Recently infinix has been releasing very interesting mobile devices. A few weeks ago i bought two new smartphones of this brand, such as infinix hot 11s and infinix hot 11 play. I finally got them, so i am ready to do a full review of this smartphone lets start with infinix hot 11s. You know, usually we make five videos about each smartphone on our channel tech brothers. However, now we decided to make one video with detailed review of the smartphone. If it is too long for you, you can use time codes on the cbd. The main features of infinix hot 11s are heli g80e chipset 6.78 inch, full hd plus display with 90 gigahertz refresh rate 50 megapixels triple camera 5000 milliamp hour battery with 18 watt fast. Charging support for the price of this mobile device is only 140. Now. Do you understand why i decided to order and test infinix hot 11s? It has very good specifications for its price. You can buy the new infinix smartphone in two colors on lx press such as green and black. However, there is also the image of infinix hot 11s. In blue color, as you can see, i have a black color option and it looks pretty nice. The rear panel is made of glossy plastic. There are some lines on the back, but they are not textured and you cant fill them. The camera module is located in the left top corner. There is a big 50 megapixels main sensor, 2 megapixels depth sensor and the sword sensor, but we dont know its resolution.

The manufacturer just calls it a i camera. We can also see a big flashlight and another circle with inscription of 50 megapixels, ultra knight camera. We will test the camera a little later in this video. You know theres nothing at the top of the smartphone, but only the inscription of the future is now at the bottom. Infinix hot 11s has 3.5 mm audio jack microphone, hull, usb type c charging port and speaker. There is only one speaker grille at the bottom, but the smartphone uses an earpiece as a second speaker. So in fact infinix hot 11s has a dual speaker lets check its quality Music Music. I think the sound quality is good. Do you agree? There is also a volume, rocker and power button with fingerprint reader on the right side. A fingerprint scanner works very well slot for dual sim and dedicated slot for microsd memory card is on the left, so you can use dual fuji lte sim cards and memory card at the same time, thats very good. In addition, infinix hot 11s supports nfc. The smartphone can be used for contactless payments. You know the new infinix mobile device has curved back panel. Also. It is not trending in 2052, because the new trend is flat. Sides like iphone 13. The smartphone is really comfortable to hold in one hand from other side because of the big display. It is not very convenient to use with one hand a display has a diagonal of 6.

78 inches and full hd plus resolution 1080 by 2480 pixels. Another feature of infinix hot 11s is 90 gigahertz screen refresh rate thats. For a nice surprise, from 140 dollar smartphone in general, a display is for a good quality. It has a good brightness and vivid colors by the way a peak brightness of this screen is 500 nits. It is not very high, but enough for the budget smartphone in the settings menu. We have some interesting options. First, we can change the brightness level and turn on off an adaptive brightness. There is also eye care mode and dark seam. As already said, the smartphone has 90 girls refresh rate, you can choose 90 gigahertz, 60 gigahertz or other switch refresh rate in the settings menu. Another interesting option is an ultra touch. I havent seen that in other smartphones we can change the swap speed and motion speed in general. The interface of infinix hot 11s is a new for me. It is called xos version 7.6 based on android 11., and there are many things that you can play around with, for example, cleaner power marathon x scene, x, club and others. You can also open a phone master app to quickly boost the smartphone clean junk files. Call the phone save power manage date, etc. Infinix hot 11s also has a game zone in this app. We can see an estimated battery life and install games and smartphone lets play some of them by the way i have a model with 4 gigs of ram and 64 gigs of storage.

