So does the companys latest sub 20 000 rupees entrant, the cam on 18, deliver on the core fundamentals? Lets find out Music, hello, everyone amania from mr phone – and this is my full review of the techno camon 18. Of course, if youre new to the channel then consider hitting that red subscribe button for awesome tech videos and also turn on the bell, so that you dont miss any of our latest updates lets get started Music, starting with the phones, design and build. This is an unapologetically big phone, so operating it with one hand, can be a task for some. That said, i love how the phone looks and feels in the hand, despite using a plastic build, the phones frame feels solid, while the glossy finish on this dusk gray. Variant definitely makes the phone looks exquisite, however, because of the glossy nature of the back. Fingerprints and smudges are an issue, so a case is definitely recommended or you can opt for the iris purple color variant. I feel between the two shades. The purple definitely looks much better and it also comes with a matte finish. Moving on, you get a usb type c port, a headphone jack, a microphone and a single speaker at the bottom. The volume buttons on this phone offer good tactile feedback and are very clicky, but the same cant be said for the power button. The power button, which also has the fingerprint sensor embedded inside, felt mushy to me.

That said, it is very fast and accurate when it comes to unlocking the device. Apart from that, theres not much to talk about the design and build, except the fact that the camon 18 is indeed a good looking smartphone shifting gears at the front, you get a 6.8 inch. Full hd, plus ips lcd display its a 60hz panel and looking at the competition techno should have at least provided a 90 hertz panel. Here, however, in terms of display quality, its a well calibrated lcd panel for its budget, it offers wide viewing angles. Colors look good. I also didnt notice any sort of screen bleeding around the edges or around the hole punch. The multimedia experience here is also great and despite featuring a single bottom firing speaker, the audio output gets pretty loud in terms of brightness, the display peaks at 500 nits, and i did not face any issues regarding screen legibility beat indoors or outdoors on the downside. The display is only wide wine l3 certified, which means hd viewing on netflix and prime isnt a thing on the smartphone, which is kind of disappointing overall, its a good display and, as i said, its a well calibrated panel, however techno should have at least given a 90 hertz refresh rate option here. Moving on the tecno camon 18 is powered by the mediatek helio g85 soc theres, only a single variant on offer that is 4gb ram, plus 128gb storage theres also a dedicated micro sd card slot on this phone for expandable storage.

As for the software theres ios, 8 atop android 11 and as usual, ios is a pretty busy affair. Now, dont get me wrong. It looks good it operates. Well, it is responsive, but i also couldnt ignore the amount of bloatware, some of which you cant, even uninstall, which is quite annoying and dont. Even get me started on the spam notifications. One more downside to ios 8 is that it doesnt have google discover now. This might not be an issue for some, but it definitely bothers me a lot for now. Ive kept the google app on my home screen and while it is still a one click process, the way you can access it with a single swipe on other android smartphones just feels natural with that said, if you can look around the bloatware and the spam notifications And i feel that high os overall is a decent skin that, once you start fiddling around with then youll discover a bunch of useful features. But yes, techno definitely needs to work on the bloatware situation here on to the performance. Well, the helio g85 is easily able to handle your usual day to day activities. Ram management was decent and you also get virtual ram expansion of up to 3 gb, which can take the phones total ram to up to 7 gb. So that is a good addition. Apart from this, i also didnt face any problems regarding speed and responsiveness, while using chrome, social media or a general texting on whatsapp or telegram.

However, opening heavy apps does take longer than usual, speaking of which graphics intensive games such as call of duty, mobile and asphalt 9 were playable. In my testing, i did not experience any major performance drops or heating issues while playing for long sessions. However, the graphics dont look that great, and that is something of a limitation that comes with the helio g85. Now in terms of call and network reception, i tested the camon 18 on the jio4g network. Sadly, there is no carrier aggregation, something that definitely helps in areas with dodgy connectivity, but, generally speaking, network reception was pretty stable. I did not face any call drops the call quality in the phones. Earpiece itself was loud and clear, and the phones, a proximity sensor, also worked flawlessly. Battery life is another area where the tecno camon 18 deserves applause. The phone comes with a 5000 mah battery under the hood that will easily last you a day with medium to heavy usage, and this is with six to seven hours of screen on time. Heck with moderate usage. You can even use this phone for two days straight. Standby times are also great on the smartphone and i usually noticed a one to two percent battery drop overnight, which is fantastic. Finally, lets talk about the camera. You get three lenses at the back: a 48 megapixel primary assisted by a couple of two megapixel depth and ai lenses at the front theres again, a 48 megapixel lens for selfies, given favorable lighting conditions, the main 48 megapixel camera of the camon 18 does not disappoint, Beat indoors or outdoors shots captured, exhibited true to source, color, reproduction and good detail.

The camera does, however, require some work in the hdr department, basically shooting against a light source. Doesnt yield you the best of the results coming to the shots taken in not so great lighting. Once again, the camon 18 delivers. Of course, if there is some sort of artificial light source around, you can expect the camera to capture decent shots with minimal noise. In the output additionally theres night mode as well, which also helps in boosting the exposure in a shot, if the need be all while keeping a check on the noise contrast and details coming to the front camera, the camon 18 does a good job when it comes To taking selfies shots come out clean skin tones look natural and overall, the output was detailed for times where theres pitch dark, theres, also a flash unit at the front which helps in illuminating. The subject neat now in terms of video recording the rear camera can shoot up to 2k videos and, while the colors and details in the video output look good, my gripe here is definitely the lack of video stabilization, so videos that involve a lot of walking or Running around will turn out to be jerky, but otherwise in terms of color reproduction details, dynamic range, etc. The camon 18 does a fine job by the way. The camera is also loaded with some cool video presets and options that let you create social media ready content. The best part is that you dont need to edit the clips or add music or anything like that simply hit record and the phone will do the rest for you sharing a sample of what im talking about Music.

At the end of the day, the technocam on 18 does deliver when it comes to the core fundamentals. For starters, the design and build is good. The phones performance is decent with the battery life being top notch. Even the camera system on the smartphone delivers when it comes to taking stills in a variety of lighting conditions, not to mention the selfie camera performance is great on this thing. With that said, techno definitely needs to work harder on its software. That is high os. Additionally, for its retail price of a little under 16 000 rupees, the camon 18 should have at least come with a 90 hertz screen, and that was my take on the techno camon 18. Now, what do you guys think about technos latest offering after watching this video? Let me know in the comments below, as always for all the latest in tech stay tuned to mr phone ill catch you all in the very next one.