Here we will unbox the latest Vivo from the v23 5G series, which has a 3D body design and a 50 megapixel main camera. Vivo has released a new smartphone that has advantages in the camera. Section, even though its new. released in India, but this phone with a very beautiful design is much awaited by fans in Indonesia.. Here we will open the Vivo series type v23 5G, which has 8GB 4GB RAM with 128GB Internal. We will open the v23 5g with Sunshine gold, color variant with z13 checker and release date: 13. 01. 2022 frequency 5060 Hz with a voltage of 100 240 volts with postel 79276 vev 3288 Indonesian product produced by PT Vivo mobile Indonesia, Jalan Bumi, Mas 8, No.10A to 10 B Cikupang Tangerang Indonesia, this Vivo V23, which which is the standard version in this series, has a 6.4 inch screen with an FHD plus AMOLED panel with a spin sensor, dai fingerprint on the main camera of this phone, is equipped with a 64mp camera, accompanied by an 8mp ultra wide lens and a 2mp macro lens. A little different Vivo. Embedding a wide screen with a size of 6.4 incident, fhd screen panel plus amolet in the end Vivo claims this phone to be a panel with a triple curved display. The thinnest dimensions for Vivo V23 5g. Using a Dimensiti chip has two 50mp front camera sensors. We can see here its brought in with silicon for the cellphone. It has been brought and we can see the warranty card from Vivo V23 5g for the letters we can see like this friends, so that we can use v23 5g.

According to the guidelines from the warranty card paper, we can see the charge is very large friends. It has a very large wattage because it is fast charging and is equipped with a type C. Data cable with the size is about one meter and also friends for the v23 5g version you are already equipped with a headset friends n the headset is already equipped. Unlike the Vivo types below there is no headset friends.. Yes, as we know in 2021, yesterday Vivo Indonesia has two options, namely Vivo V21 and the 4G variant, where Vivo V2 3 e is arguably the successor of the 4G variant. The neighboring countries are now presented two options, namely 5g, which has interesting specifications already practically very familiar. Article of Vivo, V23 5g series itself actually is a variant. Global Vivo S12 should have been present in China some time ago, like though it is not completely exactly be some adjustments, including the chipset specifications and front camera, but by design they both carry different languages where the Vivo V23 version looks flat, while the v23 Pro is More premium, so the basic variant, Vivo V23 5g appears with sharp angles like the iPhone. 13 must have a thickness of about 7.5 mm, with a weight of around 180 G with an attractive color option, especially the Sunset Gold color. The complicated behind can change from a distinctive color to turquoise. According to the capture., The light from the screen can be seen from the settings regarding the cellphone from v23 5g.

Like this friends, we can see that there is a wave friends, sorry for our camera., which is very minimal to make this video sorry with the front screen made Blade, has dimensions of 6.4 inches full HD using a 90hz AMOLED panel. In this section, it is immediately visible on the Vivo V23 5g screen. It looks a bit old school thanks to the bangs that are quite wide, but we can see the camera together its really interesting and beautiful friends. This is, of course, the reason why Vivo embeds two separate front camera sensors, in addition to the 50mp 2.0 main sensor, which supports hey autofocus and an 8mp Ultra wide angle, sensor for a complete wider viewing angle. with two LED lights as selfie softlens. While on the back, there is a set of three camera sensors with a 64 megapixel main sensor, e ver, 1.89 chipset, The chipset used is a MediaTek release, namely the dimensions at 926 nm and running Pounctouch os12. Switching to the vivo v23 pro 5g variant carrying a front screen with 4D curved angles, which has slightly larger dimensions at 6.5, 6 inches and supports the hdr10 standard. Plus the dimensions are a little thinner and lighter with a size of 7.3, 6 mm and 171 grams. Both support Vivo technology 44w Vivo V23 5g battery is slightly smaller, 100 FH at 400, 4200mah friends, friends for the price range of the Vivo V2 3 Fedi. It is priced at 5.

7 million in Indonesia, indeed for the variants and specifications of the v23 5g, and the price of 5.7 million is very cheap.. In my opinion, friends, this is with RAM and internal the same thing, namely 8 plus 4 GB with 128GB internal with quite interesting color variants like this, in my opinion, its already very cheap, its cheap friends for us to buy the vivo v23 5g type. Maybe friends, I can explain to me Regarding the v23 version thats, all friends, because this type is very new and there are still many things that we need to look at the specifications in more depth. We can only explain the basic specifications for this video. We can see how v23 looks quite interesting, friends. friends – maybe you got here dont forget to like comment – share this video, so that I can be more and so that all of you can watch this video and your friends thats enough. Friends.