I do. I have no idea. Xgodi lets go the x, gotti x, gotti, mate, 10 plus smartphone. I got this thing from a carrier auction. What is a carrier auction? The way it works? Is companies like fedex ups usps. They have all this stuff that is classified as abandoned freight. It is acquired from a process explained in this video here and once a month i go to this auction and i offer on electronics. I saw a lot of five of these and i thought you know what i dont know what these are ill offer 10 bucks a piece, and i got i got five of these for for 50 bucks, so they literally cost me 10 bucks and for you guys, Im gon na give this away im going to unbox. This give a review, and my first impressions and uh stay tuned to the end of this video, because i will actually give this away. I found x gotti, they do have a website and i think i got a pretty good deal on this. It retails for 67. Looking at the overview on this device, its a dual sim phone. It runs android 8.1, its got one gigabyte of ram and eight gigabytes of rom. This mobile phone was born for you pretty interesting. It is a global unlocked device, its got a 5 megapixel camera and its got some gaming features well definitely test that one out lets open this thing up, nothing, nothing like a sharp razor.

You know all right lets see how she looks. Oh gosh looks like a raisin. This looks like uh the raisin at the very bottom of your raisin box. You know what i mean: okay little foam here, it looks like weve got a charger just as promised on the website. It is uh, it is micro, usb and its not the super short charger like this. This isnt bad. I think this is probably like uh three feet x, gotti, the brand that nobody knows about or knows how to pronounce nice nice, Music theres, nothing better than having an interchangeable battery. You dont see this anymore, so x, gotti good on you. You guys missed the best part. While i installed the screen protector, it was super satisfying, but what i was confused about, i lifted this one off the screen and then this one was on top of that one. So i dont know why they used all that plastic. Now whats really interesting about this phone, is it has a removable battery which is nice, and this little guy is what you pry up on to open up the back and sadly, phones. Dont have this anymore, where you could just take off the back. The battery looks pretty cool ah boom. Okay, that fits nice there and then this one here, oh good fit. Oh thats, not good. Okay were good lets power. This guy on it has life im kind of stoked. I want to see uh, you know how this oh.

Okay, she is on oh wait, a minute, theres, no setup, they literally didnt. Ask for anything. Is that a bad sign? Do you guys know if thats a bad sign? Okay, so checking how responsive this is, does not have that high of a refresh rate. I know this is a really bad comparison, but lets compare x, gotti, mate, 10 plus versus the note 10 plus definitely got a much slower. Refresh rate obviously were talking. You know. I literally got this phone for 10 bucks, but right out the box that thats something im noticing. It is really not that responsive okay, so it is running android. 8.1. 8.1. It is a mate 10 plus. I want to hear what the ringtones are on this. Okay, lets see see wallpaper display memory battery location, the journey to find the ringtones. I just want to see what default ringtones are on a phone like this, because this is literally a knockoff of like a samsung phone, which is super funny to me, ringtones. Why wouldnt? You have a ringtone on a phone like what what noise does it make then it doesnt like make any android clicks or anything like that. Um like okay, i guess, if you get a call on this, its just going to be silent, all right. Well, it doesnt have any ringtones, okay, one thing thats super interesting about this. Well click on video, and it goes right into recording lets record landscape lets record some stuff lets flip the camera around record us, okay, okay, so lets record landscape lets record some stuff lets.

Flip the camera around record us okay. Now, when i come back right and i want to stop recording now when i come back right and i want to stop recording theres no way for me to get home like even when i slide up im trying to get the the handy keys here on the Bottom and its like gone, i dont know how to get out of. I dont know how to get out of that. You know so like im, just stuck so to get out of the recording or the camera application. I have to power it off and then once im back then i could. I could get those keys up and and get out of there but kind of funny but hey whatever fm radio to start listening plug in headphones used as an antenna. Im gon na go find some headphones. Give me a second got some headphones here. Oh my gosh, the twisty ties. Twisty ties make me, go nuts all right lets plug it in used as an antenna. At least it says, Music lets go in here and lets click play Music. Okay, its got an fm radio that thats kind of a cool feature right on uh, so its got its got a fm radio that is too funny right on. I want to see how youtube runs. Okay lets go in here, search jonzoid lets see how she plays, which have a legitimate upc and serial number as well.

As i mean its, not the fastest smartphone, but its not lagging its got. Some pretty decent screen resolution like im, thats, not horrible right on lets, go ahead and see what the gameplay looks like. It actually seems pretty responsive to this game. It is. It is delayed, thats why i just died, but it plays all right. Okay, so doodle jump works and thats great news now lets see how roblox gameplay is. I dont play a lot of roblox, but i do have an account and it is fun to tinker around with roblox, so lets check out how that plays. Okay, there we go lets do work on a pizza simulation starter check right on lets. Take 500 coins, nice Music. I mean its, not the most responsive thing ever, but it works right. Music. Honestly, i think roblox is kind of a weird game, but hats shirts, wow. Okay, so it works to have this as a coffee desk phone and just to play. Games on, i dont think it would hurt, but its really really slow and its got like almost no storage. If you just want a touch screen to play some basic games, i think this device would be okay for that, but as for a daily driver, even if it was to go overseas and just have a phone to use for the time that youre overseas, i would Not give it my stamp of approval because it only runs 3g and its extremely extremely slow lets talk about a giveaway im not going to destroy this phone or durability test.

It im going to give this away to one of you guys if you would like a chance to win this, follow these steps on screen like this video and subscribe to my youtube channel after youve done that follow my instagram and go to the most recent post And comment done once thats done, you are entered into the giveaway and i will announce a winner on the 21st of january, which is friday again.