Why dont we go out test the camera in real life. Well, click the photos and give feedback right away. Sajid wan na do a live. Camera test Lets go to a new place. Lets click a selfie first youll know the actual crew required for a video. The skin tones are great Its getting dark. We can click some low light photos as well. It takes about 40 mins to reach. We will try to click photos of the sunset Lets quickly, capture the sunset lets: click, a video Lets, click a photo Lets check the dynamic range and the macro camera Lets go near the water. A selfie in this light would be great Instead of macro. If we try 2x, it would turn out good too. The live testing is complete. They look great on a phone screen but lets try it on a colour neutral screen. We are back at the studio. We were out the whole day yesterday, testing the camera. We almost clicked 450 photos videos. We were sorting it out for almost an hour now. The thing that they claim about having the best selfie camera Is indeed true Ill. Tell you everything about it and also give you my verdict: The 50MP front, selfie camera has 2 sensors and the skin tone looks great. The portrait mode looks great too. The secondary front. Camera of 8MP is for a wide angle, which is okayish. The dynamic range is slightly less. We Clicked photos more with the primary selfie camera.

The rear 108MP camera is great. The detail is amazing. We clicked some 200 250 photos with it. We captured our whole journey from the office to click the sunset photos in different lighting and the photos were great even in low light. The details colours dynamic range. Everything is on point, The ultrawide lacks a bit and there was a noticeable colour shift. Sometimes the colour changes into something Completely different: ultrawide is average. The portrait mode is similar to the selfie one. The colour accuracy is on point, As you can see it on screen portrait mode works. Well Also, there are different styles in portrait mode Instead of clicking photos in macro mode, just click it in 2x and the photos will turn out much better. The Vivo v23 comes with flat sides. Every phone has a flat touch to it. These days Before talking about the picture quality, the audio quality of the front and the rear camera is topnotch. The primary camera allows you to click videos in 4K 60fps. This Is in 4K 60fps. How is the quality? Is the background skin tones clear? I gave the camera to Sajid so that you can understand better. The front. Camera can also click in 4K 60fps. This looks good on an AMOLED screen, but when we view these videos on PC, then we will know the actual difference. We also clicked videos in dual capture mode, as you can see the rearview, as well as the front view As it was getting dark.

If you shoot in normal mode, there is slight darkness, but it has a super night mode Watch the difference. This is the normal mode, and this is the super night mode you can use for. Videos. There are, is spotlight flashlight provided at the front. The selfie camera is great. The 108MP camera is good as well. There are a ton of features you get as well Drop.