If we talk about the dimension, it has a weight of 196 gram and its display is ips lcd, which has 400 nits and its size is 6.53 inch. It has a resolution of 1080p and the protection is called gorilla. Glass. 3.. If we talk about os it uh, it runs uh, android, 10 uh along with a miui 11, and it has a mediatek mt6769v slash, cu, helio, g80, and it has gpu. Is mali g5 to mc2 and it has a micro sd card slot and you you will get many variants like 32gb with 3gb ram and this particular model have 62 64gb uh room with a 4gb of ram and then all right. So it has quad camera setup, which is having 13 megapixel ufo. 2.2 28 mm wide angle lens. It has 8 megapixel ultra wide 5 megapixel macro and 4 and 2 megapixel for depth, and it has led flash with a sdr and panorama and Music. The downside of this camera is that it cant take a 4k video, so maximum video it can support, is a 1080p at 30fps. And if you talk about selfie camera, it has a 8 megapixel uh selfie camera with a aperture of 2.0 uh. 20 20 27 mm wide angle, and it has the sdr also and the video is also uh, fully hd and it. It also has loudspeaker with 3.5 mm jack and it has bluetooth 5, and it has a infrared port also, so you can use this as a remote control.

Also, and if you talk about battery, it has quite big battery, it has a little lithium port lithium, polymer 5020 milliamp non removable battery and it has fast charge for 18 watt. So that was the specification and now lets go and do unboxing of redmi nine. So, as you can see, this particular model is a redmi nine sunset, powerball 4gb ram and 64gb rom do unboxing. So you will get this sim sim ejector tool here and then, if we open this there is those manuals run me and lets put it aside and youre in the box mobile itself, and you will get this uh silicon cover also and here the charger. This is a h2r, fast charger lets see the mobile itself, as you can see, even though this is plastic, but it it really feels good nice build quality is quite good, as you can see that quad quad camera setup here, and these are the buttons here uh There is usb c port and there is 3.5 mm jack, and this is microphone. It has a mono speaker top. There is a infrared port, so you can use it as a remote control and now lets uh now lets turn this thing up, as you can see that there is a fingerprint sensor also here and like this is quite fast, as you can see. Cmu um iu 11, as you can see, since it has 4 gigahertz gb of ram. So its quite fast.

You can see that pretty snappy. Now this is this is yeah. My ui version is 2.5. This android is uh. Now, if you go and see the camera, as you can see, it has like two two times: zoom it has portrait mode and then it has more uh. It has night night mode, then it has short video and then panorama slow motion and it has time lapse and, like you can also have this pro mode here. If you go and see the video, it also has the same two times: two. We go to pro. It has like every thing on this manual called manual control also, so you can adjust the white balance and then iso settings, and it does this lens wide. So you can play with this and lets play some game here. Lets uh check this check some game here. So we can play light games here see this is a lot game. There is no problem with gaming with this one if you are happy with playing only this kind of uh lightweight game, so so this is a quite good phone. If you consider the price with this price, you are getting like a 6.5 inch and then it has a decent processor with decent gpu. A camera is also decent, also im going to put some picture and video shampoo after this video so hope you are going to like uh.