. It is called infinix hot 11s. You can watch it by the link in description. I also have another new smartphone from infinix company and it is even cheaper than the previous smartphone. I have tested only 120 dollars. You know it is called infinix hot 11 play and i thought it was a gaming smartphone. However, it has very weak performance for 2022.. Overall, the smartphone has many flows and i wouldnt recommend buying it before we begin lets. Have you subscribe to our channel tech brothers and hit the bell icon to receive notifications about the new videos? Okay, if we have already started talking about games, lets begin the review with hardware benchmarks and games in infinix hot 11 play is powered by heli g35 processor. The manufacturer says that this is a gaming chipset, but i dont understand why? Because the performance in games is quite low by the way a smartphone is available in a single version, with 4 gigs of ram and 64 gigs of internal memory. As you can see, a maximum graphics in pubg mobile is balanced and fps is medium. You know the graphics is quite low and i think that this could be because of hd plus display resolution. We will talk about screen a little later. However. In general, it is quite comfortable to play pubg mobile on infinix hot 11 play smartphone the graphics in asphalt. 9 and call of duty is also weak, but performance is okay, Applause, Music, so Music, Music Applause, Music.

On the other hand, if you want to play heavier games on the new infinix smartphone, for example, changing impact, it will be difficult to do. Infinix hot 11 play runs, change in impact and thats very good, but its not comfortable to play the game always lags and glitches Music. Opening a chest is like unwrapping a gift: Music, hey. As for the benchmarks, infinix smartphone has only 117 000 points in antutu. I think it is a very low result, even for budget smartphone in 2022, for example, i tested infinix hot 11s yesterday. It is only 20 dollars more expensive than infinix hot 11 play, but it has 218 000 points in antutu in general. The performance of infinix hot 11s is much higher than infinix hot 11 play. You can also see the other benchmarks results of the new infinix smartphone. Music Applause keep talking about performance, a user interface looks pretty good, but the ups and menus open with a little delay. It is not a big problem. A user interface of infinix hot 11 play is xos 7.6. It is based on android 11 operating system. There are many useful apps, such as cleaner power, medicine, xos, family ups and even game zone. By this way, i run all the games before through the game zone. The smartphone even has some kind of widgets, such as tabs weather, used ram recent ups and hot news. However, you cannot change them overall, the interface is nice and it runs smooth now lets talk about display.

It is really big. 6.82 inches. However, the resolution is only hd plus, you know. The screen of infinix hot 11 play is even bigger than infinix hot 11s nfc, but that smartphone has a full hd plus resolution and a 90 gears refresh rate. I run the same videos on this mobile devices as you can see. Infinix hot 11s nfc has much better display. To be honest, i dont know why infinix hot 11 play has such a big display, but only hd plus resolution. I think it would be better to make a smaller screen 6.5 inches maximum talking about design infinix hot 11 play looks very similar to infinix hot 11s. The body is made of the same glossy plastic, but it is not slippery thats very important for such a big smartphone on the rear panel. We can see dual camera and flashlight in the center. There is a fingerprint reader. You know its been long time since i have seen a fingerprint scanner on the back of smartphone. The models in 2021 and vt22 have built in power button fingerprint scanner. To be honest, i dont like the way it looks. It is a little outdated, isnt it. However, the biggest problem and the main chain of this smartphone is micro, usb charging port. Are you serious? I had already forgotten about this usb standard and you are using it in a smartphone of early 2022., and this is a great shame from other side.

Infinix hot 11 play has 3.5 mobile, solid jack and thats a good thing for some people, but it also reminds me of the past when people use an audio jack for connection wired earphones in 3d 22, all the people use wireless earphones and they dont need an Audio jack, there is no speaker at the bottom of smartphone. You also wont find it on the top or back panel. In fact, thats more fun use an earpiece. As a speaker, i cannot say it is a problem because the speaker is very loud and pretty good quality. However, it is very unusual Music Applause, Music, Music. On the right side of the smartphone. There is a volume, rocker and power button. You know, i am surprised by dedicated slot for micro, sd memory card and this mobile device, so you can use dual sim and memory card at the same time. As for the comfort of use, the smartphone has a curved back panel and a scene body. It is made of glossy plastic and, unlike the glass it doesnt slip, thats very good, however, because of the big display, it is impossible to use a smartphone with one hand by the way, a camera module doesnt bump a lot from the rear panel, but the smartphone Is still wobbly talking about camera infinix hot 11 play has only 13 megapixels main sensor and a second ai camera on the rear panel, the manufacturer says that ai camera is used for magic portrait photos on the front panel, theres 8 megapixels camera in the camera up There are many shooting modes and functions.

You can use a slow motion, video and ai camera modes, beauty, portrait and ar shot by the way. A maximum video resolution is 1080p in general. The camera of infinix hot 11 play makes good photos and videos a day at night. Hey me, Music. It looks like theres even an image stabilization, because the video footage is quite smooth. However, i can get rid of the thought that there is only one 13 megapixels camera. I dont know how to use the second ai sensor. Well, other budget smartphones have too many 50 megapixels main sensor and wide angle cameras. Here we have only one 13 megapixel sensor: Music, Music. The battery should be the main feature of this smartphone, but it is not all the good here either. The battery really has a large capacity of 6000 milliamp hour Music, this Music Applause Applause, Music Applause. The battery life is very long, almost 12 hours and ‘ minutes. You can use a smartphone for two for even three days on a single charge. However, as i already said, infinix hot 11 play has only micro, usb charging port, the full battery charge took for hours and four minutes and thats very, very long for a smartphone in 2022, so infinix hot 11 play looks very controversial. I dont recommend to buy it because it has only hd plus display micro, usb charging port, a single 13 megapixels main camera, weak performance in heavy games and a very long battery charge.

However, there are some good things, such as a large screen, a very nice user interface with many useful ups and functions, dedicated slot for micro, usb memory card and a very big battery. In addition, the design and build quality are good for the budget smartphone anyway, i recommend you to add 20 or 30 dollars and buy infinix hot 11s. It has much better performance. You can play heavy games, such as junction impact, full hd plus 90 kilos of display 50 megapixels, a triple camera and 5000mah power battery with 18 watt plus charging support. What do you think about infinix hot 11 play? What do you play to be honest? I am still shocked by micro, usb charging port.