I just got it its actually called the wireless lavalier microphone so but ive already unboxed it. So i just want to show you what it looks like. This is the carton. This is how it came. This was how it came. So this is what we have written on it 0.009 seconds, ultra low latency 10 hours, long walking, ive not tested it. For that long anyway, because i hope it works so that long then smart noise, cancellation, real sound reception, sound and picture synchronization, this recording im doing at the moment, is with this phone. So when i do when i plug in the the transmitter and the the microphones, i will do another video recording so youll be able to test and confirm if the audio quality is satisfactory to you or not whats. As for me, based on my own test, im quite satisfied, so it has a type c port, its a type c port type. So let me show you: it comes with two microphones. This is one, and this is another one. Then this is the transmitter. The type c transmitter this is it type c transmitter and you have a charging cable here, just a small one anyway, so you have to connect your own charger to it, but this is much type c: cable for charging the mics, the two mics thats. What you need to charge so ill pause, this video right now and connect the microphones then continue the video so that you can confirm if the audio quality is as okay as the normal phone recording or even better than it.

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