Now this smartphone was launched back in september and its taken xiaomi its own sweet time to get it to indian shows. Now, when it comes to specification, it comes with a snapdragon 8 processor, 120 hertz oled screen stereo speakers, a 5 000 mah battery that charges weight using 120 watt fast charger. Yes, you heard it correct 120 watt pass charger, so lets check out what the xiaomi 11 t pro offers inside the box and what it will get to you as a consumer, so heres, the retail box of the new xiaomi levin t pro and as always, theres Plenty of branding all around the package that that screen xiaomi so lets quickly take this plastic covering off and dig into the box. Music. Okay, so lets open this box and see whats inside this lid is pretty tight around the corners but thats a good thing about the packaging. I would say: okay lets first go ahead and take out the paper sleeve that has the sim eject, pin inside it there. It is and uh this is the 3.5 millimeter jack dude type c adapter, which is good to have a lot of companies. Dont include this accessory in the box, which is where i feel that this is a big plus Music, then theres the user guide, and we can keep this apart, and this is the transparent back cover so thats about it here. Lets uh put all of this aside and take a look at the phone now, so this is the xiaomi 110 pro in all its glory.

This is the celestial blue variant, which has a gradient look at the back with all these flashy colors. That change with the angle of the light now lets take this covering off and check out the phone. Oh wait before we dive deeper into the phone lets, see whether theres anything else that we missed in the box. Ah, there we go theres the charging adapter, which i must say, is a big block of plastic. I mean squeezing 120 watt fast charging inside. This must have been a task, but yes, its pretty big, and this is the usb type, a to type c charging cable. So thats about it as far as the box is concerned, so lets dive into the phone. Now the xiaomi 11d pro features a 6.67 inch, full hd, plus amoled display and a hole punch cut out at the top for the selfie camera. It offers 120 hertz refresh rate with a 480 hertz touch sampling rate. The display supports hdr, 10 plus and dolby vision standards. The phone weighs 204 grams and is available in three finishes: celestial blue moonlight, white and meteorite gray. The fingerprint reader sits on the side under the power button. There is a primary speaker and its located at the bottom next to the usb type c port on the other side of the port is the sim card tray, which accepts two nano sim cards. The phone features serial speakers that have been tuned by harman kardon and support dolby atmos, the back of the phone is made of matte finished glass.

The display is protected by gorilla victors glass, xiaomi 11 t pro is available in three variants. There is an 8gb ram option with 128gb of storage, a second 8gb ram variant with 256gb storage and a top end variant with 12gb of ram and 256gb of storage, which is the one that we received for review. Xiaomi uses the qualcomm snapdragon 8 processor in the xiaomi 11 t pro, which comes with the integrated x65g modem. As for software theres miui 12.5.2, based on android 11 with plenty of pre installed apps, there are three rear cameras on the xiaomi 11t pro. This includes 108 megapixel primary camera, an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera and a 5 megapixel macro camera. Selfie duties are handled by a 16 megapixel front facing camera. Xiaomi offers a 120 watt fast charger in the box that can be used to charge the 5000 mah battery in the 11t pro just like every other smartphone at the lower end of the premium segment. The xiaomi 110 pro aims to be an all rounder, but we will have to put it through its spaces in our review to find out how well it performs against the competition. So that was the unboxing and a quick. First, look at the new xiaomi 11 t pro. Let us know in the comment section of what you think about the new xiaomi device as well, be getting your review very soon on the gadgets 360 youtube channel and as always for everything, tech stay tuned to gadgets360.