You can see here the components of the kit that were going to be opening in just a second. We have a tabletop tripod, a cell phone mount an led video light and more so were going to open it up and see what weve got so first things. First, the assembly actually comes in its own case, so this is great for both travel purposes and for storage purposes. If you dont want to keep the box lying around so were going to open it up here. So, firstly, included is a user manual and conveniently theres an item listing page that shows all of the components im going to show you those one by one. So first things: first, we have the microphone which is right here. Next we have the cold shoe adapter, which is right here, and then we have the wind sponge, which is right here. Next we have the windshield, which is right here and just a side note. This is really soft. Next, we have the phone cable and the camera cable, which are right here and right here. Next, we have the charging cable for the led video light, which is right here, included in a little sealed, baggie, so im going to open that up real fast and it even has a little velcro strip around the side here so that its easy to fold up And put back into the case next we have the phone holder, which is right here.

Next we have the removable extension pole and the mini tripod. So those are right here and right here and last but not least, is the led video light, which also comes in its own sealed baggie, here, im gon na open that up right now it has its own little rubber protective sleeve on the outside weve got the Light here itself and the connection here at the bottom, which is actually very similar, looking to the light that im using right now so next im going to go through some general usage steps here in the manual at some points, i will show you the images that Are inside of the manual so that you can pause and see what it will look like for yourself? First things: first, we have the setup process. The steps are as follows: install the extension pole hole for extension, adjust the height mount the tripod with the phone holder mount the led video light mount the microphone connect, the cable and setup done. So let me show you what these images look like here and you can pause so that you can get a longer look at the steps and then next im going on to some general notices. It says that the cable for the camera is trs to trs. You can connect your camera or the microphone on either side for the cable to phone. It says that you connect the trrs side in grey to your phone and then you connect the trs side in black to the microphone.

So in general, you put the grey end of the cable into the phone and the black end into the microphone. Next. It says that if you are using an iphone 7 or above that, you need a lightning to 3.5 millimeter adapter, and it also has an image of what that will look like. So again, you can pause if you want to get a closer look at these instructions. Here and then, additionally, if you want to use this product with a camera instead of a smartphone, there are a few steps here for that as well. It says that you would first mount the microphone and then mount it on the cameras, hot shoe and then install trs to trs cable with four camera labels. So once again, im gon na show you what that image looks like now that weve gone through the guide. Im gon na set up this assembly for myself and see how it works, so i have finally vanquished the setup procedure. It took me about 30 minutes to figure this out, and luckily the product page has a couple really good setup tutorial videos that i would 100 billion recommend that you defer to because there was a lot of cussing off camera. But here is the final product all i have left to do is plug in the charging cable to the led light itself. Im opting not to use the windshield at the moment, because theres no reason here and i think that the wind sponge alone should be good.

But give me a moment just to plug the cable in and were gon na, see how this all works right now, my cell phone is strapped into the tripod, but i have not yet plugged in the microphone, because i wanted to give you a baseline idea of What the audio sounds like before the microphone is added, so im going to say a sentence from back here: im going to say that same sentence a little bit closer to my phone and im, also going to make some noises out loud. That might make their way into your video just some normal tapping, scratching things like that, and then i will repeat those same steps with the microphone and see if theres, a notable difference. So first things. First, i like pancakes, but i enjoy waffles more and then im gon na get real up close and personal here and im gon na say the same sentence. So i like pancakes, but i enjoy waffles more and then now, like i said, im just gon na. Do a couple tests of normal sounds that might make their way into your videos, so some desk scratching some knuckle cracking some tapping on the keyboard, some turning of pages Applause. The microphone is now plugged in. So, as i mentioned before, im going to say the same sentence from back here, i like pancakes, but i enjoy waffles more. I like pancakes, but i enjoy waffles more and now im gon na.

Do my noise test Applause so now im going to evaluate the lighting component of this product in the back? There is a small power button that you press and hold for a few seconds to get the light to turn on and as of right now, youre looking at the lowest possible brightness setting. What i really enjoy about this light is that it is a bi color, led light, meaning that theres a grid of white, followed by orange all the way down, and i can actually maybe get that frame of reference in my glasses. There you go. I will also put an image on screen from the product page so that you can kind of see better what im talking about so now, im going to go up by one notch at a time so that you can see from the lowest to the highest. How bright this light gets and just as a disclaimer, this very tiny led light, does pack a very strong punch so as im going one notch at a time, you should be able to see that the brightness against my face is changing and at this point were Getting close to the maximum, i dont think i would ever have a reason to use it this bright unless i was somewhere far across the room, and i really wanted that light to hit my face. But here is the maximum and even at this highest maximum. I dont think that this is an unflattering level of brightness because of the fact that it is a bi color light with a lot of other lighting that ive used.

When you do go up to the maximum. I tend to look very pale, but because of the fact that this has that orange color also built in even at the brightest setting, i dont look like a vampire, so thats, one big plus overall. I think this product is a great investment. If you need a portable tabletop tripod, as i mentioned, it is compatible with both a camera and a cell phone according to the instructions. So it is multi purpose. If you are a content creator, or even an average person that does most of the video recording on a cell phone, i think that this is a great way to have stabilized videos and a compact setup, and i think its great that the microphone and the light Are separate because it gives you the flexibility to use this product, for whatever purpose you may need, maybe its just the microphone 4 podcast, maybe its just the led light for hands only crafting video, maybe its everything. But if you want to check out susiflotos vlogging kit for yourself, i will have the link in the description below while youre down there. I would really appreciate if you subscribed, im trying to make the 1000 sub milestone by this summer and feel free to check out my other product review videos theres a full playlist linked below as well.