It can do pretty much everything so lets get into it. So why would you want a little device like this like why? Well, it cleans it not via you know, a way you would think it would so youre, not gon na see results, but youre gon na know results. If you know what im saying like youre gon na know it. So obviously, you know your phones dirty its gon na look dirty when it comes out just saying, because its not using an actual cleaner liquid, its just you know, uv light. So when you actually open it up power it on theres, two uv lights on top and bottom, and what that does is it cleans? The bacteria germs is actually said to kill 99.99 of bacteria, which is honestly pretty insane like what about that little one point you know im saying you know i feel bad for that little one point getting that little drone bacteria stuff in it anyways im kind of Joking around here, if you couldnt, tell its kind of like not a funny joke but anyways, you know what it does. Is it sanitizes it? So you place your smartphone in. It fits a lot of different sizes. You know right here, im showing you the iphone 12 mini inside of this, but obviously you can see the footprints its going to fit a bigger phone as well, and you just place it in there. You can charge it because theres a little thing on the corner, where you can feed a cable through it and on the back youll see you got a usb and a usbc.

You know outlet to actually charge your smartphone at the same time that youre using this device, so you can use this anytime throughout the day. One scenario is at nighttime. You know you place this on your nightstand right when youre going to bed plug it. In close, the lid and its going to sanitize your smartphone when you wake up youre, going to have a fresh phone with, you know one one little millipoint of bacteria, but its gon na be pretty much clean. It cost eighty dollars, so you are spending a little bit of money on this. This is just the standard version, though, and yeah it comes in multiple different colors. So you can pick through that. If you want to have it looking cool, you can take this to work with you. You might have to find an outlet to plug it into, though its just a really cool gadget, though, like honestly, i dont know what else to say about it: it sanitizes it in this cool little bathtub, obviously theres, no water and soap going on here so yeah. I mean still use a microfiber cloth in some cleaner, fluid or liquid fluid. This is not a car im. Sorry did i just say that this is not a car. I repeat, this is not a car. Do not put fluid like for your car in this. Its just a really cool cleaner, like what else can i say about it? Uv lights are really cool.

When i looked it up, you know, apparently it clean stuff, so thats something new to learn or something cool to learn. This can be really helpful, though you know, because germs are you know germs now you know what you know. I dont even have to say why you might want this. You might just want it because of you know germs, thats right. If you want to stay safe, this might be the device for you because were always having our phone in our hand, you know germs are always lingering, and this might be just a little machine for you comment. Your thoughts down below like is this the little device that you can see yourself getting hit the like button as well as it seriously like, pushes the video out to other people lets me. Let you guys enjoy it that way, make more of these videos and until next time, ill leave you with this video over here. You know its a cool light panel video, if you guys want to upgrade your room, make it look really cool with some color lights.