Six years ago, google released the original pixel phone, and everyone was impressed by the camera and the phone that i was carrying around for the last two years was the pixel 4 xl. Despite the dated design, the camera performance was remarkable. Lately google released the pixel 6 pro with the new camera hardware that sparked my attention, since they didnt upgrade the camera hardware. From 5 years i went out, and i did 6 different photo shoots to test all the cameras in a different situations, and here is my in depth: review of the pixel 6 pro camera Music in general. The phone has all the standard aspects such as 12. Gigs of ram starting with 128 gigs of storage, ip68 water and dust resistance, 6.7 oled screen with only two upgrades that make the pixel 6 stand out up against the other phones. The first one is the customized processor from google, the tensorship, in addition to a huge upgrade on the camera hardware and the design where they finally add an ultra white camera in a unique layout without further ado lets start with the main camera. It has 50 megapixel with an aperture of 1.9 optical image, stabilization laser autofocus and focal length of 25 millimeter. Here is some samples taken by the wide angle camera on the pixel 6 pro the photo style on the pixel 6 pro overall didnt change compared to the original pixel google still over sharpened the photos avoiding over saturation with an amazing dynamic range Music, Music, Music.

This is a video recording on the pixel 6, pro 4k 60 frame per second. This is my favorite area in the city. I really recommend you to come here and do photo shoots. If youre a portrait photographer, you will take an amazing shot. Google did really great when its come to video recording. There is a huge improvement from the pixel 4 xl and now lets test the stabilization google add a new option related to video recording, called cinematic fan, which is basically recording a high quality, slow motion, videos that offers more flexibility after post check this out: Music Applause, Music Applause, you, Music Applause, the low light performance on the pixel 6 pro is outstanding. These photos are taken at 1am in an extremely dark environment. It was really challenging to take modeling photos at night without getting blurry or shaky results. This is a low light. Video on the pixel 6 pro its 11 pm right now and its really really dark in here and im shooting by the lake. You have the ability to zoom in and out during the recording, and here is the cn tower. What do you guys think and now im using 2x zoom? As you see, there is an obvious drop in quality, but its still usable so far, the main camera on this phone is showing a great results right. Not until i tested the portrait mode. It was just disappointing, even the 2 years old pixel 4 xl can take much better portraits.

The edge detection is horrible and most of the times it over blur the background, giving unrealistic results and funny enough. Google decided to use the main camera for portraits. Instead of the telephoto 104 and if you dont know what that means, the sweet spot for portraits in the photography world between 85 millimeter, 135 millimeter, so using 25 millimeter, four portraits instead of the telephoto 104 millimeter doesnt, make sense at all Music Music when it comes To low light, portraits surprisingly, the pixel 6 pro performs much better, considering that most phones doesnt support floor like portraits Music overall, the main camera on the pixel 6 pro is outstanding and it wont let you down, except for portrait mode. Google should really work on edge detection algorithm, considering that google is a software company moving to the ultra wide angle, camera its 12 megapixel, f, 2.2 with 114 degrees of view or 70 millimeter focal length its not that wide. However, google did a great job matching the colors between the three lenses. Nothing to complain about – and here is some of the results. The low light performance on this camera is impressive. However, google applied a heavy smoothing on the photos to remove the noise, but i think its a personal preference for me. I dont mind having some noise in the photos if im gon na have a sharper results. Overall, the ultrawide camera on this phone is similar to the main one great photos with an amazing dynamic range.

However, you cant record a video using the ultra white camera, which is a bummer, and that will leave you with less flexibility when recording videos on this phone and now lets talk about the most underrated camera on every phone, and especially this one, the telephoto camera its 48 megapixel with an aperture of 3.5 and whats, unique about this camera that it has a focal length of 104 millimeters or 4x zoom, and this is my favorite focal lengths for portraits, and i did a video why the sigma 105 millimeter art is my favorite lens. I will leave a link to the video in the description. Sadly, you can shoot videos with this camera either and i wish, if google could do some software update to. Let us use this camera for portraits. However, this camera is tag sharp and you will get wonderful results out of it and i think the manufacturers should focus more and more on the telephoto camera and show the importance of using it. The cameras on the pixel 6 pro are on another level, its a versatile system, so you can go from 0.7 x, zoom all the way to 20x. I dont recommend you to go over 4x, but its here, if you want to use it last but not least, is the front facing camera, its 11 megapixel with an aperture of 2.2 and 20 millimeter field of view. It gives you the ability to go wider. If you want to take selfie with a friend or if you want to show more of the scene – and i did find this feature quite useful overall – its a great camera with outstanding dynamic range and definitely the best selfie camera i ever used.

This is a video recording on the pixel 6 pro using the front facing camera. Google ad, the ability to zoom in and out during the recording, now lets test the stabilization when it comes to the light selfies. This camera is just fine, like any other smartphone, its not gon na set the world on fire. This is the low light video using the front facing camera on the pixel 6 pro you have the ability to shoot 4k 30 frames per second or full hd at 60.. What do you guys think portraits on the front facing camera are much better than the main camera, especially when it comes to edge detection, its not perfect by any means, but you can definitely get wonderful results out of it. Also, you can go wider on the portrait mode too. At the end of the day, this is the best smartphone camera you can buy, especially if you can skip the portrait mode, but i can see google fixing this issue in a software update anyway. Hope you guys enjoyed this video, please give a thumbs up. Consider subscribing and if you want to watch me doing a youtube video using only the iphone 13 pro click here.