Now today, weve changed the angle of the kitchen a little bit. So you have a very nice clean background over here, uh to all of you who are watching today hope youre having a great sunday, but today were here to check out a very interesting smartphone that i actually covered a couple of maybe weeks ago. Now. This is actually the huawei p50 pocket. Now, if you recall my previous video, i actually had a very brief hands on time with this very special device, but today im here to share with you more of my experience after having more time to check out the huawei p50 pocket. Now, first up lets check out the box itself of the huawei p50 pocket. This is how the retail box looks like it looks very simple and basic, but whats more important is what actually came in the box. Obviously we do have the device itself. It also came with a transparent case that is actually very easy to affix onto the p50 pocket itself. Very, very nice. Apart from that, we also get the 44 watt charger and, of course, the type c cable now thats. All that came in the box now lets talk a little bit about the huawei p50 pocket all right so this device here it is a very interesting device because uh in terms of the pricing, it is rm 599 here in malaysia for this wide variant that is Coming in with a storage of eight gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of internal memory, now, if you have more money that you want to spend on, you can go for the most premium version.

I think it comes in gold, its called the premium edition and its slightly more than 7000 ringgit. Now that device has 12 gigabytes of ram and 512 gigabytes of internal memory, all right, so just in terms of the design and all that, yes, i did mention previously that it is actually very small, uh notice that i do have my huawei p50 pro right here. So, side by side, you notice that theyre actually quite identical in terms of height when the p50 pocket is opened up, but when i flip it close, this is how small it is so in terms of the thickness levels. It is also quite slim when folded. I think its slightly more than 1.5 cm and yeah overall is just a very small and pocketable device. Once you flip the device closed all right, so now done with the sizing in terms of the design itself, we do have this kind of 3d kind of texture on the back panels of the huawei p50 pocket. If you just move your and glide your hand around it, its actually a very glossy slippery surface, but you can actually feel the texture on the back panels here. So i think it is a micro glass as huawei calls it. But overall it just looks very interesting here you do notice that it is quite reflective of the lighting surroundings around you. So if im in a very cool environment like now, it will look very white ish, but if im in a slightly warmer environment notice that it will look slightly more like goldish kind of color, so a very, very interesting kind of design here on the p50 pocket.

Now, im not going to talk too much about how the hinge works, because its quite simple and very straightforward. What i do have to point out here is that it is very easy to open and close the device with one hand, so im just gon na demonstrate to you right now, im, not sure if this is the right way of opening. You know those little readers are flipping the device like open like that, but it actually opens up very easily here all right. So now done with the hinge and all that lets talk a little bit about the display on the inside now on the inside. We do have a 6.9 inch oled display its a 2k display and it refreshes at 120 hertz. So everything is just buttery smooth in terms of your touch sampling rate. It is 300 hertz. So, yes, it is a very, very brilliant display in terms of colors wise. We do have support for one billion colors and in case youre wondering what the aspect ratio is with this design. It is actually a 21×9 aspect ratio. That means, if youre familiar with, how the way movies shows up in the cinemas. That is actually the kind of aspect ratio that you will get. So that means you can watch it in the full screen over here and it gives you the most immersive experience now, if you are watching normal youtube videos, like the videos that i put out, you will see that it is a 16 by nine ratio.

That means you will have quite a fair bit of black bars on the left and right corner so thats, just in terms of the display overall im very, very pleased to say that this display is one of the best displays again that huawei is giving us, although It is a foldable display, but in terms of the contrast levels in terms of the saturations in terms of just the sharpness, it is a joy to watch content on the huawei p50 pocket. Now some of you might be wondering how does it work with the crease and all that, honestly speaking? Yes, you can still see the crease if you move the device at a certain angle. I found it the most obvious whenever i have like a totally blacked out wallpaper at the back so thats when you can see a little bit more of the crease. But, honestly speaking, if you are buying this device, you dont really care so much about the crease and all that people who buy this device really does care about the entire fashion uh, the design of the huawei p50 pocket and all that they dont really care about. The crease so thats, something that i found out from people who buy other foldable phones now done with the interior display lets talk a little bit about the exterior display and its called the smart cover display now over here. You can actually show a couple of quick shortcuts, which i think is fairly useful.

