Obviously vlogging is a huge part of life. When it comes to a lot of content creators. You know i watch a lot on youtube. Ive got a lot of friends that are vloggers and its not exactly cheap. You know you can spend a small fortune on vlogging equipment. Even if youre going to be using say, i dont know your contract phone or an iphone or a samsung phone or anything really it becomes expensive. So a vlogging on your phone is perfectly acceptable. You know its easy, because you can record straight from your phone and upload it straight for your phone instead of doing it like a dslr camera like we are now. I have to transfer to that to this to that, to that, and you know its a pain if you want to be a basic blog, a vlogger or a successful blogger. You know if you do everything on your phone. All your tools are right there, but vlogging equipment gets kind of pricey. You know your stabilizers, your tripods, your lighting, your microphone. It gets a little bit weird, so today were looking at the vlogging kit, and this is a universal vlog Music. So guys this is what were taking a look at, and this is the universal vlogging kit, and this is the filmmaking kit for mobile phones. So this is going to allow you to get the best of the best of the best when it comes to vlogging. From your mobile phone has everything we need its got tripod its got the tripod head, its got, the phone stand, the light, the microphone and all the accessories.

So this is what were taking a look at today, so were going to get this unboxed see what weve got inside and were going to go through each of the bits of a kit individually and see what were working with so well do that now. So here we have it, we have the kit, so were going to get all this out and then were going to go through all the bits individually and see pretty much what were working with so im going to get it all out now. So here we have all the bits that is going to allow you to have the best vlog and experience so were going to start with the small things and work our way up. So im going to start off with the tripod and the head so were going to look at the tripod first, so this is a basic size tripod. You cant adjust the size of this. You can only adjust the way it sits on the desk or on the area, but it also allows you to have a good grip of it. So if you are holding your phone, its not going to come off your hands its not going to slip, theres plenty of grip there, so on the side there we do have the com we do have the company logo and what looks like a small amount of Carbon fiber, which allows it to be extra light, and then we do have some small port holes, which is showing the silver thats just behind it.

That does really look incredible now on the side. Here we do have a clip here. So if you want to click that onto anything on your bag and then we do have a basic screw thread which is going to be for the head of the tripod now the legs on the tripod do come out relatively quite a lot there. So you do have quite a high pitch if you do want this lower. All you have to do red button on the on the bottom. Click that in and the legs do come out further to allow it to leave closer to the desk, which is really nice. I do like that, depending on what you want to actually do and what you want to record so with this. It allows you to get closer to the floor closer to the area that you want, so it gives you full maneuverability and then you simply just close. It back up and the red switch inside clicks back, so the legs dont come out all the way again so that i do like so we have the head of the tripod as well going on here. Nice company logo there with a red sticker making it stand out that little bit more and then we do have another thread on the side there. When the camera wants to focus, we have another thread on the side there, which is allow you to add a extra accessories or anything like that extra lighting extra microphones, all that good stuff.

Then we have a thread on the bottom, which is going to allow us to screw into the bottom of the tripod. Youve got two bits of rubber on the top and the bottom as well to allow it to get that smoother fit, and then we also have the gimbal at the top, so a little uh ratchet on the side there. So if i unscrew this, this is going to allow me to have full maneuverability over the head here. So we can move that around just like that. So, depending where you want your phone to sit, you can just have that on there and then you can tilt it, move it around depending on what site type of angle youre on. So it does give you full maneuverability of that as well. So it even tells you all the the designs there so what its going to fit, what it has the ability to fit. So we do have a port on the top here, which is going to be for your microphone, which is going to sit inside of that. As well as one on the bottom as well, so that can slide in also so we do have a screw thread on the back of this, as well as on the bottom, depending where you want this to stick. So if you want this either to go like that, so depending on what type of shot youre getting you can do so and then you can utilize that one to do anything you really want.

