The 12 was the successor to the iphone 11, but brought the experience on the more budget phone. A lot closer to the pro experience with the vibrant gorgeous oled and just generally more sleek design. We also got the iphone 12 mini. The smallest phone apple had made since the iphone sc in 2016., and, of course, there was that gorgeous blue color. You cant beat that the iphone 12 truly was the complete package offering fantastic flagship level features at a reasonable price tag, at least relative to how expensive the 12 pro could get. Personally, i actually used the phone for the whole year until the iphone 13 pro came out, having nothing but good things to say about the performance, the camera quality and the battery life, hey hows it going im josh from 91 tech and the iphone 12 is in My opinion, one of the most solid iphones apples ever made and thats a bold statement that being said, despite all the good, do not buy the iphone 12 in 2022, as it is no longer worth the price apple is currently selling it. For so in this video lets talk about why exactly that is and why i still very much like the iphone 12.. My last review on the iphone 12 was all the way back when it came out, so i think were long overdue for a revisit. I bought it when it launched and used it for a full year until the iphone 13 pro released, at which point i made the switch, i loved my iphone 12.

. It was a very straightforward, reliable and premium experience, which is exactly what i want from a smartphone, and it came with all the modern commodities with a nice display, a great camera, fast performance and more than decent battery life ill, of course, be looking at all the Typical review points of the phone a little later on and the timestamps are in the description below, but for now we do need to talk about value. The iphone 12 in 2022 is no longer worth the money and its not because its by any means a bad phone. Its still great the problem is that the value factor is not there and turning to apples website, we can quickly find out why exactly? That is with the launch of the new iphones in late 2021 apple reduced, the price of the iphone 12 at 64 gigabytes to 700 us from 800, and then the 12 mini from 700 to 600. on paper, a hundred dollar reduction doesnt sound, so bad and might Even be worth it, but the all new iphone, 13 or 13 mini is much more worth it by a long shot. It replaced the iphone 12s old price point, starting with 128 gigabytes at 800 dollars for the standard iphone 13.. So, for a hundred dollars more, you get a year newer device with double the system. Storage. If youd like, you can upgrade the iphone 12 to 128 gigs when youre buying it and doing so, brings your price take up to 750 dollars, 50 less than the same amount of storage in the iphone 13.

and the iphone 13 hasnt necessarily been improved by a Huge margin, but it is still a full year newer. It brings a slightly smaller notch, a newer chipset and quite a bit better battery life, its not worth saving only a hundred dollars for an iphone 12 over the 13 and its quite confusing to me. Why apple lined up their pricings like this? Of course, these prices are the ones when you buy straight up, unlocked from apple and going through a carrier with a plan of some sorts will likely change things significantly and if you find a deal for the iphone 12, i mean go for it. Its a fantastic device and one that were it not for the 13 id still be recommending wholeheartedly its a big jump over the 500 iphone 11, which is still a great phone, but is missing the much better oled panel that gives true blacks, vibrant colors and a Higher resolution for most of this video ill be referring to the iphone 12 and 12 mini simply as just the iphone 12 as theyre completely identical. Besides the fact that the 12 mini is well mini practically speaking, it doesnt make much difference beyond the screen size, though id expect battery life to be a bit worse and the phones also 600 versus 700 dont get the mini just to save some money. The phone is right about the same size as that old, iphone, 5, 5s and so on, just with the edge to edge, display and thats, simply going to be too small, for, i think most smartphone users.

These days. Most people are just accustomed to the larger screens, but if you are someone who enjoys small phones by all means go for it and your wallet will feel a bit better about it too. So backing up a little bit here and talking about the iphone 12 and what it brought over the iphone 11. We got two major changes. There was the design and then there was something else. You might remember it from apples event. It was very subtle. They barely mentioned it, and that was 5g networking. I kid they. They said the word like 50 times yeah. The iphone 12 has 5g networking, something that not everyone can use yet, but, depending on your carrier and location 5g can give you access to significantly faster internet speeds than lte. For me, its never been much of a big selling point. Even once i switch to a carrier that actually has 5g in my area and could use it, but apple loves talking about it, and i know some people really want 5g, so its certainly worth a mention. The change i was personally more interested in was with the design and boy what a change it was. The iphone 11 and 10r didnt look bad, but they were very obviously the cheaper counterparts to apples main iphone, and this was especially noticeable from the front as you had thicker bezels at lower resolution screen, and there was just that overall, less premium look. It was very clear they werent the best iphones, even if they were still good phones, and that was clearly intentional on apples part.

