6 inch display. I cant it doesnt say what uh cpu it has so, but it is an octa core thats. All i can find about this phone, so those are our main sets. Lets open this up. They make these boxes so hard to open nowadays, plastic, which is to be expected, feels kind of cheap. To be honest in the box, you have to have a bunch of manuals and okay, a glass screen protector tpu case charging, brick charging cable, which is usb type c. Oh, look at that. The screen protector arrives damaged huh, so i guess yeah this definitely already. Cracked. All right so, first impressions, the display looks pretty decent. Actually so im gon na set this up and get back to you all right. The phone is all set up and first impressions actually uh pretty quick. So, as you can see settings i was already in settings. Lets just relaunch that see how i did so. It is pretty quick. Actually, so we have face unlock and fingerprint unlock were gon na set up those right now. First up fingerprint unlock nope already its. I need a pin all right now, its not even working all right, so weve had enough of the fingerprint unlock what about face unlock, so oh slippery? Okay, so just works fast, randomly another time, just doesnt all right, so the face unlock when it works is very fast, but when it doesnt its very frustrating same with the fingerprint unlock, the fingerprint unlock doesnt work, half the time, huh all right knife, it runs pretty Decently, like maybe, there was a tiny bit of stutter, but overall it runs pretty much flawlessly now.

Lets try one rider the wind rider its also decent, okay, theres, a bunch of frame drops as you can see or not. I dont know how the camera is picking. It up but uh, im, gon na, say its playable, not the highest frame rate you can play on, but its playable all right im not able to install pubg and im kind of like. I have to go right now when im giving this phone away to a good friend, but based on how the phone performed overall, i think you could play pubg at around, like 30 frames per second, something like that, based on my experience with this phone and comparing It to like other similar phones overview, so yeah pubg, most likely, is going to run just fine Music, so Music, all right. So this is pretty interesting. So, as you heard theres a lot of like popping like and theres like no distortion, no, nothing and the volume is pretty decent for 100 bucks. I mean its a bit quiet but its a cheap one. After all, so i think the speaker is pretty decent. Overall. All right, rear cameras, 13, megapixels front camera is 5 megapixels. Your video is full hd and front video 720p, so lets take our first selfie okay lets go outside were facing video front facing video. Let me know what you think: Music yeah. That is pretty much it. So should you buy this phone, i think for a hundred bucks, it you know its pretty decent it doesnt.

It says its gon na do and its not too slow. I mean the cameras could have been a little better, but other than that. You know its a pretty decent four for 100 bucks. So thank you so much for watching.