If you just double tap on the exterior display, youll be able to see the time you drag down from the top youll be able to access your notifications, youll be able to see your messages. Miss calls – and the good thing about messages here, is that it can support emoji, so thats really good as well. If you just slide across youll be able to see the shortcut for the camera, you can also go into your weather widget. It can also go into your calendar, widget, so theres a couple of things there not too many actually but a few useful widgets that you can actually have quick access directly on the external one inch oled displays now. I found the screen cover here, especially useful for taking selfies, because you get to use the main sensor to take pictures of yourself whenever you dont have anyone to help you take photos. It just works great here and its so clear and its very, very good quality. Now, on that note, lets talk a little bit about the cameras. So if you take a look at this, a slightly protruding camera cutout over here, youll notice that we do have three kind of sensors at the back now this is led by a 40 megapixel main sensor. You also have a 13 megapixel, 120 degrees ultrawide sensor and last but not least, you have a 32 megapixel ultra spectrum camera that is supposed to capture the correct kind of color data.

For you to see the most accurate kind of pictures on the huawei p50 pocket. Now, having said all that, how does the quality of the photos look like? Well, the good news here is that ive taken quite a favorite of photos, im going to show with you on the screen right now, so you can see how all this photo shows up without any editing, both on the main sensor, as well as the ultrawide. Now, just to generalize the entire kind of photos that ive been taking during the day and during brightly lit areas theyre decently, sharp, but in terms of the colors i found that it is actually very natural and close true to life. Just like how i was seeing it with my own eyes, there is something that i really like about, and i think that is probably due to the ultra spectrum camera that is actually helping in with actually trying to calibrate the right colors to show off. In your pictures now i also found that the ultra was a pretty good snapper as well. I noticed that the color the temperatures and order very similar to the one on the main sensor – theres not much differences between both sensors, so that actually creates a very consistent kind of shooting experience now. Moving on to the night, i realized that this is where the huawei p50 pocket actually really shine. Pictures taken during the night looks spectacular. You have great detail when you turn on night mode.

It actually takes quite just a few seconds to get that picture taken and you can see theres quite a lot of detail here and the contrast levels, the noise levels theyre all very balanced and it looks like a great photo here taken at night. So this again are a couple of photos. You can see taken directly on the huawei p50 pocket, so you have a brief idea on how the photos actually turn out. Now. Last but not least, i also have taken a very quick clip here, uh using the huawei p50 pocket. So this is just a sense of reference for you to know how it actually feels like to shoot the videos it doesnt really come with ois. I think it has eis, but just in terms of stabilization, it was quite stable when i took the video earlier today in the morning. All right so now done with the camera. Lets talk very quickly about how this phone performs on the daily uh. It does come with the snapdragon 888, but it does come with the eight gigabytes of ram. Like i mentioned earlier on and 256 gigabytes of internal memory, now heres a very quick benchmark score. I did with geekbench uh. It is very standard, the kind of results that you would expect from most flagship smartphones today, that is powered by a snapdragon 888. In terms of the gaming experience, i was able to play most games on the highest graphics settings.

It definitely took a little while for me to get used to this kind of aspect ratio because its slightly slimmer than what a normal phone usually feels, but i was able to get myself gaming very quickly. So, overall again in terms of gaming, you do not need to worry about performance at all, because you do have that snapdragon 888 launching apps, on the other hand, is also very fast and instantaneous because we have that flagship processor. So you dont have to worry about you know even gaming or just using the device on the daily and, if youre wondering about that lack of google apps, honestly speaking its getting much easier to sideload all the kinds of familiar apps that you use to use that I actually have them all running on my huawei p50 pocket now. Last but not least, lets talk a little bit about the battery. We do have a 4000 mah battery and it supports 44 watt charge that you can charge up using the charger in the box um. To be honest, i did not really time the the speed of the charging speeds yet so i will definitely update you guys in the chat section down below when i have that actual speeds, but yeah overall, it did charge up very quickly, definitely not more than one Hour to get from zero to a hundred percent, all right guys, thats it for todays video on the huawei p50 pocket uh. If you ask me, who is this device for honestly speaking at the price of rm5999, although it is a very lightweight and compact device, it is definitely not light on your wallet at all, so people who actually buy this thing.

They wont really care about the price. All they want is actually the fashion you know being able to fold. Your device is a very fun to use device here, and you can actually just hold your device very uh lightly, like this in just one pump for the huawei p50 pocket here, youre getting all the kind of flagship specs that you would expect on a flagship device And yeah its just a very nice device to use. If i had to choose one huawei to use today, i think i might go with the huawei p50 pocket all right guys. Let me know if you do have any other further questions down in the comment section below um. If you do like this, video dont forget to drop a like of the channel and i hope to see all of you guys in the next one stay safe.