So unfortunately, it just doesnt work anymore. It doesnt turn on its not really useful anymore. So the other phone that i had handy, my extra phone was actually this called the blue studio x. Sorry, the blue studio x9 theres, another android, cheap, android, uh, sorry, cheap android phone for around um doesnt wan na focus. Oh there we go blue studio x9. Another cheap android device for around 66 – very, very, very happy with this. After i just uh. Unfortunately, couldnt use the other phone anymore, the blue studio x10. This blue studio x9 is just what can. I say this is a fantastic phone, its a very thin device, and it just. I always forget that its a 66 dollar phone, because just because of how responsive it is – and it just it just makes me im thinking its like a several hundred dollar phone. But the reality is, it was only 66 dollars and you know what, if i had known that i would like this phone so much and that it would just be so reliable. So far i would have bought maybe uh two or three of these. So so the downside to buying a cheap budget friendly smartphone like this one thats not working blue studio x10, is that they can stop. Working same goes for any phone, but the really the upside here is that i just had another one another phone for the same price: around 66 turn that one on downloaded my application for buying the train tickets.

The mta e takes app. Suddenly we are all good everythings, perfect and its just its just whats interesting to me about this phone. The blue studio x9. Is that its like this is the blue studio x9. This is the blue studio, x10 theyre just there. There are two phones that are just very different right. You would think that this, the x9 would be similar to the x10. They sound, similar theyre, just very different. This ones a lot more thin, this ones a lot. This is a much larger heavier device theyre. Just very different kind of interesting that the companies just really makes phones that are just so different. They think theyll be all the same, really 66 dollars, but anyways this one in particular the blue studio x9. I just couldnt be more happy so far. This is just kind of an initial review, but using this for several months, the responsiveness, the lightweight its just its just very sleek – i like this – i i ill have to try out the video setting some time theres some kind of image stabilization feature on the video. The camcorder, which is kind of amazing for a cheap phone, i would have image stabilization on the camcorder, definitely have to try that out. My initial review is im very happy with this um. If youre watching these videos, maybe youre someone who just doesnt want to spend hundreds of dollars on a smartphone, so maybe check out this company blue im, not endorsed.

I mean it. Doesnt not affiliated just really just buying these phones because theyre cheap and this one happens to be my favorite one. So far, so maybe a cheap cell phone plan you dont, have to spend hundreds of dollars on a cell phone plan per year. The one i have is the red pocket cell phone plan. I have some videos: thats red pocket, r e d, p, o c k, e t, cheap cell phone plan, not a lot of data, not a lot of texting, not a lot of minutes, cheap smartphone for some internet browsing here and there again, if youd like to Use a smartphone as a wi fi enabled internet tablet. Please feel free to do so. If you dont have your sim card in here, you can just use an unlocked smartphone as a internet tablet. So another reason to maybe think about a cheap, smartphone. Good internet tablet. Something to use on the go anyways my review of this phone. I think its just uh its a its a really nice device, in my opinion, im very happy with it. I absolutely cannot guarantee that youre gon na have a similar experience, but just here to voice my appreciation for this particular device. The really the fact that it is sleek lightweight and so far very responsive and um, just very, very happy that it just seems to have good battery life good call, quality and works very well with what i need it to work works very well with the applications.

I absolutely need, like this mta e tics app to show my train ticket my electronic train ticket, so thats all for this video im just very happy with this phone, a cheap uh smartphone that actually works very well, its thats, just wonderful when you buy something thats, Cheap and it just turns out to have good quality, so the blue studio x9. Thanks for watching this video – really not much here, except to say that um i do appreciate this company makes cheap smartphones, and this case this one just happens to be a winner.