A new model has appear on the market which enchants with its equipment in budget price range hotknife cyber9 pro – and we have it here today in review, so lets take a look. Lets start with unboxing cyber9 pro comes to us in this elegant black box, decorated with red letters in the box. Here is our phone well put aside now what we have here here. It is hotnet fast and volt charger, Music, usb type c cable. Then there is usb type c on 3.5 millimeter, headphone, adapter, Music and finally, there is a sim pin, Music. Okay, that was the contains of this box. Now we move on our smartphone. As you can see, the cyber9 pro have some sort of gaming design with some red details, but all with all those simplicity and perfection i like the direction hotnav is handing. They have a great design cellphones in all categories. The overall design of cyber9 pro is a bit different from the cyber 7, which we had recently on our review. As we can see, all four corners are wrapped in rubber than really protect your device during the fall, the frame is made of gray metal on both sides, which contributes to extra feeling of firmness in hand from the back. There is a glossy material in the middle that extends from the lens to logo. It is a plastic, of course, even though the back is made of rubber, it still makes a shiny feel on the side.

You have the sim card slot that can be directly picked out by hand and can be used from sim and the microsd card below it. We have this perforated placement to touch button that can serve us as a quick extra shortcut to activate some option or application in the mobile phone. On the opposite side, we have metal, perforated wall buttons in the middle. It is a power button and below. It is a fingerprint scanner at the base of the device we find usb type c port that is protected by a rubber plug from unwanted watcher entry. The cyber9 pro is a rigid phone. The durability of the phone is ip68 ip69k. Waterproof dustproof dustproof is definitely standard. It is also support shockproof, which ensures that there will be no damage, even if you drop it from a high place. The phone can ensure that you will not delay important things in harsh outdoor environment because of the damage on the phone, which is the most an important meaning of the existence of this cyber9 pro. The phone has a three lenses on the back: a 14 megapixel main camera, a 5 megapixel micro camera and a 2 megapixel blur camera. We dont expect some wonders for mirage phone cameras as long as this can capture object clearly, and we follow this requirement. The cyber9 pro does a pretty good job. To give you clear photos how it all looks. We will show you in few sample images, maybe the cyber9 pro there is also short video sample.

As for me personally, pretty satisfying for a ratchet phone so lets see what it looks like: Music, Music, Music after a set of sample images taken with the cyber9 pro we move on from the front cyber9 pro sports, a pretty solid 6.3 inch, hd plus display. That wont disappoint you, its also covered by the corning gorilla glass, 3 protection. It has a water drop notch on the top in which we find a 60 megapixel selfie camera with the face unlock function, sharp colors and white beavering angles, which are more than great for consuming visual content on youtube. In short, with the cyber9 pro, i will not say that this is the best screen, but the mid range category. You will get the best value for your. What you pay. A large and good quality screen suitable for media consumption. Whether you have are watching the video playing games or browsing the social media when it comes to specification, it is above average. The processor is the well known mediatek, helio p16 and the plus is eight gigabytes of ram. The biggest surprise is the 128 gigabyte of memory. In the fast ufs 2.1 standard, it is a realtor rate of this price level. Everything works smoothly under the control of android 11 os most of the applications run very quickly and thanks to the 128 gigabyte of storage, it will be suitable for installing any application. You need with the ability to expand by microsd card and for the multi sync.

Browsing between applications was smooth because of the equipment with 8 gigabyte of ram, which is more than enough for most the tasks that you can do with the smartphones, such as keeping many applications or games running in the background. In short, for multitasking, this phone will get you very positive experience. The cyber9 pro runs on talk android 11, which brings a better gastric navigation controls, dark theme and controls most of the features that come with the system, the most important of which is presence of all google services, making the smartphone experience smoother and more personalized. In sum, the performance of this phone is more than good as a mid range. Smartphone focuses on the daily use and playing games with the medium settings, and it is great with a set of specification and reasonable features such as a camera durability and design. Make it an interesting experience. One of the biggest surprises on the cyber9 pro is theyre, really huge, built in 7500 microphone battery. That allows you three to four days of use such as surfing or internet google youtube following social media or playing games. It can last up to 500 hours on standby. All in all, i can say that the battery was very good. It is durable as hell you can pay with the in the store. There is google pay and nfc. I will go as far as to say that is difficult to find anything better and a similar price tag on the market.

Best of all is the price hotness cyber9 pro is currently available for pre order on the banggood store. The price was set on the 1′.99 on this time of this review, so hurry up and grab a new cyber9 pro today, because this promotion wont last forever. The official sales links are below this video feel free to visit them.