Yes, when its been now close to 250 days of using the iq7 device and im getting plenty of comments regarding this ico sound device recently, the main reason is because at this moment you can actually buy the ico sound device for about 2590, which is 256gb variant And after this kind of huge discounts during this republic day sale a lot of users, they want me to do this kind of long time, review, usage, thats the reason i thought of uploading, a video dedicating only on the iphone 7 device. Is it what to buy right now in the 2022, or should you wait for the icon, 9 or any other ico phone? All these details ill try to discuss in this entire video, so lets get started friends without wasting any time and right now lets talk about. First category, which is the price ill try to discuss in each and step by step category so, for example, starting with the price and performance display camera battery and charging build quality connectivity. Software updates. All these details ill try to discuss in this entire video talking about long time, usage of this phone 250 days, its not joke friends from the starting to till now i do have this device, yes iq, sound device with me and im. I did do a plenty of testing on this device as well from the starting to till now, so i can definitely say confidently that i do have a lot of idea about this ip7 smartphone.

So first thing about the price lets talk about so right now you can actually get the iq7 device for about 2590 rupees in the amazon website, which is 256gb variant. If you try to select the 128gb and 256gb, both variants are available for same price. So i did advise a lot of my subscribers to buy the 256 gb so theres, some kind of small loophole, which is there at this moment so which my subscribers did uh order, a few of them as well, and even though they did order 128gb, they immediately Cancel and they order the 258gb so make sure you use my links in the description friends in case if you want to buy this ico sound device. So, finally, in the in terms of the price for 25, 990 rupees, its really the best for the performance and the gaming and the camera, these are the few things which i did mention: friends, performance and the camera. These are very, very strong points for the ico. Sound device, every phone has its own strong points, for example some phones – they do are the really very good strong points in the display, some phones in the camera, some phones in the build quality and some in the connectivity. So in the ico sound device whats the best is the performance and the camera. These two things are really very good from the starting to till now and other things are kind of okay, but not as great as this performance in the camera.

So lets talk about the performance segment. The main reason why i did mention about the performance is because even after usage for 250 days of usage, still the phone feels really very smooth and very fast, while gaming, but the only biggest drawback is the batterys mobile game. Im not sure why the ico didnt give the 90 fps on this icoo sound device, its totally very much disappointing friends, because its been so many days and so many months, a lot of users bought this icosan device to game, especially the battery ones, mobile game, but Still, we did not get any kind of 90 fps and it show so much a shame that iko is official partner for the bad ones mobile game and if they cannot do it im, not sure what about the other companies, but still they need to figure out. Friends to give the 90 fps for the ico 7 users right now, because most of the people they did buy recently friends thats the reason. So i did personally request to them as well, and a lot of users are actually sending the messages in the twitter and instagram, but im not sure when theyre gon na give it, except that not having 90 fps. Apart from that, everything is pretty good in this device. If you try to use the esports mode, you can actually experience really good performance. Until now, i did not uh install the android too. Well, the things might change with android 12, so stay tuned for those videos.

Friends and the 4d vibrations works fantastic and the voice changer and the display gain display enhancement, also works really great in terms of enhancing the colors thats, also really good in this phone overall for the performance wise, its really the best one and the cpu totally, you Can see the graph how it is its very stable, pretty good solid, as you can see nothing, much measured or throttling, and even if you try to look at the benchmark test as well, it will be really solid score of seven lakhs from starting to till now. It did not decrease at all, as you can see, friends, solid, 7 lakh scores always and maintaining low temperatures thats the main key, even though the realme gt near 2 has got a snapdragon 870. This phone temperatures can go up to 37 degree celsius 36 and 37. Like 2 degrees will be always higher in this device, but when compared with the ico, sound device, so thats another strong point – and apart from that the iq phone supports the 120 is refreshed. I mean this font hui supports 128 high refreshed games. The main reason why im mentioning this kind of small thing is because the real me phones, i mean real me ui in some devices, it wont, allow to run high refreshed games, for example, in the real mix and max real music in your 2. You cannot play high refresher games unless you use the set edit application.

