claimed that the phone will be fully charged in 45 minutes, But when I tested it alongside with super Vooc charger, It took me 55, 56 minutes 6, 7 minutes difference with company claim In comparison to the super Vooc 65W charger which charge the phone in Just 32 minutes, So the company has claimed ‘ 40 minutes to fully charge this phone. But according to me It should take 45 50 minutes. But the big point is that it comes with 50W fast wireless charging, Provided that the charger should be compatible with fast charging Plus 10W reverse wireless charging. So in conclusion, hows the phone, So in one word .

.., It is way better than what I expected. I know the camera sensor will perform the same as Oneplus 9RT. I was expecting slightly better with display. It should have high brightness, which it doesnt have. The refresh rate is 120Hz, but no adaptive rate Thats why you have to go for the pro model? But yes, it comes with faster wireless charging. I thought it wouldnt have any wireless charging, but it has Not snapdragon 888, but rather than the latest processor given. So, overall, the phone is a decent buy And we have to check the result if we compare it with other brands. That will be more important, so wait for that.