Today i want to talk about the kodak mobile film scanner for color and black and white 35 millimeter negatives and 35 millimeter slides, ive, shot film off and on for many years now and its only been within the last year or so that ive been developing and Scanning my own film, and when i first set out to do this, i bought this little thing at walmart for twelve dollars. Right now, on amazon, this cost thirty five dollars do not pay thirty five dollars for this novelty item now, im not saying this mobile scanner doesnt have its uses, but lets just talk about it. First, its made entirely out of the same sort of material that the box that your cell phone probably came in was made of its thicker than cardstock, but its still just paper. So its just paper and about 50 cents worth of electronic components, which includes a battery compartment, a switch and an led and thats why this thing is not worth 35 dollars. The scanner is powered by two double a batteries. First open this flap then remove this cover to access the battery compartment and load. Your batteries now take the top cover open, the two larger flaps and then lock. The two inner flaps together like so now place the legs of this top cover into the slots. On the bottom part and youre ready to scan now just go grab some film. This particular film was developed and scanned by the dark room in san clemente.

California, i will be comparing my scan with this kodak mobile film scanner, to the scan that i received from the darkrooms lab scanner insert your film into the guides. I think emulsion side down is best with this scanner, since your photos will be in the correct orientation when scanned turn on the scanner, using the switch on the bottom open, the camera app on your phone and invert, the colors. If you have an iphone, you can tap the home button three times quickly to invert the colors. If youve loaded slide film, aka, positive or reversal film, then you do not want to invert the colors on your phone for obvious reasons. Once youve got the camera centered, you can zoom in and adjust the alignment. Youll notice that theres a blue cast to my image, theres, not much. You can really do about that, using just your phone and this mobile scanner. I recommend just desaturating your color negative images. If youre using this scanner, which will also help with another issue, the backlight is just not powerful enough to give even lighting to the negative, which causes a pretty significant vignette in which the colors also shift strongly toward the corners here. Ive desaturated the scan from the mobile scanner, and this is the scan from thedarkroom.coms professional scanner. Now kodak does have an app thats meant to be used with this scanner. Its just called kodak mobile film scanner on the app store, and basically it just has some filters and simple editing tools.

Now, if youre scanning, slides or uncut slide film or even black and white negatives, this actually works pretty good, its not lab quality scans or what you can get with a flat bed. But if youre visiting some family and theyve got a box of slides or old negatives – and you just want to see whats on them, show them to your family and maybe share them to social media. That is the intended purpose of this portable scanner.