We have tried to include in depth information on new smartphones in our video, which will be enough to fulfill all of your needs. All of them are maintaining their features, prices, quality, durability and reputation of the manufacturer and real customer feedback. If you want to buy a used smartphones, we think this list will be very worthy to you. Now lets get started with the video Music at the first position of our list. We have iphone 11.. The iphone 11 may has soared past its second birthday, but there is no reason why you should dismiss it. For that reason alone. The iphone 11 still has plenty to offer, including a long battery life. A large oled display and the power of the atherteen bionic is only outmatched by the iphone 12s and 14 bionic and iphone 13 to 15 bionic apple doesnt sell any refurbished iphone 11 models, though it will sell the more expensive iphone 11 pro and 11 promax. If you have the cash to spare while buying from apple guarantees, you will get a device in perfect working order. You wont be saving that much money in the process. Third party vendors, like swapa and amazon, have the phone for as little as 370 dollars, while those devices arent guaranteed to be in perfect working order. The second hand stores do still have standard protections for buyers, including refunds. If you get something that wasnt as described, and even if youre not ready to buy the iphone 11 right now, you can only expect these prices to keep dropping now.

The iphone 13 is here. Moving on to the next and number two with samsung galaxy s20 samsung is now one for making huge changes from one flagship to another, so youre not going to miss out a lot by opting for the galaxy s20 instead of the newer shinier galaxy s21. You might miss out on the continuous streaks and tanks optical zoom, but you still get a 120 hc refresh rate and all the other classic samsung features so reverse wireless charging, 25 w fast charging, 5 gs60 4mp telephoto lens and the same one ui youll find on Samsungs other devices it doesnt have a headphone jack, but you cant have everything. The best part is that the phone is powerful enough, that youll be able to keep hold of it for a long time and new enough that you dont have to worry about losing access to crucial android updates right away. The number three position is held by samsung galaxy note: 20.. The galaxy note range may be on its final lex, but that doesnt mean the note 20 isnt, a very capable fablet. The s pen is bundled into the box and the device jam packed with productivity features and software from the brand new notes app to wireless to x, projection. The note 20 may have cost close to one thousand dollars when it launched, but competition from the flash year. 1200, galaxy s21 ultra means it has had some significant price cuts over the past year.

In fact, some used models are available for half the original cost. Other phones may have better cameras and more long lasting batteries, but the note 20 cant be beat when it comes to pure productivity, which arguably makes it more useful than some other flagships. Next number 4. We have google pixel 5.. The google pixel 5 has a lot going for it, but it always felt overpriced for what it was. Thankfully, the launch of the much more impressive, pixel 6 means the price has started, dropping and will likely continue as people start to offload their older devices. While the snapdragon 760 5g may seem underwhelming, the pixel, 5 still packs and a lot of great features theres. The 90 hc display a solid 9 and a half hour battery life and an incredible camera, with a new ultra wide lens, plus theres, all the usual software and camera features that makes the pixel range so popular, which includes first access to the latest android software updates. The number five position is held by oneplus 8. oneplus produces some fantastic phones, though they certainly release a lot of them, which is why, picking up last years, oneplus 8 is always worth thinking about. With the oneplus 8t and oneplus 9 series on sale, you can expect to find a device for a lot less than it would have cost you this time last year. Not only does oneplus throw in an incredible display fast charging 5g and a powerful snapdragon 865 processor.

You also have one of the best batteries lives. We had seen at the time of testing. On top of that oxygen. Os has proven itself to be one of the cleanest versions of android. You can buy the camera isnt the best, but you can still produce some quality snaps, especially if youre in low light conditions which can put the pressure on any phones camera sensor, while the cheaper one plus nord series might be more appealing to some. They do still make plenty of compromises. The oneplus 8 might be over a year old, but its still flagship through and through the number six position is dominated by iphone se. The iphone sc 2020 is already a great value phone, but picking up a used model means you can save even more on apples, cheapest iphone over one hundred dollars is youre lucky, which is pretty good for a phone that only costs ‘9 dollars when its brand new. You can an iphone 8 inspired design, but with some of the same hardware as the iphone 11 theres, the powerful f13 bionic processor wireless charging, a 12mp camera that uses computational, photography to great effect, water resistance and a solid nine plus hours of battery life. Based on our testing moving on to the next at number, seven with google pixel 4a. Now that the pixel five has arrived, the google pixel 4 is starting to drop in price, which is pretty impressive, considering it only costs 349 dollars when brand new, while it doesnt have 5g wireless charging or water resistance.

It still manages to do just about everything else. Pretty darn well, of course, if youd rather have a larger display and 5g connectivity to boot, then maybe you should consider the pixel 4 or 5g. Instead, its more expensive and used models are much harder to come by, but it gets you the same. Pixel 4 experience, plus a little extra. The number 8 position is held by iphone x. The iphone x has been making waves for almost two years now and apple. Just added this 2017 model into its refurbished resale program youll be able to grab iphone xs for about hundred sixty nine dollars, but you could do better if you go for phone swapping sites such as glider swappa. These sites sell the iphone xs for four hundred. Seventy nine dollars to six hundred nineteen dollars depending on the version now these phones may not always be in perfect condition but second hand. Retailers are able to provide some form of protection, such as refunds for defective phones or when the phone doesnt work as described. However, do note that the price can fluctuate and appreciate, as time goes by, the price is correct. As of the articles publish date. Next, at number nine we have samsung galaxy s9. Another frontrunner from samsung the samsung galaxy s9 is a decent option for secondhand smartphones and you cant go wrong with purchasing this model. It may not be as powerful as the sten series, but its still more than enough to give all the other smartphones here.

A run for their money. Whats interesting here is that stores, like best buy, will sell brand new products at the price of a secondhand model. So youre guaranteed great savings regardless. Finally, the number 10 position is dominated by samsung s8.