So if we were just going to use this in the conventional way of where the phones gon na sit, i can just pop that, like that and there we go im done and dusted. But if i want my phone to be sideways, obviously i can just tilt that down like that, and i can just have it that way as well, so you do have full maneuverability of when it comes to this tripod as well as this now it looks a Bit weird of how to actually get this open because it doesnt look like you can, but this little red button here. If i click that there we go boom straight away, thats open! I can now slide my phone in there click it in and then just slowly close that down. We have rubber feet on both sides of uh of the mount, as well, so its not going to damage your phone or device in any way, shape or form, and that i really do like so were going to pop that on the one side and were going To have a look at some of the other stuff: now we have one of their lights as well. These are very generic lights that you get with these sort of companies. A lot of vlogging equipment does come with this, so you do have the basic stand on the bottom and your screw thread, so you can clamp it down and then we also have a thread in the bottom.

So, even if you didnt want to use it with this device, you could use it with any other device that allows you to use that type of thread. Now, on the top the sides of both sides, we also have more mounting hardware. So if you want say your microphone on there, so this is the clip for the microphone that can clip on the side or the top or the other side. So you do have full maneuverability of that as well. You can you dont just have to use it with a single position, so we do have a few things, so we have the logo going on there, as well as this being magnetic, which is also nice to see lcd screen. We have a usb type c port, as well as the on off switch, so im going to turn this on. So we have the light here, so ive just turned it on there. So we have the lcd screen on the back here on on the left. It shows you the settings so on the left. Here there is a total of 20 seconds so at the moment im setting 15, which is just a solid white, and then i can change that by the ct on the left hand side here i can change the settings on that side and then ive also got The dimmer on this side, so i can turn that up as you can see on the lcd screen its currently at going up to 100 and then, as you can see the light there.

But if i flick the ct switch, it changes so currently at flashing uh ambient colors, and you can pretty much change all the way through all 20 seconds and you get a full variety of different types of colors, whether that just be straight white, light or blue Light purple orange youve got a full load going on there as well, so that is also going to help for your vlogging if you want different color effects, so this is really going to come in handy, so we also have the microphone uh holder right here. So, like i was saying before, youve got a mount on the side here which can connect to the side light on the side of the tripod and then it simply as the microphone just sits into the center there, and that just clicks in like that. So it is very nice to see – i have to admit so, when its clicked into here its going to be extremely secure, theres rubber pads on the inside as well so its not going to damage the microphone if it perhaps to slip or anything like that. So that is also very nice. I have to admit very nice, very nice and secure. We do have a few different cables going on here, so we do have a usb to micro, a usb to type c thats going to be for charging the light, and then we do have two uh braided cables here. So we have.

We have a aux cable from the microphone to a camera, so thatll be a dslr camera and then we also have one from the microphone to your phone and they are labeled with the little phone icon, as well as the camera icon, which is also nice to See so we do have a wind filter going on here and inside this wind filler is also a pop filter, so that would be your pop filter there. But there is also one inside here as well, so thats going to mean it instead of just using that its going to allow you to have the pop filter for that better sound quality, as well as the wind filter as well, which is really nice, and it Is a large size, its definitely going to deflect a lot of that winds, because, obviously we know vloggers a lot of the vloggers do record outside. So i have to admit it is really nice as well as the microphone. The very the microphone is an ac m1 video microphone. It is very small and very form factor, and i guarantee it will perform a very very nicely, and that also comes with just a standard pot filler, which goes on just like that, which also looks very nice. So ive got it all set up. Ive got my phone here. Microphone on the tripod im. Just gon na go get my adapter, so i can use one of the cables and what were going to do is were going to swap over the phone right now.

So guys, im using the microphone that actually came with this set, which is the universal vlogging kit and im, also using the tripod the mount and also the phone holder, and afterwards say it is extremely easy to hold its easy to move around theres. No sorry about the camera, theres no issues moving it around and then even if i do get say a little bit bored and i just want to put this say – click that put that down there and then all i can really do. I can turn that up, lock it in place and there we go im now talking to a perfectly steady tripod. Now this really does add so many features like worse comes to worse. If the lighting gets low. I can pop that on. If the wind starts picking up and im outside, i can put the wind filter on so you know its easy ive got everything set up. This is my voice. You can hear right now is coming through this microphone, its really simple to use and then, as soon as you want to get back up, just move the legs unclick. It rotate and youre back youre good to go and now im back vlogging im. Seeing what i need to say – and the kit really is amazing – it really is simple and, like i said, the accessories are built so so well and so high quality. I have to admit im surprised ive not seen this before so this smartphone video vlogging kit allows you to get the best of the best of the best when it comes to vlogging.

