My name is gillis. The kid and this time were going to be talking about visas, new stainless steel, credit card, its called the x1 and uh back in september of 2020. They were advertising the credit card and then a while, after that, you didnt hear much about it um, but in 2020 they had like this big waiting list. It was like over 300 something thousand people um. I did get on the waiting list and now, in january of 2022, i finally got the email and i applied for the card. They finally sent it out and were going to be talking a little bit about it. So this is what it looks like. It is pure stainless steel, you can see it has x1 right there, its got the uh chip breeder and you can see it says: visa signature right there now visa is well known. I have other credit cards with higher limits than this, but um. The main thing with this card is that visa will give you like higher limits. They say and its based on your current and future income, so they dont do a hard pull to your credit. It is a soft pull and when you go to actually apply for the car theyre gon na, ask you how much you make now um im going to show you what the app looks like, because when you apply for the card, i did it in less than A minute all you have to do is put in like your info and stuff like that, and then theyll tell you uh how much credit limit you will get.

So you know i got approved for like a little over ten thousand. I have other cards with higher credit limits than this, so i knew i was going to get approved, but um people that dont have credit or maybe theyre, rebuilding their credit. When you go to apply. You definitely dont want to say that you make more than what you really do, because visa will scan your uh. Your bank and theyll look at all your transactions and stuff like that, and they can tell how much money you make and they can also tell if youre going to make more in the future, itll give them sort of uh like an idea so thats the credit Limit right there theres no payment due as you can see, if you scroll over theres, no balance. If you scroll over a little bit more itll, tell you how much of a credit limit you have left and then right here it says, set up your card. So you can, you can hit, show details. Obviously i cant show you that um, but you can set up auto pay and you can. You can create uh virtual cards too ill. Tell you what that is in a minute and then, as you can see, uh you know i was at target, so i have been using the card and then right here you can see they have payments, theres documents, profile, settings, support and then at the bottom you Can invite a friend now and if you go on the website, you dont really have to wait on a waiting list anymore.

They will send out invite codes and then this is your notifications on the app. So, as you can see, you can set up something called boost, so ive earned three times the points when i went to target and the boost they remind me of cash app if youre familiar with uh like a cash app card cash app gives you the ability To add different boost like bitcoin and uh stuff like that and then at the bottom of the app you have home and then you can get two times the points. So this is how many points i have now so a little over 600 points, which basically means i have a six dollars. So um lets see right here, yeah, so one point equals one penny. So i have 600 points, which means i have about uh six dollars and 87 cents, and then you can do uh. You can earn three times the points on every dollar spent. If you spend fifteen thousand dollars uh in a year im, probably not gon na, have a problem doing that and then you can earn four times the points um when you send like when you invite a friend, so thats pretty good, and then you can redeem your Points you can redeem a cash back, but its not like other credit cards. They basically really. They dont really give you much cash back, so thats pretty pointless with this card. So just keep that in mind, but um.

You know you can pay off different purchases from all these different uh. You know merchants and then they have uh the boost. So you can activate a boost. So if youre using apple pay or google pay, you can earn three times the points you can earn. Three times the points on certain restaurants, when you buy groceries – and you know theres theres – all different uh types of boost here, like i said it does remind me of cash app and one of the best things i like about this card is that you can actually Make virtual credit cards so the standard virtual card is is cancelable at any time and uh. You know if you want to set up like netflix or hulu, or something like that um. You can cancel the virtual card at any time because its going to give you like a an account, number thats eventually is going to disappear, and then they have the free trial cards. So it will auto cancel in 24 hours, so you wont be charged when the trial ends and thats pretty good. When youre signing up for stuff – like you know, apple music, um any type of subscription, and then you can set up like a single use card. So you know if you, if you want to give like a card to uh like one of your kids, if they just want to make like that one time purchase and uh, you dont want them to buy any more stuff.

You wont be overcharged thats. Basically, what that is, that is definitely one of my favorite features, and then these are all the uh brands and stuff that you can use uh with the x1 cards its a lot of different stores on here. So you wont, have a problem with that: theyre pretty! Well known and yeah, so you know, like i said, the main purpose of this card is to give people that dont have credit um. You know higher higher credit limits and uh. You know. Even if you do have good credit, you can still apply for it. Um youll probably just get an even higher limit and, like i said its based off of um, like your your current income and your future income and then uh you know later on you, it will increase a little bit more, so youll probably get a higher credit Limit uh in the future and theres um theres, no annual fees, so thats pretty good, but im gon na drop the link down into the description. So you can look at all the fine print um, some people they like um, like sign up bonuses and this card doesnt, have it and some people like uh cash back with credit cards, and if you like cash back with credit cards, this may not be the One for you but um, you can check it out on the website and you can see if its something thats worth applying for, but i like it a lot so far, im just waiting to see exactly how this is going to go.

Like i said, i knew i was going to get approved because i have other cards with higher credit limits, but im just wondering what visa is gon na do to someone with a little to no credit at all. But let me know what you think about the visa x1 credit card visa. They say its like the smartest credit card ever made. I dont know about that, but im gon na have some more videos coming up pretty soon. If anything major happens, i want to thank everybody for watching and ill catch.