I hope i said that right im. Sorry, my chinese isnt that good, but i can at least count. I know with so many smartphones on the market. It isnt easy to find the right one, but hopefully, with this review, youre able to make the right purchase decision for yourself. So this is what were going to cover in this video. I will do a quick unpacking and show you an overview of the gimbal talk about the build and design quality. Balancing the gimbal and setting up the app were also going to look at the app itself and the intelligent modes that it offers the different operating modes. The performance where i will show you some sample footage price and summary where i will give my thoughts about this gimbal a timestamp will be in the video description below if you want to skip or go back to a particular part of the video. I also want to remind you to download the free iphone filmmaking guide if you havent. This guide will help. You find the right tools to get started with smartphone filmmaking. Alright, im gon na stop talking lets get into the video. So here is a quick unboxing of the gimbal in the package. You will receive a user manual and a storage pouch. You will also receive the ochuan smartx gimbal a tripod, a type c, usb charging, cable and a hand. Rope lets look at the gimbal and to do a quick overview of it.

You have a phone clip to mount your smartphone. There is also an available micro, usb power output to charge your smartphone. You also have the roll tilt and pan access, which can be locked to the side. You will find the focus wheel below it: a zoom control lever to adjust zoom an led display that will show you, the battery life and current operating modes, a joystick to adjust the position of the camera, a power button to turn on and off the gimbal. The shooting button to start and stop recording and a camera parameter button to change shooting modes to the side. You will also find a type c usb to charge the gimbal at the very bottom. There is a one thread mount to mount: the included tripod or other accessories. Okay lets look at the built in design of the gimbal. This gimbal feels solid and has a nice black design to it. It also has a rubber material right here that feels really nice and high quality, now its a good idea to use the included tripod so that you have a better grip of the gimbal. If you have large hands, a tripod might be too short, which holding the gimbal with two hands could be difficult now. Peer gear has also additionally sent me a grip that extends this can be mounted to the bottom of the gimbal. This is great if you want to create a fake drone shot or simply use it as a selfie stick.

Its size is really small and only weighs around 375 grams. Now this gimbal can easily be transported. Since i can fold it and doesnt take up much space. Now this gimbal offers a payload of 250 grams. It works with lithium batteries and you can charge it using the type c usb, so the battery is actually replaceable which allows you to have multiple batteries if youre planning on shooting longer, but in most cases shooting 8 hours should be more than enough. Now, if you dont want to use additional batteries, you can always bring a power bank to charge the gimbal. It takes around 2 hours and 40 minutes to charge the gimbal fully. I like the idea that you are able to charge your smartphone through the micro usb output, since shooting videos can drain the battery really quickly. So let me show you how to set up the gimbal and adjust the balance first unfold, the gimbal until it snaps unlock all three axes for the motors to work, pull open the phone clip and place your smartphone according to the phones, camera direction, which is indicated As shown level, your smartphone with the ground to make sure its balanced this way, the gimbal doesnt have to consume more power, turn it on by long pressing the power button. You can now use the gimbal with the standard camera app, but keep in mind that you are limited. You cant, for example, use the focus wheel or start and stop recording using the buttons on the gimbal.

If you really want to access all of the features, i recommend you using it with the ac play app that you can download for free on the app store to do so. Turn on bluetooth and download ac play from the store. The app is compatible with ios and android open ac play, and it will automatically search and connect to your gimbal. Alright lets now look at the ac play app and the different intelligent modes it offers. So, first of all, you can change your camera settings by tapping on this one. You can choose 4k up to 60 frames per second. That is what i use most often because i want to slow the footage down in post production and 4k. Just has more detail and is a higher resolution than 1080p. Next is the filter option. I dont use this, but if you want you can like change the brightness and tone level, you also have filters where you can add different, looks to your video ill leave it at original image. Selecting the gear icon will give you more option up here. You can set the timer or when it should start shooting you can also activate flashlight and below, are further settings for your camera. So you can choose different aspect ratios like one by one. Four by three. I usually keep it at 16 by nine. When i record videos horizontally, you can also enable horizontal line. I leave that off. I keep maximum brightness enabled this way can view the screen better and see whats going on.

You can also change the zoom speed. I usually max that out and lets head back. Go back to settings, you also have gimbal settings which you are able to change the parameters of your gimbal, so you have tilt pan the joystick speed and all of that which i think is really great lets get back to the gear settings. You also have grid, which i leave enabled this way i can frame the subject better anti shake. So if you leave that off, you will see you have a wider field of view, but i leave that on since it helps further stabilize the video. We also have the option to select manual mode if you want more control over your camera. There is also another way to enable manual mode by pressing the m button right here so by enabling it you will see below. I have different settings that i can change on my camera, but were going to look at that later. Lens selection allows me to select different lenses, so i can use the telephoto the ultra wide or the wide lens, and i leave it at wide. You have to be careful when using the ultra wide lens, because the motors could appear in the frame um depending on what phone youre using so lets. Look at the manual control im, gon na press and hold m. I will be given different option. I have the exposure value which changes the exposure by sliding it over.

