This is dr tech preacher. So a large population of people with smart phones, dont even use them to the full of his potential. Remember a smartphone is just not a phone to take pictures go on social media watch, videos and texting. A smartphone is a pc in your pocket, so i have a few lg devices here and im going to show you some things that going to blow your mind im going to show you desktop mode on the lg devices. So its going to be a good one. Sit back and relax and get your popcorn ready and follow me on this journey lets go whats up guys. This is er back with another video, so you pay hundreds or sometimes even thousands of dollars on a smartphone and you never use it for what is intended to do look. I have the lg v60 here very good device right, the lg wing, the lg velvet, the lg g8. All of these devices got whats called desktop mode. So let me give you a scenario: what, if youre out of town and youre in the scenario which you need a pc to get work done and you dont have a laptop or computer or even internet like wi fi? Well, the device you have in your pocket can handle that so check this out right im, going to show you two ways that you could connect your lg devices to a tv or monitor these devices is very powerful.

A lot of people dont even know about desktop mode. A lot of people believe that you need a laptop or computer to get work done. Thats not the case lets talk about it. First, with newer tvs, you have whats called hdmi or usb type c ports on the back of it. Well, thats, very simple: all you got to do is connect usb type c to usb type c to your monitor tv and boom. You got desktop mode, but if you dont have a usb type c uh to your tv, you could buy a module or you could buy usb type c to hdmi. I have this little module here that has so many ports on here. This right here is a desktop of his own right. You have uh hdmi, you got uh microsd support. You have usb support for mouse and stuff like that. So you can use something like this to get to take full advantage of hard drives and uh sd cards and stuff like that. So this is a very good module and i will leave this link down in the description below if you want to pick this up. So now you have the hdmi to usb type c plugged into your lg devices, now whats the difference between these devices theres some differences between the lg wings, the lg g8 and lg v60. For some strange reason, the lg v60 has been tweaked in software thats different from the rest, unfortunately thats the case, even though youre running android 11.

For some strange reason, lg has the lg v60 a little different from the rest, so lets talk about it, heres the difference between the lg v60 and the rest of the devices. The lg v60 could be used as a stand alone device in desktop mode without needing an external keyboard and mouse. The lg v60 allows you to use the device as a keyboard and mouse again. Unfortunately, these other devices will not work unless you have an external keyboard and mouse thats unfortunate, so looking at desktop mode, both of them work the same with some minor tweaks. Looking at the settings on the lg v60, you do have some differences there, but its very minor. So now we are in desktop mode whats. Next! Well, you now! You can use these devices as a computer opening up web browsers. I mean using applications to get work done, such as word document photo editing, video, editing, cloud, server, work and stuff like that, so you can use your lg devices to print documents right again using it as a real pc. Let me show you guys how you can print out from your lg devices to a printer, as you can see, im printing out a document from my lg device to a printer and im doing it all wirelessly right and its very simple to do so. All you got to do is just download the app and linking it to your smartphone of your perspective, printer and thats it everything you could do on your device.

You can print it from photos to documents and everything else in between now. If you want to sit back and play games on a bigger screen, you could do that in desktop mode. Look if you want to watch youtube videos on a bigger screen, you could do that in desktop mode. As far as performance look, these smartphones is made for that its crazy, how everybody wants a snapdragon 1000 processor, with 50 gigs of ram just to open up social media and take pictures or watch youtube videos. You know what, and i think people want all that power for bragging rights right, so they could tell people that they just spent two thousand dollars on the phone with 50 gigs of ram and 20 terabytes of storage right and dont even use the device for the Full of its potential just to open up social media just to watch youtube videos, look youre, not even using not even a tenth of the power in these smartphones. So bragging is one thing, but do you really use your smartphone Music, so heres? My conclusion right and heres some kinds we use in the lg desktop mode, even though you were getting android 11 on a bunch of devices desktop mode. Software is different across the board. Look like to me. The lg v60. Has the software thats really good kind of close to samsung dex? The lg v60 has the capability to do a lot of things that a lot of devices cant do, unfortunately, thats the truth in desktop mode, but the other devices you do have to connect a bluetooth keyboard and mouse to to make it work in desktop mode.

Next. Another kind, its wireless right, unlike the galaxy devices that has wireless decks, the lg devices requires a core to connect and most people, dont have long cores and adapters and usb type c to hdmi and stuff like that. So use the desktop mode. If youre, not at home, or something like that, its a lot of planning involved using desktop mode on lg devices overall use the device for what it can do. It has all this power in a smartphone use the device for what it can do. Think about this right, you paid for it, you might as well use it so using desktop mode on these devices is great right, especially if you want to get work done to on a bigger canvas, use your smartphone for what it is. These devices are so powerful. Look a lot of people like to brag or i need to get the 888 processor. I need to get 20 30 40 gigs of ram. I need to get two terabytes of storage. What you gon na do with it go on social media. Right watch youtube videos, utilize the device for what it is. The power in these phones is so its just groundbreaking powerful. So i wanted to make this video and talk about desktop mode on the lg devices again. This was another requested video for my lg folks out there. I wanted to show you guys how to use desktop mode on your lg devices.

This is like the tech preacher from easy computer solutions. Leave your comments down below. Let me know what you think about desktop mode on these lg devices.