Welcome back to today, i feel, like today were going to take a look at the moza nano sc. This is an extendable, smartphone, gimbal and yeah im kind of curious to see how this works, because i have a smartphone that i think is going to be particularly well suited for this gimbal, so lets jump into it ill. Tell you what it is and then ill tell you why im curious about using this but lets unbox it check it out, and here we go all right so some time ago i bought a samsung galaxy note, 20 ultra and one of the reasons why i bought This phone is because it shoots 8k video, and i really wanted to see what 8k video was going to be like. However, i was really really disappointed when i got it and realized one that it had a very, very severe crop. So i couldnt just hold the phone out in front of me like this and vlog, because well it just crops in too close. So, even when im like fully on extended its still cropped in too close for me to vlog with it, the other problem is that there is no image stabilization when im shooting 8k with this phone. So this gimbal, on the other hand, looks like its going to really come in handy because one its extendable, which means its going to allow me to get the camera further away from me. So i can actually hopefully be in frame while in 8k mode and because its a gimbal its going to smooth out those bumps and such as im holding it and walking and talking and vlogging so lets unbox.

This thing try it out and see how its going to perform once we get it all set up. So here we have it right here. This is the moza nano se extendable selfie gimbal, and if we look on this side, we can see that theres going to be the packing list, which is just going to show the nano se the uh, the charging, cable and the users manual theres, going to be A number of apps in here or excuse me: these are social media qr codes, so it looks like they have weibu im, not sure what this one is just says: social media, and then we have their official website and wechat right there and then on the back. We can see what this is going to look like when its all folded up and then on this side. Nothing really just a pull tab. There were going to see under the plastic and then we can see what the whole thing is going to look like when its fully put together. Now they do show on here that the front facing camera is pointed back at the uh at the subject there. So this is a selfie gimbal. It does come with the remote. It looks like, but im actually going to turn my camera around because with the 8k video with the galaxy note 20 ultra, you need to use the rear facing cameras and those are the cameras that i like to use anyways.

So all right lets go ahead and get this thing set up, and i have my handy dandy box opening knife so lets go ahead and just cut through some of this uh plastic there so that we can uh so that we can get through there and uh And get this thing opened up, and here we go and it looks like its going: oh yep, there we go, we have our pool tab right there so that we can get into the box and there we go all right. So it looks like were going to have to activate this. It says activate to get um to get your privileged service. Um lets see here so were going to go ahead and uh lets see activate your privileged service. I think thats, maybe your warranty or something so well, click that well have to go in there and get that um. It also sh. We also have the gimbal right in there and thats nice and small. I like that. A lot nice and small well set that off for the moment, and then we have a a cable. I believe this is the charging cable lets go ahead and get that out. This is going to be a usb a to usbc, which i greatly appreciate for all of you. That know i want everything to be usbc. I want usbc everything that way we dont have to worry about, carrying around a bunch of different cables. We have to worry about searching for different types of cables.

We can just grab any cable in the house and use it, because everything will be usbc thats. What im hoping for all right. We have our infamous silica gel thats right. We always have silica gel Laughter. All right there we go and uh last, but certainly not least, we have our user manual right here. This is the nano se uh user manual right there. If we need that, so all right well set all this stuff. Well put all this stuff back in here. Lets get that stuff there well put the cable back in put that back in that back in the only thing we really want right now is the gimbal and it looks like it says: uh detachable, bluetooth, remote, which is on here so um. It looks like once. We open this up, thats going to go ahead and get the gimbal unfolded, and then right here is where were going to have the detachable uh removable remote that we can use and its going to be right here. So very nice. It feels like it has like a rubberized texture to it so um, so you can actually uh keep a hold of this thing. This part is also sort of rubberized there, so it has a nice amount of grip so that when you put this in there, it stays and it stays in place. So nice, right here on the side here, it says long press for three seconds to turn off and on, and this is going to be the uh.

