This is the samsung galaxy s. 21 fe 5g fe stands for fan. Edition. 5G, no kidding no surprise right. So last year the fe edition was really popular, reviewers loved it. I loved it. Apparently, a lot of you loved it because samsung sold a lot of them, so they decided they were going to do it all over again, with the refresh for the s21 line were going to look at it now. So the s21 fe is about eight tenths or maybe even more of everything that you get in a regular s21 line of phone, not the ultra, obviously but more like the s21 to the s21 plus, because the screen size here is 6.4 inches. So for those of you who are thinking about getting an s21, the smallest one, but because it was the cheapest, but you kind of wanted a bigger screen, then the fe starts to make sense just right there. You also get the same snapdragon 888 processor and you get either six gigs of ram with 128 gigs of storage or eight gigs of ram and 256 gigs of storage depending on well how much money you want to spend and how much you feel like you need. Youve got the usual, of course: dual band wi, fi, bluetooth, nfc, all that sort of thing, and you have 120 hertz, full hd, plus amoled display, which looks every bit as nice as s21 displays. There is one little difference there, though, and that said this is a 120 hertz, not variable refresh, unlike the other s21, so you either leave it at the factory default of 120 hertz or you can set to 60 hertz.

If you really want to conserve battery life. So again, yeah small things that are changed here. Unfortunately, the price hasnt shrunk that much compared to the s21 and thats one of the canoodles here its 699, and this is a lovely phone for the price here, but the challenges is, it came out later this time around, so the s21 family of phones are already Significantly discounted because typically in february is when we see the refresh so well probably see s22 is in february. So at this point, are you looking for a bargain alternative thats, not very bargainy? You know what i mean but theres more to look at and we will and now a shout out to our sponsor trend, micro and their premium security suite. So you know here i am im helping. You buy your phone, your laptop all that sort of thing, but what happens next and trend? Micros has a great service, so you get 10 device coverage with your year subscription fee. So you know its wonderful if your laptop is secure, but then your phone isnt, so youre still vulnerable on your tablet. You know this covers mac windows, ios android, all those things, your family thats, something thats pretty important to me. So you got your kids and you actually want to have make sure that their phones are safe too, not just from things like viruses, but also the phone app is very full featured. You can even do things like parental controls on it.

You can block certain apps. You can block certain websites and it does malicious website scanning and social network scanning too. So you know sometimes people tweet links that are totally not legit. You shouldnt be going there. It covers that as well and back on the pcr windows. You get things like ransomware protection to lock your folders, you have a free, vpn included and a password manager as well be sure to visit the link in the description to check it out for yourself and now back to our video. The phone is available unlocked if you want now its a dual sim carrier, but the firmware only allows access to sim one and all the major carriers are offering it its available in your choice of zingy colors. We have black, probably the least exciting, but probably also the most popular, but you can see the other colors that are available on screen too, and this is 5g, not just mid band 5g, but even millimeter wave, which is something the s21 cant say unless its the Verizon edition, because in the united states, verizons the one who really is making us a millimeter away, which is that ultra fast but very limited coverage kind of 5g. But now the att, the t mobile. All that sort of thing it has it, but its not going to be that much use, because most people arent actually in millimeter wave coverage areas but its there for future thinking. Folks, right, you have a usb c port.

You have no headphone jack. You have no micro, sd card slot, welcome to modern times with android phones or iphones too, and unfortunately, the s21 fe has joined the flagships in the trend to not have a charger in the box. So you got ta roll your own. The good news is, is it supports 25 watt fast charging and 15 watt qi wireless charging and it has power, share reverse charging too. So you can charge galaxy buds earbuds, you know whatever it is or watch and while you dont get the hefty discounts for being an early adopter and buying it, like you do with s21s, typically or even folds and flips. When they first come out, you can get a hundred dollars off the phone if you order it early on or you can get nearly free set of galaxy buds if thats something you would rather have. Instead, other amenities include a in display fingerprint scanner which works quite well. Facial recognition also less secure, but also very convenient and ip68 dust and water resistance. The build on this and the looks are quite nice. It feels quite light its 177 grams and light, but not too light not cheesy like. If you know what i mean the frame is metal its aluminum on this and the the back is glastic, which is a marketing term. Even samsung seems to giggle when they use it anymore, which means its a plastic that looks and feels sort of like glass, yeah im, fine with it, because you know what glass cracks easily plastic does not, and it looks pretty convincing to my eyes and its a Matte finish, which is nice, helps you keep a grip on a little bit better.

The cameras are almost what you would get with an s21 or s21 plus, so you have the same 12 megapixel main camera. You got the same 12 megapixel ultrawide camera and by the way you get optical image, stabilization on that main camera and a pretty fast lens as well. You can see the specs on screen right now, where you dont get as much is the telephoto lens its only eight megapixels, so thats lower resolution now honestly thats and you get 3x optical zoom and 30x space zoom for those of you who like to go for The perv shots, you know peek through windows, okay, no im sure theres legitimate uses for that too. But anyway i it looks surprising. You got the telephoto camera despite the relatively low resolution, but if you pixel, peep or zoom in a bit more, you will see less detail compared to the full s21 models. No surprise there. Now the front camera is actually a spec bump up its 32 megapixels, which is really high for a front camera right and significantly higher than the s21 family. It looks a little better, but not a huge amount better, but its there for you, along with 4k video recording on the front camera and, of course, on the rear and all the bells and whistles that you get with the s21 in terms of software features. Are there too so yeah youre not slumming for cameras? This is quite nice, its every bit as good for the most part other than that telephoto lens sharpness as the s21 and the s21 plus again.

Obviously, the ultra is in a whole different category. That one has the monster cameras and the monster price tag in terms of performance, its the snapdragon 888, so youre, looking at the same performance level as the s21 line, although youll be getting a bit less ram, depending on the configuration you go with and who youre. Comparing to in the s21 lineup, but i think for most people its fine, i didnt have any problems with android 12 on this and one ui 4.0 feeling sluggish or having applications reload a whole lot and i even played genshin impact and that played pretty well too. I saw a little frame stuttering, but really nothing. I mean thats a pretty heavy game, so it was fairly smooth on that the sound on this. Well, you do get stereo speakers with dolby atmos support and theyre. Okay, theyre, not amazing, but it is a fairly small, thin phone. So how much audio quality can you hope for? I suppose sorry, i hate to say for you, people who ate iphones, but the iphone, still kind of wins when it comes to smaller phones with big sounding audio. There. Battery is 4 500 million thats a pretty beefy battery for a relatively again by todays standard, small phone and battery life was quite good and standby times were quite good as well. No mystery draining. You know overnight any of that kind of behavior um. I had no problems getting through the day on a charge and i was taking plenty of photos and shooting some videos not hitting the gps too much, but doing all the things that we do with our phones today, streaming video messaging, you all that sort of stuff And a little bit of gaming too, but you know if you hit, if you hit the games a lot.

Obviously, the battery life will be shorter on this, but oh its very solid, i would say certainly so thats the samsung galaxy s21 fe 5g or fan edition its a fingerprint lover to be sure, but it is very grippy, but most of you will use a case. So, like i said its a perfectly nice phone for the price, its just coming out kind of at the wrong time and not enough of a discount to get people, i dont think as excited as they might have otherwise right. Im lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech videos, including the samsung galaxy s22 models.