So when the iphone 12 went and flipped this on its head, i was pleasantly surprised. The iphone 12 retains the aluminum frame and glossy glass back, but flattens the design, making the phone look and feel much more compact. The edges are smooth and flat, just like the 12 pro and on the front of the phone we now have reduced bezels and for the first time, oled on an iphone that isnt the most expensive iphone. That display is 6.1 inches, the exact same as the smaller 12 pro and its almost the perfect smartphone size. In my opinion, if its in the hand with relative ease and gives a ton of screen real estate without being too uncomfortable to use, oled differs from the lcd of the iphone 11 and 10r. It basically allows the phone to turn off individual pixels and give true blacks, resulting in deeper, richer and more vibrant colors. The resolution is also quite a bit higher than the older phones, which means more pixels and a sharper image youre. Looking at a pixel density of 460 pixels per inch versus the iphone 11 and its pixel density of 326 pixels per inch, the screen isnt going to make or break the iphone 12 for the average user. But if youre someone coming from an old, led, smartphone or really want the best display possible on your device, then youre definitely going to want to look higher than the iphone 11.. Interestingly, the iphone 12 mini actually has a slightly higher pixel density than the regular 12.

At 476 pixels per inch, this is just due to how the phone is sized and it wont be discernible in real life use. The size we get here is 5.4 inches, which might sound decently big, but the phone itself is again about the size of an iphone 5 or 5s thats. Quite small im really glad apple made a small phone like this. It had been asked for from a very dedicated group for quite a few years, and more variety and choice in the market is a good thing. My friend whos, holding his 12 mini here, has pretty large hands but still prefers the small phone and thats totally fair for the iphone, 12 or literally any iphone apple sells. I would recommend a case as glass backs. Look nice but tend to be delicate. The glass here is used to accommodate wireless charging. We also have fast charging as well, which you can use, assuming you have a compatible charger. The iphone 12 is water resistant though you probably shouldnt go swimming with it, and while these features have been around for a while, we did get a big new one with the 12 in meg, safe theres. This magnetic ring around the apple logo within the device that allows you to seamlessly attach various makesafe accessories, such as their magnetic wireless charger or magnetic portable battery bank, that battery bank, in particular only costing you about a kidney or two. You know no, no biggie.

Really! You can also buy make safe compatible cases which, admittedly, are pretty cool, and i myself have been using them since i got the 12. inside the case. Is that magnetic ring, which means its compatible with all the chargers as well as various other accessories? There are non apple products that do support makesafe and are a bit cheaper. A lot of the time going back to the phone itself. The iphone 12 and 12 mini are identical, as i said, except for the display and the battery life, since the 12 is physically larger than the 12 mini its got a bigger battery and thus should perform a bit better in that department. However, both phones from my own experience and from people i know, seem to perform fairly well when it comes to battery life lasting a day without much trouble and moderate to heavy usage. My iphone 12 wouldnt last two days, but even with pretty heavy usage, it would more than last a day. If battery is a worry, i would definitely get the bigger one. But really you should be looking at the iphone 13 as it was a pretty decent spec bump in the battery life. I think apple said two and a half extra hours in the iphone 13 over the iphone 12 and then one and a half in the 13 mini over the 12 mini so thats quite significant. The iphone 13 improved a lot of little things, including the camera setup, but it didnt make any major changes there.

