Samsung has a wide selection of mid range phones and one of the most feature packed is the galaxy a52s. But this is the galaxy m52 which goes for about the same price whats the difference here, and why should you get one over the other lets find out in our full review Music? The galaxy m52 was a phone that covers most of the same bases as its cousin, the a52s, but this is an m series model and there are a few differences to consider. These mid range devices are made from plastic, but one neat accent here is the pinstripe texture that sits beneath the flat back panel. This is a different approach from the matte pastel finishes: weve seen on samsungs a series phones, but you also dont get ip rated dust and water resistance, like you do on the a52s, for whatever reason, samsung has moved away from the feature that made the previous model. The m51 stand out the huge seven thousand millionth hour battery this time. Around is five thousand milliamp hours, which isnt small, but it does mean that the m52 was lighter and easier to wheel than the previous model, and still battery life is nothing to sneeze. At the m52 was able to score a great endurance rating of 123 hours, which is a bit better than the a52s, with its smaller 4500mah power pack. Charging speed is slower here, though, at least with a bundled 15 watt adapter with it we charge from zero to 30 percent in half an hour, but there is support for 25 watt charging and that bumps things up to 50 percent in the same amount of time.

Another major difference between the m52 and the galaxy a52s is the size of the screen, its 6.7 inches here, as opposed to 6.5. Otherwise, the screen is comparable as far as specs go its an amoled with a 1080p resolution, gorilla, glass, 5 protection and a fast 120hz refresh rate. This is something that the m51 didnt have and the extra smoothness is nice, even though the refresh rate isnt adaptive to save energy content looks nice here, sharp and contrasty. The color profile is very customizable and can be quite accurate depending on your settings, and brightness is good too. We measured a maximum of 400 nits with the slider and to boost up to 780 nits in auto mode in bright conditions. Audio also plays a major part in the multimedia experience, but the m52 has just a single speaker, not a stereo setup like the a52s has the speaker, isnt very loud scoring just average on our charts and sound quality isnt great with not much bass, although we do Find that the mids are better than the m51s Music when it comes to chipset performance, the galaxy m52 and the a52s are neck and neck and thats, because they run on the same silicon as snapdragon 778g. Its a high end mid range chip that provides near flagship grade performance and both everyday tasks and games run great by the way. This is a significant upgrade over the previous model. The m51, which ran on a snapdragon 730 g storage, is expandable on the m52, via micro sd over the 128 gigs built in and at the time of this video.

The galaxy m52s interface is samsungs, one ui 3.1 over android 11, which is smooth and clean. You also get a side mounted fingerprint reader for biometrics, its worth, noting that samsung is already rolling out its new one, ui4 and android 12 to some devices that will eventually come to the m52 as well. Finally, we have the cameras which include the same 64, megapixel quad, bayer main cam, 12 megapixel ultra wide and 5 megapixel macro setup. As on the m51 and the a52s, this device doesnt have a depth sensor, though, despite having the same cameras, there are some differences in quality thanks to the processing, especially compared to the previous generation. 16 megapixel photos from the main cam are very good for the class with crisp detail, vivid, colors and reasonably wide dynamic range. Noise is very well controlled too better than what we saw on the m51. Despite the lack of a depth sensor, the galaxy m52s portrait mode works without issues with generally good subject. Separation. Shots from the ultra wide are again great for this price point. Dynamic range is wide enough, and here the m52 again does a better job at handling noise than the previous model did 5 megapixel close ups from the macro. Cam are ok, theres, no autofocus, and there is noticeable noise, but the photos have enough detail. Good color saturation and decent dynamic range at night photos from the main cam arent, half bad. They arent the sharpest around and theres a fair amount of noise, but theres a good amount of detail and color saturation and dynamic range is very good.

Turning on the main cams night mode results in a cropped, 12 megapixel photo just like on both the previous model and the a52s night mode. Doesnt really affect the dynamic range much, but you get improved sharpness and definition, and the exposure is slightly brighter. The ultra wide takes good photos at night, unlike many competitors, theres good detail and sharpness and excellent dynamic range. There is some noise, though, and colors are a bit washed out looking night mode, doesnt have a huge effect as the auto mode. Shots are already that good. The main difference we noticed is brighter and clearer. Greenery like grass and bushes selfies are taken with a 32 megapixel front facing cam that shoots 12 megapixel photos by default, sharpness and detail are solid in good lighting and dynamic range is good. Skin tones are a bit inconsistent, though videos can be captured with the main cam and up to 4k resolution, and the quality is very good with plenty of detail, low noise, vivid, colors and nicely wide dynamic range. You can also shoot in 4k with the ultra wide, and these clips are excellent for this type of camera. Theres, a ton of detail, likable, colors and very good dynamic range theres, no stabilization. In 4k, though, you can find eis only in 1080p resolution at 30fps and even then the clips end up rather shaky from movement, especially with the main cam, which displays some focus hunting. This isnt the case for the fixed focus ultrawide though so thats the samsung galaxy, m52 5g, its a solid midranger, offering great battery life and a lightweight build for the size, theres, a large high refresh rate amoled, a high performance, chipset and good camera performance too.

We had to compare the m52 to the galaxy a52s since theyre available for a similar price, and here you do have the advantage of the larger screen and bigger battery. But the trade off is that you miss out on two features that youd get on the other model. Water, resistance and stereo speakers. So overall wed have to say that if youre looking for the most bang for your buck, the a52s is the better deal.