This is seriously a no frills, no, no nonsense. Camera first smartphone that is truly very affordable. You know for android users, of course, so apple users. You cant, find something like that. Probably yes, the iphone se, but then lets not talk about that. Lets talk about the vivo, why 76, 5g, okay, so first off this guy is only at 429. People launched this on the 8th of january, which is a couple of weeks back and to cater just the right crowd. So people who are really looking for no frills just wants to have a good camera in their smartphone to take photos or take videos as and when they want and produce simple and very nice looking pictures or videos at any point in time. All right so definitely vivo has nailed this aspect and as for some specs, it comes with the mediatek dimensi 700 processor, which is slower than the 1200 processor in the x70 pro. You can take a look at the link up here or below for the review of the x70 pro. That is another beast altogether. So this definitely to cut corners so to speak. Because f129, does you definitely have to reduce certain specs? You cant just take the flagship components and stuff it in and then just sell it at lower price, so the processor is slower in general. I dont feel much of a difference when i use the the phone. I do sense. Some differences in terms of the refresh rate which ill talk about that later and it comes with eight gigabyte of ram, which cleverly vivo does a certain trick where you can boost it up to 12 gigabytes of ram by stealing some of the rom uh memory.

So to boost it at certain im, not sure the mechanics behind it, but it definitely tries to push it up to chocolate whenever its possible. So, instead of just having eight gigs, we push it up where the x70 pros will already have 12 gigabyte ram built. In back to the point where i talked about the refresh rate of the y76, its actually probably only at about 60 hertz, because its just a 6.58 inch lcd panel with 460 nits of brightness, and when i use it, i do notice that you know it. Doesnt refresh as smoothly or it doesnt scroll as smoothly as what the x70 pro would have done, or my um iphone 30 pro max, smooth refresh rate 120 hertz adaptive version some more so it does have that so. But if you dont have anything to compare, you probably, you know, wont feel that its much of a deal breaker for you. You know honestly weve already gone so far and at 429 dollars whos complaining right. It weighs in at just 175 grams as its only 7.79 mm thick, and the battery is rated at 4 100 milliamp hours compared to the x70 pros 4450 milliamp hours. It also comes with a 44 uh watt flash charge similar to what the x70 pro has. So. Basically, you can get from 0 to 70 in 32 minutes right, so that is plenty fast. If you just want to charge it up and then continue using throughout the day, it does come with two colors.

This is the midnight space, which is basically the black version and, of course, they have the cosmic aurora, which is similar to the x70 pros aurora and yes, its 5g capable and comes with dual sim and standby mode as well. But one thing i want to say it: doesnt come with 4k for the video so ill. Get it out of the way. Now, just take note that this guy doesnt shoot in 4k for the video modes but thats it most. People will be happily shooting at 1080 and really cant tell the difference between 1080 and 4k. Unless you really want to zoom in otherwise yeah 4k, not a deal breaker, okay, now i want to talk about the phone itself. Okay, its well well built. You know, of course, theres a bit of a plastic feel to it not as premium as the premium foams out there doesnt feel as solidly built, but its good enough and at 429 dollars nobodys going to be complaining right. Okay, so as for the phone except, you have the usbc charging port im, not sure if you can see that the usbc charging port, the 3.5 mm jack for your earphones or headphones and, of course, the speaker grill and then on the right side. You get the fingerprint id sensor built into the sleep, wake button and, of course, the volume rocker dials then on the top part, you have your sim card tray and then i think theres another microphone there and on the left side of the phone will be nothing Its similar to the x70 pro and yeah thats it then the camera bump on the back did i mention that probably not yep the camera button, the three cameras there and its only just 7.

79 mm thick. I think this is really a very affordable and no frills great looking smartphone, and i want to talk about what comes with the phone itself. So in the box it comes with a 45 watt usb flash charge rated at 44 watts again. So definitely a very good addition. You dont have to spend extra money to buy any more chargers. So i really like the fact that they still provide this and, of course, you have the uh earphones, which comes with a 3.5 mm jack, all right so again, hard to find these days and, of course, the usb to usbc cable. And there are a couple of other things, such as the sim card, remover pin tool and a couple of documentation and its about it in the box. Okay, so well, oh yes, one more! They do have. They also provided a case which the x70 pro also provided. That so again, they have a clear case for you to use, so you dont have to spend any more money and immediately out of the box, you can get full protection for your phone. So as for the rear cameras, it comes with a 50 megapixel main camera. A 2 megapixel bokeh camera or portrait camera, and also a 2 megapixel macro camera and the front camera is actually just a dot hole or a dot punch kind of a camera. I dont think you can really see it here, but its already a 16 megapixel and they claim that its a ai extreme night, selfie type of camera so bottom line.

It enhances brightness or keeps your photo bright at night when you use the front facing camera and youre going to see a few examples later, when i start showing the photos before we get to that also, you can just for yourself the dual video function that is Available im not sure about that the x70 pro has that probably they should have that. But this y76 has this dual video feature, which is very good for bloggers. So take a look at the video that is coming up now and you should see how it works. So, im going to test the y56 5g front facing cameras, capabilities ported to be a night or ai night smart, or something like that that you can shoot running facing videos down if youre taking selfies, you can see what the quality of the video is like were Currently, now at one honey enjoying our team and thats deserving coming up, thats gon na be our field coming up, but i want to show a dual view and stay tuned right now. This is the dual view: mode of uh, the y56 or any of the vivo phones. I think its a picture in picture type of recording its perfect for vlogger, so you can see now right at the back here. The front the rear facing camera will be picking. What you want to see – and, of course your commentary will allow you to talk, and this is the dual view – mode of the y 565, so thats the front facing cameras, function and capabilities, and also the interesting dual video modes, where vloggers will definitely like it.

But lets look at the video stabilization or the camera stabilization mode. The ultra stabilization does has some certain shift whenever you do a too fast of motion, of course, theres a crop pin as well. So have a look at that and then you can make the comparison or judge for yourself, Music and of course, next up there are photos they have taken with the phone. So you can have a look at yourself and see if the quality is to your liking, of course, put in the hands of a better photographer. You may even take it much further Music Music, so, as you can see its really a very capable phone at a comfort price and if you just want to have an android smartphone that takes great pictures thats. What you need to do the only thing that i would find that there isnt any ultra white mode, which well depends on you, i like to shoot in outro white, so i was hoping that it might have come with ultrawide, but instead there is a 2x zoom In instead, which i would have traded off more for uh ultrawide, but its really up to you to decide. So if you really do want a better camera and a more powerful one, then go for the x70 pro. Otherwise, the y765g is definitely more than enough for you, so i hope you like this video continue to like subscribe and yeah.