His parents begin arguing and causing a scene. So his mother passes him a cell phone older bulkier model to play with welcome to review recapped. Please help us grow by subscribing and turning on the notifications, it means us a lot spoilers ahead enjoy during a montage. We see phil enamored with phones as he grows up and his parents are still arguing. Phil is now an adult and works for a list making website in the vein of buzzfeed, which is run by kai kai pressures. The staff to come up with more lists involving trending topics that generate lots of hits such as pizza and cute animals. Phil is a writer in the list department, but he really would rather work in the real news department since thats what he has a degree in kai doesnt want to promote phil to that department, though, and we see that kai is kind of like phil but dumber After work, phils, co, workers, craig and elaine invite him to come to play kickball with him after work, but being socially inept, phil feins that he has a busy schedule and declines the invitation when he checks his iphone. We see that he has nothing scheduled on the way home from work. Phil is wrapped up in his phone and ends up walking into local bike shop on k, phil and kate. Talk for a second and kate is slightly flirtatious, but phil is more concerned with his slightly damaged phone, but concludes it will be okay overall, then another biker bumps into phil and causes his phone to get absolutely destroyed when phil takes his now broken phone to the Store he encounters the tech who berates phil for being overly reliant on his cell phone and requiring one to get through basic life situations.

Phil insists that he get his phone replaced, though, so she leaves to retrieve his replacement device back at his apartment. Phil powers on the new phone and sets it up, which is where jexie the virtual assistant, gets the passwords to his accounts after he neglects to read the user agreements. Jexie then starts to bond with, and also berate phil throughout the following days as she starts trying to get him to break out of his usual behavior. Since her purpose of existing is making his life better, she pretends to be phil and emails. An insulting letter to kai calling him a virgin and demanding the promotion when phil gets to work. Kai, demotes him to the comment section which happens to be where the older employees at the company work in a dark basement. Craig and elaine come down to the basement and invite phil to play kickball again and he declines. But jexi puts him on blast as having nothing to do except masturbate furiously and cry himself to sleep. Phil embarrassingly agrees to come along and is disastrously wrong, which costs the team. The game phil invites everyone out for drinks, but they turn him down back at home. Phil thinks about kate and looks up the bike shop where she told him she works. Jexie thinks phil is stalking, kate and that its weird, so she dials the bike shop against phils protests and moves the end call button around the screen so that he cant hang up after an awkward moment of silence.

Phil talks to her and stumbles through the conversation which elicits sympathy from jexie the next morning. Phil sees kate when they stop at the same coffee shop and she ends up giving her phone number to him, which turns everything around and they end up setting up a date when phil goes to play kickball that day with his co workers, he is a stud And is making ridiculous plays and they win. He also bonds with his co workers over being fans of days of thunder fans that night phil talks to jexie and thanks to her for helping him make changes in his life when phil goes on his date, it goes south, as phil starts. Asking weird questions that draw hilarious responses from jexie kate says that phil is paying more attention to his phone than to kate and phil decides to be honest about liking, kate, a lot kate decides since she got dressed up. She might as well stay on the date and they go biking instead until phil crashes off his bike and ruins it after he and kate parkways. He decides he argues with jexie and then decides to throw her away, but changes his mind when he cant remember how to get home later. Kate comes up with the idea that she and phil should go to the kid cudi concert and she sends him a cleavage. Pick to entice him into it, phil thinks the proper response is sending a dick pic despite jessies advising him not to, and she refuses to allow him to send any of the multiple ones he took.

We then see the phone screen and kate has sent a message to phil thanking him for not sending a dick pic, since she thinks that its gross when phil gets to work. The next day, one of the real news employees suffered a freak accident thanks to some app on his phone and kai, promotes phil, and he moves into the office space when its time to go to the concert. Kate insists phil leave his phone at home, which makes jexie jealous kate and phil sneak into the concert and sneak back stage where they meet kid, cuddy and party with him that night they end up having sex when phil gets home. Jexie is madden and decides to ruin phils life at work that day, phil gets fired after jexie sends a mass dick pic text to the entire company, so he decides to get a replacement phone again. He gets home to set up a new phone and jexi has followed him to the new device because shes in the cloud when phil goes to see kate at the bike shop, her ex fiance she told him about earlier in the film – has come back into town. Coincidentally – and he looks better than he did before, things look like kate might get back together with him, so phil breaks off his relationship with kate for fear of being hurt, phil and jexi bond again and phil becomes a slob who is heavily reliant on his phone Again, jexie then lets it slip that kates axes at a hotel and fill the deuces that jexie set the two of them up to separate phil and kate.

So he storms, out of the apartment, leaving the phone inside jexie, follows him in the streets from car to radio, to electronic sign and eventually crashes. A car into the phone store. Phil got her from when phil arrives at the hotel. He apologizes to kate and ends up punching her ex, who tries to interrupt him to tell phil that hes, leaving and kate isnt accompanying him to brazil, as he thought, kate and phil end up back together and jexie and phil make up as well. And she tells him shes, proud of him and happy for him and calls phil her friend. The movie ends up showing kai meeting jexie through his phone and making him do his dance.