The iphone 12 is pretty darn similar. We have a very good camera setup here. There are two lenses on the back, both being 12 megapixels. One is a normal wide lens and the other is an ultra wide, just like with the iphone 11.. The photos this phone can take are absolutely gorgeous and you can see the difference between the two lenses here. The normal wide lens will take the better photo. Generally speaking, but the ultra wide is nice to have particularly for landscapes and any situation where you want to get more in frame. There is no telephoto zoom lens, like on the pro iphones, but as someone who went to the iphone 12 from the iphone 11 pro, which had the three lenses on the back personally, i didnt really miss it. We do get some nice photography features with the 12 line, albeit ones that were also on the iphone 11. There are night photos which take brighter photos and low light situations, and then there are portrait mode photos which blur the background behind the subject. Giving this beautiful, bokeh effect from the portrait shots to the ultra wides to the regular photos, to whatever the iphone 12 is beyond capable of capturing gorgeous images and, while im very much no photographer, i did manage to shoot at least a few nice pictures throughout my Year with the phone, video can be filmed in 4k at up to 60 frames per second, and it looks really really good.

Iphones have been the best when it comes to the videography aspect of smartphone cameras for years now, and the iphone 12 is no exception. Turning to the front of the device, the selfie camera can also take 4k video with that single 12 megapixel lens, and you can pick between a wider and more zoomed in field of view. The wider one takes full advantage of the 12 megapixel camera all in all. The camera of the iphone 12 is still one of its strongest points, even if its only slightly improved over the iphone 11, and that makes sense, given that the iphone 11 and 11 pro were pretty massive upgrades in the photography department. When they came out. The important thing is that your phone can consistently take great pictures and the iphone 12 and 12 mini can handle that with ease speaking of handling things with ease. The iphone 12 is blazing fast, featuring apples, a14, bionic, chipset and four gigabytes of ram for any android users. That might not sound like a lot of ram but keep in mind because apple makes their own software in ios theyre able to cater the experience to their devices, resulting in much greater, optimization and speeds. This phone absolutely flies and can tear through anything and everything. You could possibly want to do from the basics in social media to video streaming web browsing and the more intensive stuff like 3d gaming and the like 5g networking means theres also potential for when it comes to the internet ridiculously fast load times.

And all of this results in a phone that not only provides a reliable, fast and smooth experience, but a phone that also doesnt really feel like its approaching two years old. Only this fall and the future of software support looks bright. Apple is crazy, good when it comes to older smartphones and while most android makers leave you behind after two to three years, apple has most recently given seven years of updates to the iphone 6s with ios 15.. That is an absolutely absurd number for a smartphone and so even trying to be conservative id estimate that the iphone 12 should get at least another four years. Basically, if youre, using the iphone, 12 or 12 mini youre absolutely covered for the foreseeable future. And if you do end up buying one right now, it will have a long life ahead of it, and now we come back full circle to buying an iphone 12 and as we established early on buying new from apple, just isnt worth it when the iphone 13 Has double the storage and all the new stuff for only a hundred dollars more, however, a lot of people dont buy their iphones from apple. They get them through their carriers, often for deals and on contracts, making the price a lot lower right off the bat. So if you find what you consider to be a worthy deal of an iphone, 12 or 12 mini dont be afraid to go for it, theyre still fantastic smartphones in 2022.

, if youre someone who prefers to buy from the used market thats where things are a little Bit less black and white, looking to, the iphone 12 seems to be going for around 500 to 600 500 being about the lowest ive, seen a little under 500 in a couple cases, but for only a couple hundred dollars more, you can get the device brand New with a brand new battery, and for me that would be more worth it, but then, of course you might as well get the 13.. The 12 mini is also a bit cheaper. So the big thing is look around for a deal id try to find something under 500 in good condition. If you want to buy used, of course, the us versus other countries, it varies so much. It could be so expensive, im in canada. So i get it to an extent, but same thing applies. I always want to find a deal relative to whats available, but, generally speaking, i always recommend buying new unless youre someone whos quite comfortable with the used market, and so with that. I think im right about done here. The iphone 12 and 12 mini are still such good phones. There really isnt too much to say, and you would expect just as much given that theyre not even two years old yet but still nice to see theyve aged well so far and will no doubt continue to do so in the coming years.

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