This time around its just the 8t, no ht pro, because oneplus said it wants to keep its ultra flagship devices to a yearly thing before we get into the details, i just want to compare it first to its predecessor, the oneplus 8.. Now, as you can see here, there are some standout physical differences, its a tad bigger in all dimensions, but the two main changes are that the camera has moved up to the corner and the front glass has been flattened. If i had to sum it up, it just looks and feels a lot more like the oneplus nord than it does the 8 and 8 pro it feels exceptionally well made. The haptics are very crisp and, as always, the alert slider is a joy to use on paper. The two differ a little less than the 7 and 17., so its the same chipset, ram and storage, but with a slightly bigger battery, an added monochrome camera a beefed up macro camera, a 120 hertz display, instead of a 90 hertz and warp charge 65 versus warp Charge 30 charging so fundamentally at least its very, very similar to the oneplus 8 and i would actually say if youve got a oneplus, 8 dont, even consider upgrading because theyre just so similar using the oneplus 8t. I noticed immediately how quick, snappy and responsive it felt kind of like a lot of smartphones from oneplus really, even though oneplus decided to leave out the plus variant of the processor and just sticking with the 865, there were basically zero hiccups during my usage and barely Any during games, i dont really play many games, but i like to try out real racing 3 and riptide renegade and they were buttery smooth experiences.

If youre a gamer youre not going to be disappointed. Another reason you might buy a oneplus phone in the past is for its software and oxygen. Os has been revered for balancing features and clean, aesthetic and smoothness and speed, but with oxygen. Os 11, based on android 11 oneplus, is taking a slightly different approach to things sure its still focused on speed, but there is a different approach to the aesthetic vision and the layout. A few notable changes are the quick settings tray, which now has the brightness slider on the first layer. Instead of having to swipe further down the big clock on the second layer of the quick settings has been changed as well and a redesigned settings menu which has been optimized for one handed use and, of course, the new ambient displays with new options. Coming with later, software updates, one change that im not so sure about is the smooth brightness slider. So what oneplus has done here is taken a perfectly working standard across the board. Everyone knows how to use it, brightness slider and try to make the transition from bright to dim and dim to right, smoother, but in doing that, theyve introduced a lag and a delay, and what that means is its oftentimes, very finicky and awkward to get the right. Brightness, if youre in a specific environment where you dont want it to be too bright or too dim, and if anything theyve just tried to reinvent the wheel a bit here.

Its really odd, because the rest of the new interface is fantastic, and i think anyone who picks up a device with oxygen os 11 is really going to enjoy it. But this one feature just stands out as a bit of a kind of theyre trying a bit too hard. Oneplus is 120hz amoled display here is no bigger than that of the 8, but because its now flat, you dont get that awkward curved screen glare that you got with the eight. Also. There is a tiny bit of a taper right at the edge to aid in gesture ergonomics, for example, when sliding to go back, which i appreciated when using the phone. The panel gets very bright. Very dim has great viewing angles and a fairly quick optical in display fingerprint scanner as well. The oneplus 8ts 4500mah battery has been bumped up by 200 milliamp hours over its predecessor and its actually given fantastic battery life. Even though i kept this thing on 120 hertz mode, the entire time, i managed to get around six hours of screen on time on average, which is a lot of screen on time for me, but it still left the phone with around 20. At the end of the day, so you could squeeze even more out of it. My usage is kind of mid to high brightness, a lot of camera usage watching a couple of youtube videos here and there and a mix between lte and wi fi connectivity with the new included, walk charge 65 brake, which is now usbc thanks oneplus the 8t can Charge in just ‘ minutes that means that one, the included cable in the box is a red, cable, thats, usb c to c, which i dont know.

But i just i find that really satisfying and two that this thing just charges really quickly and what ive been doing with it is not actually charging it overnight, but just letting it run throughout the night and then wake up in the morning. Ill put it on to charge, go, make a coffee and by the time, ive done all my morning, routine. The things charged at 100 again, which is fantastic, its definitely not the fastest charging weve ever seen, but its certainly very quick. Oneplus has stuck a couple of new cameras in the 8t and, if anything, it kind of just fluffs up the spec sheet, a little bit, theres still no dedicated telephoto camera and the beefed up macro camera and monochrome cameras are pretty useless compared to one of those. The results oddly oneplus has decided to go with a color profile, thats very heavy, in contrast actually rather similarly to the oneplus nord that we checked out not so long ago. You noticed this immediately when looking at the 80s photo samples. Colors have taken a nice boost in saturation, though, and theyre a little bit oversaturated, but really only just a tad, not because they look ugly but because theyre, just a little bit more saturated than in real life. Switching to the ultra wide samples are slightly softer and theres a little bit more of a lens flare problem, but the dynamic range looks very similar and the sharpness, especially when zoomed out on a social media profile, is really very similar and thats impressive.

That said, overall, the cameras are still not flagship level theres way too much contrast, not enough dynamic range and it looks like someones taking the structure slider in instagram and just whacked. It all the way up its really odd. The oneplus 8t can take some pretty decent night shots. It can see in the dark pretty well, but what i found that focus became more of the issue in really challenging scenarios. Of course, these are some of the toughest scenarios to put a tiny phone camera sensor in, but it did a decent job regardless selfies and portrait mode shots do look decent out v80, as with the main samples theres, a lot of contrast, and so it can make Photos look a little bit moody, but if thats your thing, then this is the phone for you, the ultra hd 60fps videos again have a lot of contrast. Theyre relatively smooth and stabilization is pretty good, but the 8t just wont be taking home any awards for the best in class video its competing with the likes of the samsung s20 fan edition, the zenfone 7 pro the mi 10t pro theres a lot going on there And really out of all of them, it doesnt really stand out, like i said right at the start of the video. It feels a lot like the oneplus nord in layout and in holding in the hand, and if youre, not a smartphone connoisseur, then you would be forgiven for thinking theyre way too similar.

But you know this one cost double the price of the nord. So why would you buy it in a similar vein? The equivalent samsung is probably gon na. Give you better cameras better display. It might not beat it on speed, which is, of course, what oneplus is known for, but if youre really not about that life, you can get something thats more rounded out than the oneplus 8t overall, the oneplus 8t is a solid smartphone. Its got great performance, great battery life, a great screen and a decent camera.