So this is xiaomi 11t and if you guys didnt know, this phone is one of the most popular phones in the world like now. If we just take it out, first were going to start off by this. So now this is the actual phone, but before before we go on to anything else, else lets just check out the cover lets open it up. It has like a little thingy right here, so lets move these aside, open this up, theres the case and it has important papers. So these are everything that comes inside high deskins and just put just put it like there and now were going to focus on the actual phone. Listen box now lets take the phone outside box so now lets just slide it down Music and now lets open it up wow. So this is the actual phone whoa. If you check out check the back its stunning, like oh my gosh, its like a rainbow color, look at that and now we just turn it on xiaomi powered by android and now its unlocked. So, okay, now its unlocked. If you swipe here theres the news and if you swipe down theres google thats google too, it also comes with tuk, tuk and facebook. The camera is almost the best camera like it takes excellent videos and photos. It also has macro mode, which is this just put it to macro mode and that how it shoots thats, how it should say, macro mode and so now Music.

This is a great phone, its absolutely stunning, and it also has a fingerprint touch. So if this note opens it shows the weather, give you the phone, it comes with an assistant assistant, as you can see, it has its phone case, and so this is how it looks like with its case. So this is everything that that it cant the phone came with its box, so now lets just theres. One last thing left the charger, of course its inside the box. Yes, so we have to take this out now. This is its charger. This is this cable usb. Thank you guys so much for watching this video make sure to like subscribe and hit the bell notifications for now.