. Everything I say is based on my personal view. So if you are on the hunt for a macro lens or zoom lens for your phone lets find out if this lens is for you., First and foremost, this lens is priced below RM100 or roughly 24USD. Its made of entirely metal. So you will feel the premium touch experience. Aside from the lens with front and back lens cover. It comes in a black carry pouch together with a smartphone clip a cleaning cloth for your lens and a holding strap.. I will not talk about the specifications of the lens, as I want to show you the real world examples. So if you want to know the figures of the Apexel 6×20 monocular do check out the description section.. Moving on to the installation of this monocular to your smartphone. Adjust the smartphone clip, so the hole will be exactly on top of your main camera or telephoto camera depending on. How far is your subject.? If you have multiple camera lenses and dont know, which is your main camera or telephoto just cover each of the lenses with your finger and the one that got blocked at 1x, zoom is the main camera., My Huawei Mate 20 Pro switches to the telephoto lens once It hits 3x zoom. So if I wanted to take a picture at 3x, zoom or more clip it on top of the telephoto lens. After that put on the monocular and tighten it.

At 1x zoom, you should see this black area with a round visible vision on your phone.. If you dont, like this black area, just zoom in till its gone from the borders., I am now more than 1k metres away from the subject.. This is how it looks with just a normal 1x zoom on my phone. Ill. Do a few zooms and lets see hows the result.. So if you have a phone with a telephoto lens that has a crazy optical zoom range like the latest Huawei Samsung, Xiaomi or Oppo flagship phones, this monocular will definitely help to boost the zoom result.. Now, if I try to achieve the same zoom range without this Apexel lens, this is the result.. There will be more noise in the video and picture quality due to the phones. Telephoto capabilities. Here are some other samples for your reference.. Here are some pros and cons based on my personal view on this Apexel lens.. The price is reasonable and matches the build quality. You are getting. Full metal body with sharp lens under RM100. I think it is a bargain.. This monocular is versatile, as you can capture things, far away or macro shots, and you will definitely get more and nicer bokeh effect with the Apexel lens. However, you cant use this lens by itself.. You need to pair this with at least a gimbal or tripod to get a steady, nice picture or videos. Else. You will end up with shaky footage, even though your phone has image stabilization.

. Lastly, this lens is only available from the main official store of Apexel which ships from China, so this might be a deal breaker to some due to longer shipping time and more hassle in returning the product or for warranty claims. Since there is no physical shop in Malaysia at the moment of this video published., So who is this lens for, In my opinion, if you just started photography and like taking pictures of wildlife, nature, landscape, portraits, macros or even checking defects of a building? I think the Apexel 6x monocular is for you.. Let me know what do you think and if you own this monocular? How is your experience so far? Let me know in the comment section below. Thats all from me. Thank you for watching and Ill catch.