You need to use the setted application to play it high refresher. This comes some kind of problem with the real me ui, its been for a long time. Friends not now its been for for a long time still, they did not fix that that kind of issue, but theres no issues such in the ico sound device regarding the gaming for gaming, its really the beast, i would say definitely next lets move to the. I think i did speak a lot about the performance because thats the main point right, thats the reason so next about the display about the display. There are a couple of things you should know. First, there will be some kind of green tint problem, but dont worry in case. If you are the green tin tissue, try to up immediately apply for the replacement just type in the youtube green, tent, green tint, iq7, sci tech just type. Similarly, in the youtube search. Just click enter and you will able to find all my videos which i did upload in the ico – sound device. As you can see so many videos, i did upload, you can record in the green tint, and this green tint will not be present in all the phones. Only few units will be having this kind of problem thats. The main reason, friends in case, if you have this kind of green tint issue in the icoson device, apply for the replacement as soon as possible.

Amazon will be accepting the replacement because they know that there is a problem with iq or 7 series itself, so theyll definitely understand that. So next thing is about the having hdr support and hd support. Its really good netflix hdr is supported. Friends, let me show you the netflix application once again, and these are netflix and let me show you hdr is supported its fantastic, no issues. The main reason is because this real medio2 doesnt support, hdr in the netflix and right now, as you can see since hdr, is supported in the netflix as well, thats, really fantastic, to know, recording the display as well. So, apart from that, there is nothing much major complaints about the display fans really like normal display, theres, nothing, much unique or thing about going on in this display, like 10 bit panel. Nothing like that, so its kind of decent display and next thing is the camera. Yes, friends, the camera is the most interesting part, which is really good in the iq, sound device. If you ask me what are the best camera phones below 30k, what i used, which are ico 7 and the one plus, not two thats, the main reason what i have used, these two are really good the what i did not use, maybe in the oppo phones And vivo phones also, they can have really good, but i did not use those phones, so i dont have any idea, but right now the camera in this ico 7 is really solid and you can actually record the 4k 60 fps, but after android 12 4k 60fps Has been disabled, um im, not sure why there must be some kind of issue or some kind of bug, but 4k 60fps is supported and stabilization is really good, while recording i did do plenty of testings using this camera and even though nightmare shots are really very Great in this device, i mean low light photography, thats one of the biggest plus point for the ico, sound device, low light.

Photography is really very cool and very good. You can see if its almost its really great its very cool, even the loaded photographer as well. I did do plenty of testing so make sure to check out the videos in case if youre interested its complete dark as well, but still the phone was able to get lot of light thats really great, and apart from that, the front cam is kind of okay Kind of okay – sometimes you do get this kind of whitish kind of layer on the face, sometimes because of some problem. Some focus problem, but sometimes you will be getting this kind of issue. As you can see, friend, cam is kind of okay, friends, not great, but its kind of decent enough. The friend cam yes thats. What? But, overall the shots are really good. Even the outdoor or indoor doesnt matter, the camera will be really the best in the icos underway. These two things are strong points. These two things will not change, but its really good next is about the battery backup and the charging. What about those charging speed? My phone takes about 33 minutes of time, but some users didnt mention they are taking about 30 minutes of time only and screen on time. I can get about six hours of screen on time, six to six ten hours scale on time in the ico, sound device. No issues continuously between mobile gaming. You can do up to five to six hours of time, continuous game play in the iq, sound device and this battery backup may change once after you update to the android 12.

So the main reason is because right now, im not using any android uh tool at this moment, thats the reason im, not sure about android 12 problems and issues so stay tuned for those videos in case if youre interested. So these are the things about the battery backup and next mode to the build quality, build quality, solid fence, no issues with the build quality. You can see how the usage of the phone is even after 250 days of usage as well. Still, the phone did not have any kind of scratches on the back set its really good. As you can see the surface, i did like nothing like major scratches, as you can clearly see fence. I cannot see any kind of scratches at this moment its pretty good and decent, as you can see, clearly its really good, even after the long time usage as well, no issues and everything and sign even the fingerprint scanner is pretty fast. Even after using the tempered glass as well, you can see but theres no 3.5 mm jack thats, something you should know and about the build quality. I did like the optic feedback, thats very much powerful friends this one of its kind. All i did feel like i picked feedback as strong as rog phone three and rg phone five. Yes, because i did use rg phone three, so i know about it so its very strong, 4d vibration, so you can actually feel from the top as well.

