It comes with a 120 watt, massive fast charging technology and with that can actually charge your phone in just 15 minutes and not just that. Xiaomi is offering great performance display and cameras as well. Take a quick look. Music xiaomi has kick started 2022 with the launch of two smartphones, xiaomi 11i and 11i hyper charge, both the phones catered to the rupees 000 to rupees 30 000 market segment and the hyper charge variant costs rupees 2000. More. If you ask about the differences well on paper, the only difference is that the cheaper xiaomi 11i comes with a bigger battery, but with 67 watt fast charging, while the hyper charge variant offers 120 watt fast charging. Apart from the battery and charging capacities, both the phones are exactly the same Music Applause now talking about the design of this phone. This phone is pretty big, so if you have small hands, it will take some time to get used to the new form factor. Apart from that, the build quality is pretty sturdy and the phone looks good as well, and you get four color options. The xiaomi 11i hyper charge may feel a bit bulky as it weighs around 200 grams. Also fitting this device inside tight trouser pockets requires some work. As its a large phone and pretty thick as well, the device comes with a glass rear panel. While the frame is made of plastic on the front, xiaomi is offering corning audio glass 5 protection.

The sides of this phone are flat, making it look a bit different. There is ip53 rating making this phone splash proof, but note that it is not completely waterproof. The build quality is sturdy and the finish is quite premium, while the focus is mainly on the phones, battery capabilities xiaomi has managed to squeeze in an ir remote control and headphone jack, also theres a fingerprint scanner on the side of the phone. The phone comes in four colors camo, green pacific pearl purple, mist and stealth black Music im talking about the display quality of this phone xiaomi has made no compromise whatsoever. So if youre looking for a phone in the under 30 000 rupee segment, this is the best you can get. The xiaomi 11 i5 g hyper charge comes with a 6.6 inch super amoled display panel with full hd plus resolution. The display offers 20 to 9 aspect ratio with up to 120 hertz refresh rate and a pixel density of ‘5 pixels per inch. All these features make the display one of the best in this price range. The viewing angles are good and you wont face any issues when using the phone under direct sunlight, the color production is good and with support for 120 hertz refresh rate, everything appears super smooth on this phone. Overall, you cannot really have any complaints about the display and you wont get a better display than this under rupees 30. 000.. Music Applause coming to the performance of this phone, the xiaomi 11i hyper charge is powered by a mediatek diamond city 925g chipset.

Now this chipset from mediatech is tried and tested and its a delight to use this phone. There are two variants of this phone. You can buy this phone with 6gb of ram and 128gb of internal storage, or you can opt for the 8gb of ram and the same 120 gb of internal storage. There is a micro sd card slot and you can expand the storage, its a dual sim phone with support for 5g connectivity. So the moment india gets 5g. You can continue to use the xiaomi 11i hyper charge like with all xiaomi phones. This one too runs new ui interface. Xiaomi is offering miui version 12.5, which is based on the android 11 operating system. The phone comes pre installed with a lot of unnecessary apps, which thankfully xiaomi lets you delete. Overall, the experience is quite smooth and there arent any software issues as well. If you havent used a xiaomi phone before, then you will have to be a bit patient to get used to the interface now heres, a piece of advice. If youre, a heavy user then opt for the 8gb ram version, as miui interface tends to be quite resource intensive over time, this device will please you with its performance capabilities, and there is nothing much to complain. Music Applause, talking about the camera, this phone features a triple rear camera setup with 108 megapixel samsung hm2 sensor with an aperture of f 1.8 secondary sensors include an 8 megapixel ultrawide angle sensor and a 2 megapixel macro sensor.

At the front, there is a 16 megapixel selfie camera for average users. The camera capability of this phone will easily please them the colors are decent and overall, the images look quite vibrant. The selfies look great as well for social media usage, but if youre into serious mobile photography, then you will soon realize that xiaomi needs to work a bit more on the camera software. This is because images tend to look artificially edited, sometimes due to that extra sharpness and over saturation. On the other hand, there are times when the colors appear dull. This device supports 4k video recording and the headphone jack comes handy. If youre a content creator, then you can plug an external mic on this phone Applause. Now im talking about the biggest highlight of this phones, this phones, battery life and fast charging capacities. Now, im talking of the new 120 watt fast charging technology for xiaomi its a big deal, but is it for you not talking about the biggest highlight of this phone 120 watt fast charging on paper? You can charge the 4500 mah battery of this phone in 15 minutes, but in reality it may take a little under 20 minutes. The good part is that you can be assured that you will have enough battery to last to the entire day by just charging it for around 15 minutes. Note that you will have to go inside the settings menu and enable boost charging mode to get 120 watt fast charging else.

The phone will charge at 67 watts. Having said that, even with 67 watt fast charging, your phone will get charged in about 25 minutes. The battery life is pretty good and for moderate users the device can also last for up to two days in power. Saving mode. Like i already mentioned at the start of this video, the xiaomi 11i hyper charge is all about 120 watt fast charging and 15 minutes charging claims. If youre fine, with your phone taking 25 minutes or even 30 minutes to get fully charged, then buying the xiaomi 11i makes more sense as its exactly the same phone and costs rupees 2000 less Music. Now, to sum up, the xiaomi 11i series is a good phone to buy under rs 30 000.