The power button right there so well go ahead and take that sticker off right there and you may notice that right underneath there there are some lights and that are going to be power, indicator lights. And let me go ahead and let me turn that back off. But there we go turn that off, but these are power indicator lights. This is a bluetooth light, letting us know that the bluetooth is actually connected and there we go. You may be able to see there theres three lights that are turning on there, so um yeah. So let me turn that off for just a second there. This is the phone clip there, so youre gon na youre gon na have this its gon na be able to lock in place like that, and this is where your phone is going to go in. So im gon na go ahead and, put my galaxy note: 20 ultra in there now im going to be able to go ahead and unlock it there so that um, so that it can flow freely and yeah. So this thing now, if you want to extend it, youre, going to go ahead and pull up just like that and youll see there. This is going to go ahead and extend way out. This is really going to extend way out there so that you can get this thing far away from you. So if im out here and i want to vlog with this thing – i can go ahead now and really have this.

Let me see if i can get this thing turned on here: um. Let me get this thing to see if i can get it turned on and set up and there we go and now i can have. I can have the phone way out there like this. So that i can actually get it further away from me so um now what i want to actually do im going to turn this off again, because what i actually want to do is turn this around and get this facing the other direction. So im going to go ahead and just simply turn it around like that and now im going to go ahead and turn this uh turn this gimbal back on and there we go its back on now and now i have it with the rear facing cameras, pointed Towards me – and i can get this further away from me – so now – im ready to start rocking and rolling and i have the remote so i can use the remote to actually start and stop my recordings, because this is probably a little bit too far for me To i can reach it still, so if i want to, i can click it and start and stop the recording and just use the gimbal like this or if i want to use the moza app, i can use the moza app and um and get everything going And get this gimbal rocking and rolling.

So when i want to put it back, i just simply go like that and there we have it so yeah its ready pretty much to to start going. I just need to download the moza app and see whats uh what it can do now. One other thing is this: also on the bottom: here the handle is a tripod, so you can actually set this up here and let me go ahead and extend this out. A little bit there and now you can set that just like that. So if you, if you have this thing, turned on and you have your phone situated just like that now, if you want to set this on a tabletop or something you can do that, and you can have your phone up there, where you can do a walk And you know a talk to directly on there if you want to set it down somewhere – or i imagine, if youre doing like a motion, time lapse or something you can probably make this thing rotate so im going to go ahead and jump into the jump into The app so i can check it out and see how it works, but before i do any of that – and actually i dont even know, if im going to use the app because i generally dont use the apps that come with these gimbals, i usually just use The regular phone recording app, but what i would do want to do, is take this outside and test it and see how it works, and i want to go ahead and put my phone on a regular little selfie.

Stick that i would have just a little regular sort of mini tripod selfie. Stick that extends out a little bit. I want to show you what that looks like compared to being able to extend it way out there like this is going to really allow me to do just really get this thing out there. I want to show you what the difference is going to look like with uh with a little selfie. Stick that doesnt really offer any uh stabilization and not that much extension versus what this nano sc is going to offer me with plenty of extension and the gimbal. So all right lets go, try it out all right. So here i am outside and i have the uh. I have my phone set up on my regular little selfie. Stick. We can see here it has a little bit of extension, but not quite that much so lets go ahead and try and vlog with this and see how its going to work out. So here i am, i have this thing fully extended. My arm is fully extended and the selfie stick is fully extended. I am shooting and uh 8k and again when youre shooting in 8k, with uh with this camera. With the galaxy note 20 ultra. The image stabilization is not active, it doesnt work so um so yeah. It might be a bit shaky. The uh. The footage is probably cropped in really tight because well thats what happens when i shoot with ak? It really punches in quite a bit there.

