, Well, actually, its not a new phone, its more of a version 2 or improved version. And Im talking about the Infinix Hot 11s NFC.. And I can tell you guys that the improvement is kind of big, especially on the design. Category. Lets go talk about it., introduction, music, So hi, guys, Im Richmond of Gadget Sidekick and welcome back to my channel., So weve seen the Infinix Hot 11s.. So weve seen its all new design.. They really changed it right Its like a major set up. And its biggest improvement. Is it doesnt? Have its fingerprint scanner here, anymore. Its here being a side fingerprint mounted and power button at the same time, which is like very in., Its first release when its just the Hot 11s, I said like its kind of left out too much. Its 2021 already, and you Still have your fingerprint scanner here. Its kind of left out., That design is way back 2019., Its really kind of old model old design.. Even for me, I dont, like it. Ill, have a hard time with that.. I would much prefer this. So Im. Holding right now is the 4GB of RAM 64GB of storage, model. And guys inside. This is the Helio G88 of MediaTek., So its more of a game, centric chip. And through the past months, MediaTeks improving the capability of this. In terms of gaming, its kind of okay.. It kind of stepped up as compared to the first release of the 11s.

. So to run you down on some of the benchmarks we got from this phone Infinix said it can get 238000 points.. It stated here on its official website., So based on our actual testing. Using AnTuTu v9.0.1, its only got 178000 points, which I think is 50000 points, short. Im not sure if they tweaked something on their score, but the actual is not anywhere near on what they reported on their website. 7000 points on AITUTU Benchmark., Its kind of low in Wild Life in the 3DMark test. 720 points is its score.. This is for you to see how good is its gaming capability.. One thing that I liked about it is that, though its a Php6999 phone, it has a refresh rate of 90Hz., So its kind of rare on those midrange or little below midrange price point to have 90Hz.. So since I told you that its screen refresh rate is 90Hz, I expect that its scrolling is smooth, especially on social media, watching some videos here.. I think its a lot smoother compared to 60Hz.. So this phone has a 6.78in screen IPS LCD with 90Hz screen refresh rate., Its touching sampling rate is 180Hz. And well. I can tell you what I like about. Infinix is its always got a big screen display being 6.7in or 6.8 or 6.9in those kind of sizes.. So since its screen is big, weve tried to watch some videos here.. I can tell you that its okay. Watching some videos and, of course on Netflix on YouTube.

, Though its Widevine security level, is only level 3., But its okay cause. You dont really expect too much from a phone at this price range. So watching videos. I can tell you that its nice, its smooth and though I put it out under the bright sunlight, it kind of had a hard time. Im, not quite sure how many nits is its max brightness., But I think its somewhere in the 400 cause. I didnt see anything on the official spec sheet., But I can tell you that indoors, its display is very nice and crisp. Lets talk a bit about the gaming capability of this phone Infinix Hot 11s NFC. Now, given its a Helio G88. So we put it on a test on Call of Duty Mobile.. These are the graphic settings that we got., Though its not that high. Its expected. And gameplay … At first. I maxed out all the max settings that this phone can handle., So it kind of had a hard time., Its like there are frame drops and it lagged.. So I kind of lowered its settings down.. So my experience got kind of smooth. So playing for roughly two hours. I can tell you that its okay. – You dont, really expect too much from this price range.. But overall I can tell you that its not bad if you are paying a Php6999 for a phone like this one., Its really nice I can tell you.. I can tell you guys that the Helio G88 at the moment is more or less optimized for gaming.

. So weve said that this one has NFC already.. So, since thats, what Infinix, Hot 11s NFC is showing, which is something nice to have if youre, outside the Philippines., So we still dont have NFC or Android Pay or Google Pay, wherein you will just tap your phones and youre paid already., Probably hopefully in the future. Maybe in our place, maybe 2 3 years down, the road maybe well eventually have those., Maybe soon. So lets talk about the camera of this phone. 50MP. Aperture f1.6 is its main lens. 2MP depth sensor. Then its got AI lens., So it makes triple camera lens.. So lets go check out the ability of the rear camera of this Infinix.. So we saw some shots that we got outdoors and indoors.. I can tell you that there are some shots that are okay. There are some shots that are not okay., So not all shots are okay on this phone., Probably because you know that its price is not really more of a camera phone but its more of a gaming phone.. So I can tell you that outdoor shots there are some are okay under good lighting. But indoors. There are some that are not okay, that much.. So hopefully they correct this on software or maybe give it a better lighting. So it gets some better shots indoors.. So it also has an 8MP front, selfie camera., So lets take a look at some shots. Okay.. With this one I got surprised.

In the front camera. I can tell you indoors outdoors. Its shots are okay.. So, given that, even if its lowlight on the front selfie shooter the shots that I got were okay., So we tried using it on Zoom and, of course, on Google Meet. The results are okay. Okay., Very bright., And I looked decent on its front. Selfie shooter, when having some video conferencing. So guys lets talk about its battery.. Its battery is 5000mAh.. We know that its the industry, standard, 5000mAh. And 18W is its charing speed., Not the fastest in the industry, and so we drained our phone down to 18. Then I charged it all the way up to 100.. We waited two hours and 18 minutes before it finished., So its kind of long, because its only 18W fast charging., I cant, even say its fast charging – cause its only 18W. To be able to be considered as fast charging. Maybe I think personally at least QC 3 or PD 3, wherein its 33W and up. Thats for me before I consider it as fast charge.. So one thing I liked about it is its got a durable battery.. It can withstand 11 hours and 20 minutes of endurance. Here in a whole day., So I tried this phone for two weeks in my hands., So I played with it and used it as my daily driver on the side., So social media watching videos playing some games. So starting 800 in the morning ending at 600.

In the evening, I can tell you that roughly whats left was 25 at the end of the day., So meaning its okay.. The battery is optimized in this.. It could last me through the day., But of course, if I continuously use mobile data and not wi fi, my battery will drain faster here on this phone., So guys. What is my verdict on this phone? The Infinix Hot 11s NFC. So I can tell you guys its a big step up and the price remains the same Php6999. And what I like about it is that its side, fingerprint scanner, is already updated and not on the back anymore. And its price is still somewhere there. On the Php6000Php7000 category. Because when you say Infinix for me as a consumer, my impression is that the phones of this are priced at around Php6000 or Php7000.. If youre pricing an Infinix phone at around Php9999, like the Infinix Note 11, I can tell you guys that its kind of expensive already for the brand of Infinix.. For me it has yet to earn my trust as a go to brand.. I think personally, if Ill be spending my Php10000, I might look for other brands like realme or Xiaomi., But maybe if my budget is Php6000, Php7000. Okay, yes Ill, consider Infinix as my next daily driver. And, of course this one. I would really recommend to you, guys.. The reason why I recommend it is its price is all right for it.

If youre going beyond that, Php8000 or Php9000, its kind of … Youve kind of upped the price a bit like the Note 11.. So guys. What can you say about this phone? Did it meet your expectations on this improved version of Hot 11s or not Comment on the comment section below. And if you like, this video dont forget to like subscribe and, of course, click that bell icon. So you dont miss any future videos here on my channel..