I usually leave this at zero. I can select shutter now because im recording in 4k 60 frames per second, i will set it double my frame rate, which is one over 120. The iso. I keep as low as possible, so i dont introduce any noise into my image. I can also set my white balance. I dont leave this at auto. I can use either one of the presets or put in my own value. I will set this to 5. 5500 kelvin since im filming in daylight, i can also adjust the focus. Usually i leave this in auto, but if i want to, i can manually control the focus using this slider, but i prefer using the wheel provided here as you can see. As i turn it, i can set focus manually, which is pretty cool anyway. Im gon na leave this at auto for now, and i can also adjust the zoom. So if i slide this over, it will zoom in, but i can also control it with this lever. Right here i want to turn manual mode off, because i want to show you that you can also set your focus by tapping on the screen and locking it, but also set your exposure. This is also what most standard cameras have, so i can just tap on the screen and adjust the brightness or i can tap and hold to lock the auto focus and exposure. So, as you can see its great to have different options, you can either have a full control over your camera or just have everything half automatic on the upper right.

I can switch between the front facing camera and back camera. I can also track a subject by creating a square around it and it will follow that subject. So, if i move my gimbal, it will move accordingly. Also, when i use the front facing camera, i can turn on tracking and it will automatically detect my face. But as i move it, doesnt really move the gimbal, so you can also track the subjects face and it will start moving, and this is pretty great if you want to vlog since you dont have to worry about not being in the frame. Another cool feature is the gesture control, so i can select it hold up two fingers and it will start recording, which is pretty awesome and at the bottom right. I can view all the footage taken which will be saved onto my camera, roll to the very right side. I have different shooting modes um, one that i really like is the multi lens shooting, which allows me to record with multiple lenses, so im able to record with the front facing camera and with the back of the camera, and i can also choose different viewing options. I prefer this one since i have a 16×9 perspective and i can also choose different lens. So, for example, if i want to use the ultra wide angle lens, i can go for that or the telephoto lens, and this is similar to the double take app by filmic pro.

The only downside to it is that youre only able to record in 24 25 and 30 frames per second, so no slow motion. So you also have time lapse mode, slow motion. If you just want to record slow motion internally, video photo, but also panorama with the iphone standard camera, i can also create a panorama by doing it handheld, but with a gimbal im able to do it and it will do the panorama for me giving me a Super wide uh image so lets see how that will look like boom. So in the intelligent mode i will be given different option. I can in choose inception which uh with one click will rotate the smartphone. For me, next will be the alfred hitchcock, which is a sort of vertigo effect that you can create, which enlarges the background or the subject depending on the movement, and you also have a motion shot, which is basically a time lapse. You can create, and the great part is that you can set different reference points, so i can start shooting time lapse here and i can select this then i can move the gimbal and select this as a reference point and move it all the way here and Maybe downwards and select this as my third reference point, i can select the duration of of the time lapse and start the time lapse, all right. So this was an overview of the ac play. App lets now look at the different operating modes.

Okay, so were now going to look at the operating modes with the joystick youre, not only able to move the camera, but also cycle through the different modes by pressing the joystick. Once the display will indicate the current mode youre in. If you double press the joystick, it will return to its original position. The first mode is the pan follow mode which is indicated as pf on the display. That is the mode i use least because the tilt is locked. Next is the full follow mode which is indicated as f. This is what i use most often as its great for following subjects. Next is the full lock mode, which is indicated as l in this mode. All three motors are locked. This will allow your smartphone to stay in place. Next is pov mode, which is indicated as pov. This will allow you to get a first person view perspective. This will basically follow all of your movement since it uses all three axes. You could also use this mode to create a rotation effect or by pressing the joystick three times to enter inception mode in this mode. It will rotate the smartphone for you last by press holding the joystick. You will enable mat dog mode indicated as go, which is great for shooting fast, moving subjects, keep in mind that all of these modes also work with the standard camera app or any other video app like filmic pro. I was a little bit thirsty so now ill show you some footage samples that i took with the gimbal so that you can see how stable the footage actually is.

Music. As you can see, the gimbal does a great job of stabilizing the footage and i had no problems operating the different modes while shooting so the ochuan smart, xr gimbal is priced at around 109 dollars. I think the oshawan smart, xr gimbal is a great compact, gimbal and pairing it with the ac play. App does give you advanced functionality being able to shoot manual mode is important to really have full control over your camera. If you plan on using a lens like i do, which the ones i use are from sandmark, depending on the size of the lens, you will have a difficult time balancing the gimbal, since there is no current option to add counter weights, because you want to make Sure that the gimbal is balanced, otherwise it will drain the battery quite quickly now for filters. I think you can use them since there arent so heavy, but again be aware of the maximum payload. It would be great if it was more compatible with the standard camera or video apps like filmic pro, since i use them very often. Otherwise. I think this is a great gimbal for those that want to capture smooth, looking footage and use the special features that come with this app to capture videos creatively, so guys hope this video was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions about this gimbal make sure to subscribe. If youre new to this channel. This way, i can create more awesome tutorials, for you guys make sure to follow me on instagram benegrazer and if youre looking for more smartphone filmmaking tutorials make sure to check out these two videos.