So um. The next thing were going to do is go ahead. Put it on the gimbal, because the gimbal is going to give me some more extension and its going to give me some. Some extra stabilization so lets see how it works in comparison all right, so here we have it. I went ahead and, put my my note. 20, ultra on to the moza nano se – and the first thing i want to do is just make a little adjustment there. So i get the right angle for my phone and then i want to extend it all the way out as far as possible here. So i can get as much distance between me and the camera that i can there so yeah all right looks like its set up and pretty much ready to go. Lets go ahead and start vlogging with it and see how this thing is going to perform. Now. Remember that this is a gimbal, and so its primary function is to smooth out the footage and so im hoping that its smoother than the uh im smoother than not using the gimbal when we were using just the basic selfie stick here so now. I should be a little bit further away. I should be able to get myself framed up a little bit better and see more around me since i have the uh since i have the gimbals uh selfie arm fully extended, and i have my own arm extended out.

Hopefully, this is giving me enough distance between uh between myself and the camera here, so yeah anyways. This is the moza nano se and im filming right now with the uh with the samsung galaxy note, 20 ultra in 8k, and that ak has a really really severe crop in it, which is the reason why i need this extension arm in the first place, and Also, when shooting in 8k it does not have the camera does not have any image stabilization so thats. Another reason why i need the gimbal, so hopefully its performing well all right everyone. Well, there we have it. That is a quick look at the moza nano. Se, extendable selfie, gimbal and yeah, i have to say that um this could be a nice gimbal for a lot of people for the way that i vlog the way that i use my cell phone cameras. It doesnt make a lot of sense for me in part, because the only phone that i would really use it with is my galaxy note: 20 ultra, where in ak it doesnt have image stabilization and it has a really severe crop, and so you really need to Get the phone out far far away from you so that you can get yourself framed up, but i found that even when i had it extended out further away from me, it was still very hard to sort of judge um where the camera was in relation to Me so i can actually get some decent uh composition.

It was really difficult. In that sense it do. It did do an actual uh good job of stabilizing the footage. I thought it did a pretty good job compared to uh, not using uh the gimbal at all and having just no stabilization, so i thought the gimbal did a decent job there. My question that im left with is who is this for because most people that are taking their cell phone, videography or or filmmaking um, you know serious. They have probably they probably have nicer phones. They probably have something like a high end, iphone or maybe a high end, android phone or something or you know like the note 20, ultra or the z fold, or something like that and all of those phones have built in image stabilization as long as youre shooting In 4k, uh so and – and the other thing is when you use the app that the moza app for this, you can only shoot in 4k. You cant use 8k. So, even if your camera, if you have like a note 20 ultra or you have a galaxy s21 and you cant shoot an 8k with your camera, it doesnt work with the moza app, so youre forced to actually use the built in app, which means you cant. Then use the uh, the included remote control that comes with the gimbal, so there are some shortcomings there and, if youre shooting in 4k to be honest with you, you dont really need a gimbal, because if you have something like an iphone or a note, 20 ultra Or something youre shooting in 4k, the the footage is so smooth that it looks like its on a gimbal just using the the stabilization from the camera so from the phone so yeah, but its still nice.

If you have a phone that doesnt have good image, stabilization or youre already going to get a selfie stick, and you want to just add that extra bit of stabilization onto your selfie stick. It works nice for that. Another downside, though, is that, because this only is a two axis, gimbal and youre not actually going to youre, not actually going to be able to do those motion time lapses, which is one of the main reasons why i like having a gimbal in the first place, Because, nowadays, image stabilization on cameras and phones and everything else are so good. For the most part, you dont really need a gimbal unless youre trying to do something else like motion time lapses, and the fact that i cant do that with this is sort of a bummer for me, but yeah anyways. I still think its a nice gimbal, its nice and small, its pocketable, its back packables personable, its very easy to take with you, its lightweight and its easy to set up. So if you do need a a smartphone gimbal, this could be a very nice option. For you, so anyways im going to leave a link to it down below in the video description so that you can check it out. Im also going to leave a link to my amazon page, my social media contacts. So you can reach me elsewhere and i hope you enjoyed uh seeing this video.