Now you might have already watched unboxing videos and detailed reviews of it, because it is not a new phone by any means, but it is still praised a lot by the tech community. In fact, ive been using this phone for the past four months now so i know this phone in and out. So this video is all about if it is still worth buying s20 fe 5g in early 202, and i highly recommend you to watch the whole video before making up your mind. So high refresh rate displays are pretty common. These days, most smartphones come with a 90hz refreshed panel, but s20 fe 5g comes with a fixed 120 hertz. Now i wont be able to explain in detail what high refresher displays are in this video, particularly, but in short, it makes the overall experience of using the phone really smooth, and it is difficult to go back to a regular 60hz panel after using this one. It has 6.5 inch 1080p samsung amoled display bright enough to use it in direct, sunlight and contrasty, as you would expect from a samsungs flagship display. It has widevine l1 and hdr10 plus support as well. However, for some odd reason it doesnt play videos in hdr on netflix, but it is there on youtube and other supported apps now, im, not sure if samsung is at fault here or netflix, but the phone is already 10 months old, so i dont think its going To be fixed in the future, it has an optical in display fingerprint sensor and you can store up to three fingerprints.

It works fine, but not that quick as compared to an ultrasonic sensor on the s21 lineup. It is also ip68 water and dust resistant which is rare to find in this price segment. One important thing for all: non tech, savvy people out there. There are two versions of this phone one with 5g and second one without 5g support. The non 5g version comes with an exynos processor, which was launched in late 2020, and this 5g version comes with a snapdragon processor which launched in india in march 2021. And it is one of the few phones from samsung with the flagship, snapdragon chipset right now and before you ask go for the 5g version, because exynos runs a bit hotter as compared to a snapdragon chipset and because of the 5g capabilities. Obviously it comes with snapdragon 865 processor with 8 gigs of ram. Well, even if this is an old chipset, that doesnt mean that it is slow or laggy. The overall experience is quite smooth. I mean i dont really play games on smartphones now, but i tried call of duty and ask for line for summer for testing purposes, and i didnt notice any major frame drops, so it is holding up. Well also, it comes with 128gb of internal storage with expandable memory option, or you can use a second sim. Instead, the phone supports dolby atmos for good sound quality through dual stereo speakers and earphones as well, and sound from either of them is loud enough, and i never went above 70 volume and there are ample settings to set the sound signature.

As per your preference like equalizer, personalized, sound profiles, etc and yeah, there is no headphone jack, so you have to rely on bluetooth earphones or buy a connector separately about the battery life after charging the phone to 100, i get a full day of use, plus a Couple of hours more so, if i dive into the technical details, the phone has a 4500 milliamp battery, which gives me five hours of scene on time on average. Well, this can vary from person to person depending on the usage. My usage includes an hour of instagram and facebook, an hour of music streaming on spotify an hour of attending zoom calls and a couple of hours of video streaming on youtube. Amazon, prime and netflix combined also wi, fi, bluetooth, location and always on display are always enabled, and before i forget, it is running on android 11 with samsungs one ui 3.1. On top, there is no aggressive battery saving on by default, which i was on used to before, as i was using asus zenfone 5z before this phone. In fact, i just received the notification for android 12 with one. You have four updates, while shooting this video so ill be checking out the new android features and ui changes and updating you guys well. Samsung advertises this phone as 25 watt super fast charging, which is not super fast by any means on top of it. The phone comes with only a 15 watt charger in the box.

Like i mean you can argue that flagship phones and iphone specifically dont come with a charger nowadays, but that is just silly. In my point of view. The 15 watt charger charges the phone in one hour, 50 minutes and honestly i dont have that much patience and time. So i bought the 25 watt charger which charges the phone in 70 minutes flat, ill, put more detail specs somewhere here or wherever theres space in the frame. But it is not all sad story here. S20 fe 5g supports 15 watt wireless charging, as well as reverse file charging, which, as the name suggests, can charge other wireless charging supported devices wirelessly now as compared to the competition s20. Fe has three useful cameras at the back, and by useful i mean no crappy. 2 megapixel macro camera or a depth camera. Actually, i was surprised to see how good these cameras are. So you got one 12 megapixel primary, a 12 megapixel ultra white and an 8 megapixel three time: zoom camera aka telephoto lens now the main and the telephoto cameras have ois which helps to avoid those blurry shots so that you dont have to click multiple picks. All three have good dynamic range, reduces sharp images, but sometimes noisy in the night mode, but overall solid cameras. Now i didnt notice any color shift while clicking with all the three cameras in the normal mode. But if you click the photo in the night mode with the ultra white camera, then you get a slight pink issue in some shots, which was a bit odd.

But im still quite happy with the results. All the cameras can record videos in 4k, 60 fps, including the front camera. The front cam is a 32 megapixel sensor, which is fine. It performs well in good lighting conditions, but okay in artificial lighting, but you can use night mode to increase the overall image quality. Nothing special here, not a selfie guys, so i didnt click much for selfies. You can go with the oneplus 9, but only for selfies rear cameras are better and produces consistent result on the h20 f5g. I am making a dedicated video on android 12 and samsungs one ufo software so subscribe for that. But let me tell you briefly about the software experience on this phone. It is not close to google pixel stock ui experience by any means. In fact, there are several apps from samsung, like my galaxy app samsung browser and the infamous bixby which nobody uses, but there are a ton of useful features that you will not get in other smartphone brands like samsung pay, where you can add your credit and debit Cards digitally and make payments directly my favorite edge panels for quick access to useful apps, samsung decks, samsung knocks for security and good lock app for customization and samsung has promised to provide three major android updates and four years of security updates. So it will be getting android 13 and security updates till the year 2024.. Now the pricing at the time of recording this video is 38 000 indian rupees and there are always some offers or discounts going on amazon, so look out for them ill leave the amazon affiliate links in the description below, so you can check them out.

So if youre looking to buy a smartphone in this price bracket, then i really dont think that theres a better phone in this price bracket. Of course it is not a perfect device and some corners were cut like slow 15 watt charge in the box, no headphone jack and a plastic back panel. But on the flip side it has good rear cameras, 120 hertz amoled display wireless and reverse wireless charging and ip68 rating. So overall, this is a balanced phone with a few compromises and let me clarify snapdragon 865 chipset is old, but powerful and samsungs promised future updates. Make this a value for money smartphone? You can always go for the latest samsung galaxy s21 fe, but it is priced at 55 000 for the base variant, which goes up to 59 000 and again it has its own pros and cons, but that topic is for a separate video. So if you have any other questions post them in the comment section and you can always connect with me on other social media platforms, all the links are in the description. Well, thank you for watching once upon a techy and ill catch.