So this has been designed for social media influencers, photographers journalists, travelers and also vloggers. This kit does support a ton of phone usages scenes such as daily vlogs online course, teaching youtube tick, tock and instagram, video shooting, podcasts and so much more so the r2 micro rgb led light is compact in camera, rechargeable light and the brightness can range between zero To 100, allowing you to have color temperatures from around 2500 to 9000k and the battery capacity of the rgb video lighting is around about 2 000 milliamps and allows you to run time for over two hours on the highest brightest settings. So it does come with a compact microphone designed to enhance the audio quality of your videos. So it comes with a heavy duty. Cardio pointer, the pickup area is contracted in the front of the microphone which can be clearly and accurately recorded to target the sound, and this allows it to be efficiently reducing the background noise. So the pc one phone clip is high quality solution of mounting a smartphone onto a tripod. It features a cold shoe mount for easy connection of the microphone and other accessories and also comes with two quarter. Inch thread attachment points allowing you easy manable for the tripods and the grips in a variety of orientations. A quarter inch screw two holds at the cameras and camera accessories. It is suitable for mounting 56 millimeter to 86 millimeter wide angle phones, so the b1 mini head.

Also allows the head to move freely in all directions required, so a slot allows the header to tilt around 90 degrees in one direction connecting to seamlessly to the t2 tripod for handheld or tabletop use. The t2 tripod is rugged. Two positions: ball, head tripod for mounting cameras, microphones and all your other accessories. You may need for the best vlogging experience now. If you do want to up your vlogging game, i suggest you head down the links in the description and click on the link that can send you directly to the website. So you can improve your vlogging career and allow you to get the best of quality for such an amazing price. Now that was an interesting video, because there was a lot of this. I liked im personally, not a vlogger, but a lot of the vlog equipment. I use on a day to day basis um. I have to admit, though ive not, i dont, think ive had a kit that is kind of built like this, like with the everything is built perfectly for how i personally would like it. You know theres theres, a button for everything, theres, a dial for everything and everythings, just secure and in its place, and its just built to like the quality alone is unbelievable. I have to admit, like normally, when im doing a review ill be like right yeah. So i like this, but i dont like this and you know theres always that person in the comments section below thats, a promotion, video hes, talking rubbish.

But ironically, when i do my reviews, if i dont like something im, gon na tell you i i dont like it im, not a personal vlogger, i do youtube videos and tick tock and all that rubbish. But i have to admit, the kit is incredible: the build quality is incredible. The microphone is to my knowledge, is amazing for the price range this is going for. This is everything you physically need to start a vlogging career. If youve got your phone, youre 50 done grab yourself this kit and you have everything you have your tripod, your mount, your phone mount your cables. You have your microphone, you have your light. You have your pop filters, you have your wind filters, theres! Nothing else! You physically really need so if you could pop this into a bag and youve got your phone thats, pretty much youve done. Youve got all the equipment you need. The microphone comes with different types of stands: youve got your pop filter going on there, and it also sends you this very nice. Wind filler, which also has a pop filter built inside, which is even better youve, got all your cables. So if you want to use your phone or if you want to use a phone to microphone or camera to microphone, youve got that option as well and its just its just incredible like the little gyro stand that goes on top of your tripod. You can use this with your smartphone holder, which is also obviously also provided, or, if you want to put this on the bottom of your camera, you can do.

Youve got also extra extra thread sizes on the side on top of the camera. On top of the microphone, so you can add more and more accessories. They really have thought of everything, so i just want to thank them very much for sending this product over. You really have you know. This is a game changer for one. It is a huge game changer i have to admit, but thanks very much for sending this over. This really is a credit to what you have done. The build quality is unbelievable, so i definitely have to recommend that so for you guys watching if you do want to go check this out for yourself and be part of the vlogging community and actually start vlogging for yourself hit down the links in description hit on The link go over to the website and go check them out. You will not be dissatisfied. This really is a credit to vloggers. So thank you very much for sending over, but in the end of the day. Thank you very much for watching guys at home. If you do want to like share and subscribe and hit the notification bell, so you dont miss out on any of the further videos, possibly more vlogging videos as well as do so. If you do grab one of these and you need any help whatsoever drop down.