If you try to hold the device from the bottom and try to type and all the device from the top and try to type youll, get the same kind of feedback thats, what called the 4d optic feedback which is present in this device? Not all the phones will be having so thats, something you should definitely understand so build quality is decent except 3.5 mm jack, and next thing is about the connectivity. What about the connectivity in this device? Thats some biggest question im getting recently friends. The main reason is because there are not many 5g bands in the ico, sound device thats something most interesting question, so i can give you my quick thoughts. If you are living in a major metropolitan city, i mean big cities uh, if theres a chance that fighter might come to a city. Only then try to choose for the 5g bands. I mean more 5g bands. Apart from that, the phone has got pretty good 4g plus strong signals, as you can see right now, im getting 4g plus in the indoor conditions as well. Indoor inside my studio, room, thats, fantastic friends after the software updates, the 4g plus got really improved. So not not much issues with the 4g press at this moment, only the problem with the ico 7 is having only, i think, one or two 5g bands thats it. Oh, that is the only one issue with io sound device in case. If you care about the 5g only then go for the more 5g bands.

If you are living in the town or maybe village, then dont worry friends forget about it. It takes a lot of time, maybe three years of time, two to three years of time, to get to your town and village, so thats, something you should know even after they get the town and village and the prices need to be come down. So if the prices are really high, you wont be using them anyway, its kind of waste. But if the prices are really low, then you will be using them. It might take a lot of time, friends, two to three years: uh complete installations and getting the price down and the competition and everything only then you can actually buy other phones which are actually supported with more 5g bands, maybe 15 and 25g bands. After the three years of time, so at this moment, dont think much about the 5g thats. What im gon na stress at this moment? Yes, exactly unless you are living in the big metropolitan city, yes, only that one condition, if youre living in the metropolitan city think about 5g pens but in normal towns, dont think about it next thing about the software updates. What about the software updates? Because, since the usage of so many months, one thing is pretty or thing is that, which is software updates are slightly slower. I mean, if the ico decide to send the software update to ios on device. All the users will not get the update so first batch.

Second, batch third batch. Fourth, fifth: sixth, there will be lot of batches, so by the time the first user gets, the update and lost user gets update. There will be gap of 20 to 25 days, yes, thats the kind of scenario which is happening at this moment. So theyll try to send in batch wise, unlike the one place phone so one place, they are really great. I mean theyre, really very good friends theyre like iphone and the gold pixels, because all the users theyll be get on the same day, instant update on the same day, if there is a problem with that update immediately within two or three days, theyll try to fix It and theyll try to send another update and theyll roll back as well. If the user did not download thats how good it is in the software updates thats what i did learn in my experience of using oneplus phones, especially for a long time, so definitely in the software update its kind of pretty slow. You know one thing the android tool has been update came into the ico, sound device from i think this december first week it started to get rolled out and right now we are in the january mid. Until now, few of the users, like me, did not receive the android tool update. I mean its been kind of close to 40 to 50 days of time, and still they are trying to figure out figuring out to fix the issues and to send it.

So software updates wise kind of pretty slow, i would say in the ico phones, especially so thats a friend thank you for watching. This is a complete details about ico sound device. After using more than 250 days of usage with the ico, sound devices, my complete experience of this phone friends – so let me know in the comment section below what are your thoughts on this one ico sound device? Are you using the ico, sound device or not? How satisfied you are, if youre trying to use this device? Let me know in the comment section below and meanwhile signing off friends. Thank you for watching and make sure to use my links in description to buy the ico, 7 and other products as well.