There are also versions with 4 gigs of ram and 138 gigs of storage and 6 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal memory. The chipset is heli g88, as you can see, the maximum graphics in pubg mobile is hd and fps is high. Basically, i chose nigers screen refresh rate, so the game is really smooth Applause. I also didnt find any problems with other games, such as call of duty asphalt, 9 and even changing impact. Yes, sometimes there are some slowdowns, but theyre, not critical, Music Applause predator missile on standby Applause, Music. This smartphone heats up after long games, but it is also not critical either. It is warm, but not hard. Applause. As for the benchmarks, you can see the results on your screen. In my opinion, infinix hot 11s has a good performance for the budget smartphone. Now i want to test the battery of the new infinix smartphone. I want to remind you that infinix hot 11s is equipped with 5000 milliamp power battery and 18 watt plus charging support Applause Music if Applause, Music Applause, Music. My battery test includes a draining from 100 to 0, with playback videos on youtube. The screen brightness is 100, as you can see. The screen and time of infinix hot 11s is 9 hours and 23 minutes Music using 18 watt power adapter from the package, a full battery charge from 0 to 100 percent took 2 hours and 8 minutes. Finally, lets talk about camera.

I think youre most interested in it. As already said, infinix hot 11s has 50 megapixels main sensor with f 1.6 aperture, a 2 megapixels depth sensor and a camera with no resolution. It looks like the third ai camera is used for the night shooting on the front panel, theres 8 megapixel selfie camera. There are many useful functions in the camera app. First, we can choose a shooting mode, such as short, video, video, ai camera beauty, portrait and super night in the ai camera mode. We can also use 50 megapixel mode in the video mode. We can choose video resolution from 720p, 1080p and 2k. However, i recommend you to shoot video in fullhd, because the image stabilization doesnt available in 2k resolution – another function in the video mode is bokeh effect. However, it is also available in 720p resolution. In the photo settings there is a picture says: delay capture, eye, autofocus, location level, custom volume, keys mode position, edit ai portrait, enhancer and others. In the video settings we can change video resolution use custom volume, keys edit the position of modes and restore default settings now lets take a look at the sample photos. You know it was very cold and cloudy when i was testing the camera of infinix hot 11s. Because of this, the photos dont have as rich colors as they could be in a sunny weather. Anyway, we can see that images have very good details: Music Applause, Music.

You know the front camera takes very good selfies. I am very surprised by the night photos of infinix hot 11s, although i dont see much difference between the pictures in standard camera, mode, 50, megapixels mode and super night mode. All of them look very nice Music Applause. Music, Music, Music. As i already said, you can shoot a video in full hd and 2k resolution. To be honest, i didnt find information about image stabilization, but i think it is available only in 1080p resolution. The video in 2k looks more shaky for me. Do you agree, Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, so Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, big? So i think ive told you everything about infinix, hot 11s, smartphone and now lets summarize. First, the smartphone has a very affordable price, only 140 dollars. It is one of the main advantages of this mobile device. I think it would be difficult to find a similar smartphone for this price. Then infinix hot 11s has a nice display with a diagonal of 6.78 inches full hd plus resolution and a 90 gigahertz refresh rate. It is really big and good quality for watching videos and playing games. Talking about games, the performance of the new infinix smartphone is also decent. There is heli g88 chipset in the mobile device. It is good for playing most android games, including changing impact pubg, mobile and others by the way, a user interface of infinix smartphone isnt you for me, and there are many useful functions.

For example, i really like a power marathon here we can see a remaining battery life as well as enable power boost and ultra power. Saving infinix hot 11s also has a cleaner to quickly clean the memory and speed up the smartphone as a game zone to improve the performance in games. The camera is another highlight of the new infinix smartphone, even in my cloudy weather, the mobile device looks very good for us, i think, in a sunny weather the pictures will be amazing. I especially like the camera in low light conditions. The photos at night are very good quality. This is awesome for 140 dollar smartphone. The battery of infinix hot 11s is also good. It has almost 10 hours of screen and time and two hours of full battery charge. It is not surprising, but not bad. For the budget smartphone, you know i have found only one drawback, an infinix hot 11s smartphone. There is no ultra wide angle camera. I am very used to this function and the smartphones without a wide angle. Camera looks strange to me. However, it is not a big problem and i would really recommend buying this smartphone tomorrow we will post a video about another new smartphone in phoenix hot 11 play and you should never buy it. Thank you for watching hit the like button and subscribe to our channel tag.